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Bastet done by myself, inspired by Angelica Rogner from Kiseki

Basté Rose Bywan
Awakened Human
Student, Agent of Oni Odori

2.30 meters (7'6"), weighs 82 kilograms (180.8 lbs), has a lean build, orange hair, light sky blue eyes, a tattoo of a winged serpent on her back. Likes wearing men's clothes, jeans and leather jacket, biker's clothes, dislikes dressing formally unless the situations demands, prefers black, red and orange clothes and avoids teal.
Overall nice, has a knack for adventuring, enjoys tokusatsu (live action series), tends to be quite the tomboy, but still displays interest in dresses and cooking. Has a hard time resisting the temptation to touch dogs or any being that reassembles foxes or wolves. Often seen riding her bike or training with a wooden sword.
Aeromancy, hydromancy, spellcasting, lamia form, half sea serpent form.
Lives in the residential area, has a small house with a decently sized garage where she also does some maintenance for others. Makes enough money to live comfortably.


2.30 meters (7'6")
Last weighed 82 kilograms (180.8 lbs), lean build, slightly tanned skin, a tattoo of a winged serpent on her back.
Nothing remarkable about her face other than triangular chin.
Light Sky Blue
Orange hair, short and slightly curly.
Usually men's clothes, jeans and leather jacket, biker's clothes, favors the colors black, red and orange.


Tomboy: Likes action-packed series (mainly tokusatsu/live-action), favors men's clothes, prefers to ride her bike and brawl.

Adventurous: Long strolls through the forest, hiking, exploring the unknown, getting into (some) trouble... Bastet sure loves going places and meeting other creatures.

Animal-lover: She loves animals, mainly dogs. But when foxes and wolves are involved, she gets even more eager to come closer and pet (provided it's safe to, of course).

Additional Information
Despite her tomboyish attitude, Bastet isn't all against dresses and has looked into some herself. Tends to sleep for less time than usual but takes naps when she needs a little boost.


Spellcasting, Elemental, Reptile

Elemental Control (Air)
Elemental Control (Water)
Elemental Weakness (Earth)
Elemental Weakness (Electricity)
Cold Blooded
+ Minor Elemental Conjuration
+ Minor Examples: Creating a wisp of fire comparable to a lighter, changing the shape of small (hand-sized) portions of soil or stones, creating faint streams of water comparable to a super soaker, cause wind to blow from a spot.
+ Major Examples: Summoning fireballs or water bubbles as big as a person's head, changing the shape of soil or stones within a couple meters, creating a person-sized tornado.
- Minor Condition: Gesture - Needs to dial the spell on a cellphone and create a circle on the air with the other hand.
- Minor Condition: Focus: Cellphone - Bastet must have access to a functioning cellphone to dial the spells, and it follows an incantation system inspired by a kind of Japanese wordplay known as Goroawase.
- Major Condition: Incantation - She must spend a minute and either a few seconds beyond that or thirty seconds on calling out a contract with the spirit of nature responsible for the element she is conjuring.

Core Advantage
Curse of the Orochi Maiden - Bastet can assume a Lamia-like form, gaining snake-like traits such as pit vision, increased strength to match, and the lower half of a serpent (although in Bastet's case, it starts a little under the belly button) that can extend for up to 5.5 meters (18 feet), covered in mystical white scales that changes colors based on the angle one looks at it. However that comes at a cost...
Core Disadvantage
Orochi's Seal - Using Orochi's power causes the other powers to become sealed temporarily, and even after she returns to her human self Bastet may find herself unable to control the air or cast spells for something between minutes and a whole hour depending on how long she stayed in her Lamia form.
Swim Enhancement (Fins)
Nerfs and Flavor
While in Bahamut's Envoy form she gains a 3.5 meters long cetacean-serpent hybrid lower body, similar to dolphin but with distinct scales, making her more like a dolphinoid merfolk.
  • Her ability to manipulate water is tied to this form

Current Situation

Student, Agent of Oni Odori
A small house with a garage in the residential area.
Comfortable enough


Date of Birth
January 1st, 2003
Place of Birth
North of Japan
  • Ezan Bywan, an alien lizardman, has gambled his only chance to jump timelines to find his beloved one, Samantha Rose, shortly after her disappearance in his timeline. He wasn't the only. In her own timeline, she went in pursuit of him, and they both wound up in this time, in year 2000.

  • At the end of 2002 they married and in the following year their first child was born: Basté Rose Bywan, named after his Goddess of Protection. They still had two more children later on: Anubis Rose Bywan (boy) and Maris Rose Bywan (girl), both of which born in the same year (2006). Samantha "The Red" worked as a prosecutor, while Ezan was a firefighter, secretly using his ability to control the air to put out flames and to help people out of burning buildings.

  • In 2013, months away from Bastet's birthday, Ezan got shot when rescuing the son of a CEO who has been held hostage at the burning building. Luckily for him, help has come in time and he was taken to the hospital, but no trace of the shooter has been found.

  • 3 years later, Bastet has involved herself with a rather strange group, who was aware of what her father was, and of a curse that has fallen upon her on her birthday, and that she would be trained as an agent of Oni Odori to both maintain the secret of the Yokai Society's existence and to observe how her curse would develop.

  • Once she became 18 most of Bastet's studies were concluded, and she was formally reassigned to another location to monitor and provide a summary of supernatural activities back to them. And this is where this new story begins.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Anything Else
  • Rides a custom Honda VTR1000F, modeled after Kamen Rider Agito's motorcycle, Machine Tornador. It's only modifications are cosmetic in nature and was a "graduation gift" commissioned by the head of Oni Odori after Bastet finished her training.
  • The Oni Odoriis an group involved with supernatural activities, such as enforcing the secrecy of Yokais, protecting them and assisting them in matters that would require human intervention. However that aside they are still regarded as Yakuza, using of crimes (theft, bank robbery, drug dealing, etc.) to obtain funds to maintain their agents.
    • Despite their crimes, everyone in the group is kind and helpful in a way or another, a few of which even have ties to the police to help maintain order.
    • The criminal activities are tied to their past, where they were priests who worked hard to keep supernatural beings from trouble but weren't financially well-maintained, so they had to get involved into crimes to gain funds. But nowadays their criminal activities reduced considerably.
  • Bastet has a female black cat named Gacha that can teleport herself through the shadows. Of course, can't bring anything with herself, not even a pet collar.
  • Only Bastet and her father Ezan are not (entirely) human. Her mother and siblings are perfectly human (but, given Ezan and Bastet's nature, they are awakened and keep the secret well.
  • An amusing aspect she inherited from her father is that she gets drunk out of anything apple-based! Tomato on the other hand makes her sober (and she loves both, specially Tomato-Apple Juice for the best of both).
  • TL;DR of a Sytran: lizardmen who are often born with element manipulation that may be of air, earth, fire, water or biology, they also posses the ability to borrow the physical aspects of another species and are polytheist, believing in Egyptian Gods. Don't expect to see them here at all.
Basté "Bastet" Rose Bywan

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