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Alana Narvaez
Female, she/her
Awakened Human
Student - High School Junior

A small teenage girl with black hair, black clothing, brown eyes, and freckles.
Alana considers herself "more mature" than other girls her age, which of course means she is actually very immature.
Lives with her sister, Ramona.


Alana is a small girl with pale skin. She is noticeably more pale than her sister, Ramona, because she always carries a parasol when she goes outside.
Baby-faced - often mistaken for being more like 14~ish. She has freckles across her nose and cheeks.
Brown. During a party at the infamous party cave, Alana stepped outside and was attacked. As a result, she lost her left eye.
Alana's hair is naturally curly, but she almost always straightens it and wears it in pigtails. Her hair is a little past chest-length when straightened.
Alana considers herself a unique, artistic, and elegant young lady and feels that gothic lolita-type clothing perfectly reflects that. Also likes butterfly imagery.
Because designer gothic lolita clothing is pretty pricey, Alana actually taught herself to sew her own clothing so that she could maintain her style. She had a rocky start and made a lot of ugly things, but now she's actually quite talented and proud to wear her handmade dresses and such.


Tryhard: Alana is very insistent that she is 'more mature' than other teenagers. The truth is, she has pretty low self-esteem; as a result, she tries too hard to seem confident. She is also irritable and prone to aggression when provoked.

Despite the type of clothing she wears, she is even prone to getting into physical fights. She has gotten into trouble at school on more than one occasion...

Artistic: Alana spends a lot of time by herself, drawing and writing poetry. Despite acting hyper-confident in many aspects, she is extremely shy about her more artistic pursuits.

Bitter: It's no surprise that losing both parents has had a deep effect on Alana. To learn that their deaths were supernatural in nature and that it was covered up has made her even more upset. She has a hatred for the supernatural as a result.


Ability Format
Standard Traits (Human)

Current Situation

Alana is in 10th grade at Cordelia S. Moore High School.
Lives with her sister, Ramona.
They are currently making ends meet with the money left behind by their parents.


Date of Birth
July 10
Place of Birth
Polaris Pass
-Alana had a mostly normal, unawakened life in Polaris Pass until her mother passed away under unknown circumstances when she was 6 years old. Alana became more difficult and her older sister Ramona ended up in juvie a few times.

-Their father, who is a cop, changed a lot after their mother's death. He became more hypervigilant and seemed more distant, at least in Alana's opinion.

-When their father died in the line of duty, Alana became Ramona's responsibility. Their father's death was also, weirdly, under mysterious circumstances. They could get almost no information about it.

-Her sister was the first to become awakened, as a result of looking into their father's death and realizing it was related to something supernatural. Ramona tried to keep it from Alana for a while, but Alana could tell she was 'off' and eventually Alana had to learn the truth, too.

-Becoming awakened has made Alana even more aggressive than she used to be. She tries her best to pretend like she doesn't notice all the supernatural things around her, but it makes her constantly irritable and on edge.

-Alana wants to study to become a mortician once she is out of school. She also wants to get the hell out of Polaris Pass.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Art made in This Picrew by W_pato_B
Alana Narvaez

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