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Olcan Werewolf Pack

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    The Olcan Pack
    Werewolves dating back to ancient civilization, the Olcan clan has survived many things. They are survivors and have done so by sticking to basic rules that have always been around:
    1. The pack is everything and always put first.
    2. The Alpha's word is law.
    3. The Alpha can be challenged in one on one hand to hand combat. (No weapons)

    Violation of any of these Clan Laws, even by the Alpha, is cause for exile.

    The Olcan Pack lived peacefully for centuries until Julius Caesar and the Romans invaded Germania. Initially, the pack fought off the invaders and defeated them handily. Soon, however, the romans began to learn the werewolves secret, and their weakness to silver. Encounter after encounter happened until the pack began losing too many members to the Roman's silvered weapons, to continue fighting and fled Germania before finally settling into Polaris Pass in the 1920s and integrating into society.

    The Brand
    During the warring with the Romans, Caesar declared that any and all wolves captured would be branded. It was considered a considerable honor and accomplishment to capture or restrain a wolf long enough to put them through the process. This lead to significant numbers of the Olcan pack being branded before they left. In the years since, and under the guidance of their new pack Alpha, Tasha, the Olcan's started to reclaim the brand and become proud of it. It now stands as a symbol of their sacrifices and ability to overcome. Many new members get the same brand but as a tattoo instead.


    The Olcan House
    The Olcan house acts as a safe house for the pack. But more than that, Tasha opens it up to other supernatural who are down on their luck and trying to get a start. She makes sure they have a roof over their head and food until they can make it on their own.

    It is a large three story house with the third floor being small than the other two. The third is Tasha's suite. The second floor has several rooms already furnished. The first is the largest floor with the living room being open with vaulted ceilings. The prized jewel of the house is the large old wooden table in the dining room. Capable of seating 12, it predates most members of the current pack, back to their origins in Germania.

    Prior to full moons, the table is loaded with all sorts of food to help placate the animalistic nature when they turn. This has become a tradition, and is seen as an honor to either help set the table, prepare part of the meal, and even cleaning and care for the table.

    Important Notes
    • The exact start of the Pack is unknown as it predates written history
    • There were six major splits in Pack history. These coincide with major points in the packs history:
      1. First attacked by the Romans
      2. Moved westward across Europe
      3. Moved across the Atlantic to North America
      4. The moment Tasha became Alpha
      5. Moved westward across North America
      6. Integrating into human society
    • The pack is made up of both Blood Olcans, turned members, and strays.
    • Any Blood Olcan can have a turning bite, but it is severely frowned upon to turn someone without consulting the pack, or at the disapproval of the pack.
    • So far, no non-blood Olcan has been an Alpha.
    • Members/Alphas defeated in an Alpha challenge are not exiled, as their knowledge and skills continue to be of value to the pack.
    • Current Alpha: Tasha Olcan
    Blood Olcans
    Blood Olcans (or Blood Wolves, as commonly called) are members of the Olcan Pack that are direct descendants of the original Alpha. The Alpha has always been a Blood Wolf, though not for lack of challenges. They are the highest standing members of the pack. Their opinions and ideas weigh the most to the others. (Blood Wolves follow the Blood Olcan Template)

    Turned Members
    Turned members are selected due to their ability to strengthen the Pack. The more likely, and better they are at contributing, the higher chance they are to be selected and turned by a Blood Wolf. A Turned is considered to have a special place among the pack since they were selected by the Blood Wolves. (The Turned follow the Blood Olcan Template)

    Strays are the bottom of the hierarchy. Generally they are seen as leeches. Not strong enough to make it with their original pack, or exiled for any number of reason, Strays are taken in by the Olcan Pack and given a second chance to prove themselves. Usually Strays have to do the dirty work for a time period before they are trusted with more, and fully accepted into the pack. (Strays don't have to follow the Olcan Template)

    List of all Pack Members and associates
    View the full list that will be constantly updated HERE

    Thanks to Kait for the edits and ideas that helped shape everything