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  1. Kada

    Summer Happenings

    A lesser known but still influential painting from the aftermath of the French Revolution, titled La Veuve, has been stolen from its home in the private collection of one of Portland's wealthiest. Authorities have not released information on the investigation as of yet. The painting, considered...
  2. Kada

    Jasmine Kennedy

    Jasmine doesn't recall much of where she comes from or who she even is. Her first explicit memory after the 'animal' attack that left her near death was waking up in a hospital somewhere in northern Wisconsin, and then blacking out again from the pain. An awakened doctor there recognized her...
  3. Kada

    Headless Horseman Seeking Any

    My boney boy, Ceallaigh, is a lonely lad. He has lived a long time and even though he has learned to accept the inevitable in many regards, he still has difficulty accepting the notion that his love life is doomed to constant failure and tragedy. Being a forward thinking man, he has put himself...
  4. Kada

    Dahlia Black - Update 1

    Tweaked her personality and backstory. Also changed her bonus from extreme wealth to increased durability.
  5. Kada

    Saint Outlaw

    Born in Hell a few years before his beloved little sister, Mezorlu, even from a young age Ayateth showed a proficiency with the politicking and posturing necessary to get ahead in their family's slice of damnation. He also took a keen interest in magic, specifically the magic of inscribing ink...
  6. Kada

    Alma Malivani - Update to add demon form

    I updated Alma's appearance to note what her demon form looks like. I also altered her templates and dis/advantages to reflect this change. I added the Dragon template, bringing her number of templates up to the maximum of three I removed the x2 human strength and durability Advantage I added...
  7. Kada

    Yvette Travere

    Born in pre-revolutionary France. Grew up working as a house servant. When the Reign of Terror started, her attempts to keep her head down got her labeled as a counter-revolutionary and she was thrown in a prison cell with a feral, half-dead man to await her trial and execution. When the sun...
  8. Kada

    A couple of character ideas

    I have a couple of vague ideas for characters that I'd like to run by you all. Anyone interested can hit me up on Discord or via Conversations here on the site to hash out specifics. The Familiar: A spellcaster living in Polaris Pass gets themselves a familiar, maybe as a gift or a purchase...
  9. Kada

    In morning.

    Oh no, I'm so sorry. I'll keep you in my prayers. Take care.
  10. Kada

    Looking for anything

    I'd definitely be down with any of that. If you want to flesh out a specific thread idea for either Alma or Jeremiah, you can DM me on Discord. I'll see messages there much faster than I would here on the site. We can get something started with whichever you're more interested in first.
  11. Kada

    Looking for anything

    I have a couple of characters who might have interesting interactions with Pepper. Alma also does cam shows, in addition to more scripted political content as well. It's always nice meeting people in the same profession who know what it's like. Fair warning though, Alma is a shameless flirt and...
  12. Kada

    Ceallaigh Ó Tadhg

    Ceallaigh wasn't born so much as he just always was, in some form or another. From the moment he came into existence, he did the duty he had been created for: ferrying the dead and nearly dead to the afterlife. He was called many things before and after the Christians came to Ireland: an aspect...
  13. Kada

    Some action for Coral.

    I could offer Jeremiah as a potential foil to Coral. He has his own dark side, but is generally a genuinely upbeat and good person. Could have him catch on in a like recognizing like situation, and see where it goes from there.
  14. Kada

    Ugh, fine! I guess you are my little WIPchamp. C'mere.

    App Title: Mathieu Malivani Tag line: A brief, one-line description of your character. Banner Image: If you have one, please insert an image you are using for your banner (or icon). This should be no more than 200 pixels tall. This should use
  15. Kada


    I understand the need to move on sometime; you have to do what's right for you. It's always bittersweet seeing people go for that reason. I hope that whatever changes life brings you, that you get through them and come out the other side happier. Take care of yourself Saber.