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Aspen Frost
Male (He/Him)
Embodiment of winter
Student (junior in high school)

Pale skin and bright eyes. Unique hair that is natural.
Shy, Quiet, and lonely: No more!
Still a little shy, but much more outgoing.
He's a frosty boy (controls ice/cold and weak to fire).
Living with adoptive parents.


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Muscular. He's in the gym regularly. Frame is filling out as he grows. Skin is always pale, almost grey, no matter how much sun they get. Exceedingly cold to the touch.
Slight feminine features while still being decidedly masculine, giving him a softer more caring looking. A stronger jawline is starting to come in.
Bright blue. long naturally curled eyelashes.
Black and grey. Longer and usually kept pulled up
Nothing out of the ordinary minus no matter how cold it gets, he will still only wear a light jacket for the looks.


Shy- Aspen doesn't generally like to be the center of attention. He likes taking back seats so others can shine.

Aspen is opening up a bit. He's still a little more reserved, but it takes a little more to shake him.

Quiet- Going along with being shy, Aspen likely won't be the first to speak. Prefers to listen over anything.

He still prefers to listen to others. Much like his chosen instrument, he likes being in the background supporting people.

Lonely- Aspen desperately wants friends, but it is exceedingly difficult for him to make them. He no longer isolates himself, has a few friends, and has been generally getting along with everyone.

His lonely streak has returned outside of the band.

Additional Information
Despite his shy personality, Aspen is rather talented on the drum set. He has found it as an outlet that lets others shine, while still being a part of the group.


Ability Format
Standard Traits

+ Elemental Control (Ice/Cold)
+ Elemental Immunity (Ice/Cold)
+ Supernatural Beauty
- Elemental Weakness (Fire)

Core Advantage
Winter is coming- Although not as powerful as Old Man Winter's ability, Aspen has been granted the ability to create winter wherever he goes. It isn't an instant effect, and builds over time. Aspen will sit down and focus on the world around him. In this meditative state, he slowly changes the weather, making it colder and colder. It will stay the new temperature until aspen dispels the change. Everything will begin to warm back up again at the same pace it took to cool down. Being young and still inexperienced, Old Man Winter hasn't given Aspen full control just yet. As of now, Aspen can change the temperature out to 50ft around him.
Removed Disadvantage
Removed Disadvantage (post upgrade)
Nerfs and Flavor
His eyes glow blue when using his abilities. Is immortal and will live forever unless killed.

Current Situation

Student (junior in high school)
Lives with his adoptive (awakened) family.
His adoptive family is comfortable allowing him to participate in about anything he would want to try out.


Date of Birth
December 21st
Place of Birth
Woods in the Pacific Northwest (exact location unknown)
Temperatures across the globe are rising. Summers are getting hotter, and even though winters are getting harsher, Old Man Winter has been having trouble keeping up on a global scale, merely trying to lash out, causing the harsh winters. Old Man Winter knew he couldn't keep up up forever and decided to start finding a partner or replacement.

That was why Aspen was created. To be the new "Old Man Winter." Of course he couldn't take over immediately, so now he grows up, slowly gaining control and learning more about the world he will be serving. Old Man Winter knew it would still be a while before Aspen was ready, but hopefully it would be in time.

That was the least of Aspen's concerns as his adoptive parents filled him in on parts of his life he couldn't remember, and even less of a concern as an even more daunting task lay before him....high school.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Anything Else
Aspen is a junior at CSM. Even though he is a junior, this is his first year at the school and is still new.
Aspen Frost

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