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Alma Malivani
Female - She/Her/Hers/Herself
Vampire-turned Succubus
Online Content Creator

6'2" tall. Curvy build. Long messy black hair and black-furred lion tail. Red eyes with goat pupils. Long, pointed ears with lots of gold piercings. Pale. Dresses in grunge/punk clothes.
Flirtatious and savvy. Outspoken about politics and social issues. Well-read. Mistrustful of authority.
Demonic Longevity, strength, and durability. The ability to induce lust in others. Vampiric speed, regeneration, and senses. The ability to travel to Hell. Mesmeric eyes. Flight
She lives in an apartment above a shop in town and makes money from her political videos but mostly from doing sex work on her webcam.


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6'2" (13' in demon form)
Tall and curvaceous, with pale peach skin. She has a long black lion's tail. (dark furred goat legs, large blood red wings)
Long pointy ears with several gold piercings. Sharp facial features. Near constant heavy blush. (dark furred goat head with impossibly large fangs, giant golden spiral horns)
Bright red with horizontal goat-like pupils. (eyes sewn shut)
Shoulder length, messy black hair. (no hair, only a thick mane of black fur)
She dresses in band shirts and distressed jeans, heavy boots and jackets with patches: grunge and punk clothes. (entirely naked)


Politically minded. Alma is very well-read on political and social topics and enjoys talking about them any chance that she can get. She can be a little insufferable and does not hesitate to call out bullshit where she sees it. She isn't college educated, but she is well read in the fields that interest her and comes across as quite the intellectual as long as she is within her wheelhouse.

Coquettish. As a succubus, Alma loves nothing more than the game of flirting and teasing back and forth with other people. She enjoys seeing how far she can take her flirtations and pushing people to the edge of their comfort zones. She won't go too far though, and is quick to pull back and apologize if she genuinely makes someone uncomfortable. She is usually pretty quick to respond positively to propositions from people she likes, but similarly doesn't usually outright make the first move.

Predatory. Despite her best intentions and her overall egalitarian ideals, Alma can't help but prey on others. She hates herself after she succumbs to her baser instincts, but the thrill of having power over others is intoxicating in the moment.

Additional Information
She makes a lot of sex and vampires puns, almost inadvertently.


Demon, Vampire, Dragon

= Longevity
+ Animal Senses (Cat)
+ 3x Human Speed
+ 3x Human Regeneration
+ Induce Sin (Lust)
+ Mesmer
+ Flight
+ Travel Home (Hell)
+ Monster Form (Huge)
+ Partial Shifting
Removed Weakness

Current Situation

Alma makes political videos online and collects money from Patreon patrons who enjoy her content. She also does cam shows for a much wider audience and gets collects money during those streams from people who enjoy her content.
She lives in an apartment above one of the shops in town in Polaris Pass.
Alma generally has enough money to make it to next month's rent, especially now that she doesn't have to buy food anymore. But there are many months where she is one disaster away from being entirely broke.


Date of Birth
December 10
Place of Birth
Born in Hell, Alma spent her formative years interacting with other demons and the occasional human who she met there. Here was where she first learned of politics and other philosophical principles. She was fifteen when she finally left for Earth, running away from her brother who had long since coveted her.

She spent many years bouncing around America, hiding in different towns to keep people from pinning her down. But eventually she was discovered by someone who saw her for what she was. They offered her a place where she could live more stably, and she made her way to Polaris Pass as soon as she was able.

She has lived there ever since, using her stability to first make money as a camgirl and then branching out into political videos as time went on and she had the time to properly research the topics that interest her. At some point, she went into debt with her landlady and ended up having to let the vampire drink her blood to make up the difference. This turned her, adding further abilities but also giving her new challenges - including the need to drink blood and an inability to go out in the sun.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Alma Malivani

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