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Advantage - Monster Form

Advantage - Monster Form

Attributes: Requires a type
Type: Advantage
This character is capable of shifting into an alternate, more monstrous form, with increased strength and durability based on their size. If the form has wings, it can fly.

When choosing your size, you should choose height or length, whichever is the bigger number. Height would be used with creatures that stand up on straight legs, similar to a dog. Length would be used for creatures that crawl with splayed legs or have no legs at all, like a crocodile or a snake.
  • Large: Height up to 10' OR Length up to 20'. 200% additional Human Strength and Durability.
  • Huge: Height between 10' and 20' OR Length between 20' and 40'. 400% additional Human Strength and Durability.
  • Massive: Height of at least 20' OR Length of at least 40'. 900% additional Human Strength and Durability.