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    Isaac Roselend

    Isaac was born and raised in Polaris Pass along with Lizzy, his younger sister, and his older brother, Trevor. His father, a local meth dealer and drunk, neglected abused both him and Trevor. Often beating them, with Trevor taking the worse of it. This led to the two lashing out, and causing...
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    Jeffe's Dumpster 2: Electric Boogaloo

    ECTION ONE: Basic Info Name: Borghild Age: 13 Gender: Female (she/her) Species: Valkyrie (Reaper/Angel) Occupation: Freshman at True North. Appearance: Short/Stocky build, bruises from a active life style. Personality: A one line summary of how they act. Can be a sentence or just a brief list...
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    Jeffe's Dumpster 2: Electric Boogaloo

    ECTION ONE: Basic Info Name: Isaac Roselend Age: 23 Gender: Male (He/Him) Species: Awakening Human Occupation: Mechanic Appearance: Lanky, athletic build. Kinda smells like motor oil. Personality: A gearhead in every sense of the word, loves to pull things apart just to see if he can put it...
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    Wanted: Pit Demons!

    Maybe you're just slow Max. Anyways, I'll toss my hat into this nonsense.
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    Cleo Felix - Updated some stuff

    Added a fire weakness as a core disadvantage. Edited her app to reflect that she now lives with Benedict Harper
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    Henrietta Wiley

    SECTION SIX: History Date of Birth: May 10th Place of Birth: It's a secret History:
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    Jeffe's Dumpster 2: Electric Boogaloo

    ECTION ONE: Basic Info Name: Henrietta Wiley Age: 2 (20 Physically and mentally) Gender: Female (She/her) Species: NEK0 Occupation: Personal Assistant Appearance: 5'4 Skinny and waifish, fair skin. Pink/Rose gold hair. Personality: Self centered and cynical. Extremely loyal to their master...
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    Katie Korne - Retconning some things

    - Changed age from 16 to 14. - Changed grade from Sophomore to Freshman at CSM.
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    Where Did The Fox Go? V2

    Fuck finals. But, good luck Fox, you got this!
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    Cleo Felix

    Cleo, like most demons, was born and raised in hell as the daughter of two relatively weak greed demons. Often looked down upon by other demons for being "weak" during her younger years, she very quickly developed a knack for tricking other demons out of their own wealth, with card games quickly...
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    Elizabeth "Lizzy" Roselend

    Lizzy was born and raised in Polaris Pass. Her father was a drunk and her mom was a prostitute, who left not long after she was born. This led Lizzy to be raised by her two older brothers, both of who had been arrested numerous times, though mainly for petty offenses. They taught Lizzy just...
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    Jeffe's Dumpster 2: Electric Boogaloo

    SECTION ONE: Basic Info Name: James Lawsen. Age: 16 Gender: Male. (He/him) Species: Spell caster/Dragon/Elemental/ Occupation: Sophomore at True North Appearance: A one line summary of what they look like. Can be a sentence or just a brief list. Personality: He's just a idiot. Abilities: A one...
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    Jeffe's Dumpster 2: Electric Boogaloo

    ECTION ONE: Basic Info Name: Cleo Felix Age: 156 Gender: Female (she/her) Species: Demon. Occupation: Street Magician/Scam Artist Appearance: Stands about 5'10, lithe build, has a set of horns and a tail that aren't visible to the unawakened. Looks to be in early twenties. Shapeshifter...
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    Sylvi Thorsblood

    Sylvi was born as the child of the god Thor, and a Valkyrie. Initially, there was some dispute over whether she should be raised in Asgard as a child of Thor, or become a Valkyrie. However, that question was soon answered when she tried to join in a sparring session in Valhalla while visiting...