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Party Cave

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  • The Party Cave is, as you would expect, a cave where people party. It's a couple of miles outside of Polaris pass and a 10-15 minute walk from a parking lot meant for a local park, though it is not considered part of that park.

    The cave is in the side of a small mountain, near the base. Outside, there is an area with several logs and stumps to sit on, some of which are Its entrance is wide enough for several cars to pass through at the same time. The inside of the cave has a dance floor and numerous rock formations that are ideal for sitting down on, supplemented by folding chairs and tables which somebody brought. Somewhere in the cave, there must be a power source capable of supporting the lights and speakers that run when it's party time.

    The cave features several tunnels and pathways leading towards other subterranean 'rooms.' One of these contains a small underground pond in which partygoers sometimes swim. Others are remarkably well-suited for making out or sharing drugs.

    Drugs and alcohol are usually provided. Most people don't know who's responsible for it, or assume it's community-provided.

    Parties at the party cave are announced via text messages sent from invalid phone numbers to exactly the right people for spreading the invitation by word-of-mouth - depending on who they're trying to bring out for that particular party.

    Supernatural Involvement

    The awakened commonly believe these parties to be organized by someone in the supernatural community. Their evidence is as follows:
    • The walls of different rooms in the cave bear indecipherable markings that only the awakened can see
    • The cave is kept remarkably clean, despite how often partygoers seem to ignore the trash cans laid out for them.
    • Police have never successfully busted these parties. Car problems or other, more pressing calls will always prevent them from even reaching the parking lot.
    • Nobody has ever suffered from a serious injury or alcohol poisoning at one of these parties. When fights are about to break out, those involved usually have sudden, unexplained changes in their mood which prevent them from fighting.
    • Aside from the main room and the underwater pond, the layout of the cave seems to change drastically between party nights
    Unknown to almost everyone in Polaris Pass, the parties are run by a secretive mystery cult whose adherents are all goblins. The parties and, occasionally orgies which happen in the cave system are the public-facing part of their religious practices. Those familiar with the goblin adherents will find them to be a rowdy and fun-loving bunch even outside of party time. If you ask them for any specifics about how or why they run the cave parties, they might mention that it's all for religious reasons, but they're more likely to say that it's a secret and taunt you for not knowing.