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Wild Souls

Wild Souls

Description: Humans born with animal features (ears, tails, horns, claws) and an innate spellcasting ability after a wandering animal spirit enters their mother's womb. The spirit enters through the umbilical cord, and leaves a special mark around the Wild Soul's bellybutton.
Availability: Anyone
Owner: Fox Tarts
This is a custom template. Rules for usage are mentioned above; however, custom templates are intended to depict a specific species (or otherwise) and their lore must be complied with.

+ Animal Connection (Type)
+ Enhanced Attributes (Types)
+ Magic Sense
+ Unique Sense (Type)
+ Nature Magic Aptitude: Wild Souls can cast nature-related magic without using a minor condition.
+ Soul Sight: Wild Souls are capable of concentrating in order to look past the mundane and glimpse the souls of others. They can see the state of someone's soul when looking at them (if they have two, for example, if it's damaged, etc).
- Magically Dependent
- Restricted Diet (Type)
- Weak Spot (Bellybutton)
- Elemental Weakness (Fire)
- Pollution Sensitivity
- Weakness (Iron)