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Adelyn Haywood
Student—College Freshman studying Astronomy

A cute werewolf girl with long silver hair, silver fur, and heterochromatic eyes. She likes to wear pastel colors and accessories that look like moons or stars.
Bubbly and energetic, loves to make friends!
Your usual werewolf, except for when she becomes a monster worse than a werewolf.
Lives with her mom, Storm, in Aurum Heights and goes to the local community college. They both live comfortably on Storm's salary.


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5' 2"
Adelyn is short and slender. Her tail and wolf ears are silver in color, just like her hair. She has a pale and pinkish skin tone.
Her face is slightly angular with large eyes that make her look younger than she is. Her lips are naturally very pink and the color is often mistaken for lipstick.
Her left eye is blue while her right eye is gold.
Her hair is silver and reaches down to her lower back. She usually wears it in a ponytail.
Adelyn likes to dress girly and is never without some star or moon accessories. She likes to wear pastel colors, especially purple and blue. She's a big fan of oversized sweaters and sweater dresses in the winter, while she usually wears sundresses in warmer weather.
To unawakened humans, Adelyn looks like a regular human with ash blonde hair. Both of her eyes appear blue as well.


Extrovert: Adelyn loves people! She has no problem striking up conversations with total strangers. She is also very kind-hearted and most people find her likeable pretty quickly.

More Mature Than She Seems: Because Storm suffers from PTSD, there have been times when Adelyn had to take care of her mom at a young age. As a result, she had to mature quickly. As a result, she is inclined to solve everyone's problems—even when she isn't asked.

Total Nerd: Adelyn loves to learn. She is especially interested in space, stars, and other planets—but she loves to dig into other rabbit holes of information too.

Additional Information
-Tilts her head and twitches her ears like a dog when confused.


Ability Format
Standard Traits (Wereshifter)

-Animal Form: Wolf
-Hybrid Animal Form: Werewolf
-Enhanced Senses: Hearing and Smell
-Animal Connection
-Turning Bite
-Weakened Attribute: Strength
-Elemental Weakness: Fire
-Weakness: Wolfsbane
-Weakness: Silver

Core Advantage
Monster Form: In situations of severe stress of danger, there is a chance that Adelyn will turn into a monster. Not to be mistaken for her werewolf form!

The only real advantage to her monster form is that she becomes significantly faster. Her speed works best in short bursts—she is so quick it will look like she is teleporting from spot to spot.
Core Disadvantage
Monster Curse: The problem with her monster form is that Adelyn loses all sense of self. The monster is a constantly starving creature, and as a result Adelyn will attempt to hunt and eat just about any living being near her. And yes, that includes people she knows.

Adelyn’s monster form has a thin frame, walks on all fours with clawed feet, and a long jaw full of sharp fangs. She has grey fur, similar to her wolf/werewolf forms, but she also appears to have tree branches growing out of her—several small ones on her back, and two that look like antlers coming out of her head. She has poor vision and relies on sound and smell in this form.

Ideally, Adelyn should be knocked out as quickly as possible when in this form. Otherwise, she will stay this way for 24 hours.

Current Situation

Student at Salem Community College—Freshman studying Astronomy.
A small house in Aurum Heights.
Comfortable. Storm works and Adelyn has a knack for getting scholarships.


Date of Birth
April 15th
Place of Birth
Somewhere in the forests of the Appalachian Mountains
-Adelyn was born in a clan of werewolves, but she remembers very little of it as Storm had taken her away at a young age.

-She lived with Storm and her wife Clarisse for a number of years in a small town until Clarisse tragically died young.

-After Clarisse’s death, Storm decided it was time for them to move on somewhere else. They ultimately ended up at Polaris Point.

-Adelyn lives a peaceful life in Polaris Point, going to True North Academy for some time before moving on to Salem Community College.

-She would like to go on to study Astronomy after taking classes at the community college, but she worries about being too far away from Storm—mostly for Storm’s sake.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Matsuo95 (Head Shot - Commission)
GlitchLight (Monster Form - Commission)
Griimson (Wolf Headshot - Commission)
Adelyn Haywood

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