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Bridget "BubbleGum Bee" Kelsha

Bridget "BubbleGum Bee" Kelsha
Female (She/her)

Bridget- Everyday "cutesy" teenager.
Bee- Flamboyant and stands out.
Bridget- People person and playful.
Bee- Entitled and "in your face."
Can influence/inspire the emotions in others
Lives with her mother and father. Well off due to her fame.


Lighter Skin tone. Skinnier, but not without curves.
Bridget- Usually absent of much makeup. Lightly applied if any.
Bee- Heavy makeup to complete her usual look.
Heterochromia (Light Green and Pastel Purple)
Bridget- Brown. Straighter. Usually in pigtails.
Bee- Fluffy and pulled back. Cotton candy color palette.
Bridget- Cute outfits that aren’t over the top.
Bee- Tight fitting bodices, reflective bright colors, and stylish jackets


People Person:
Bridget- Loves people. She loves being around people and learning about them
Bee- Can't relate to real struggles and tends to either change the subject if the topic isn't about her.

Both Bridget and her persona Bee are playful to the point of being flirty even when they don't mean to be.

"Split" Personality:
Bridget works hard to keep her professional and normal life separate. This has caused an almost split personality to form, though they do bleed into each other from time to time.

Additional Information
Immediately fascinated by anything music related


Ability Format
Standard Traits


Core Advantage
Bridget is able to use her voice and actions to sway emotions within people. This can be to inspire, soothe, enrage, or any number of emotions that people feel from music or art.

When she sings, anyone hearing her live voice (earshot or amplified) comes under its power. The same is true for anyone that sees her blow them a kiss (actual kiss only no replication).
Style- Bridget can change the style and color of her hair at will

Current Situation

Lives in a nice house in Aurum Heights with her mother and father
Wealthy from her record labels though most of it is invested or tucked away till she is older.


Date of Birth
June 21
Place of Birth
Polaris Pass
Bridget is the result of a Muse and a Demon falling for each other without knowing what the other was. Bee's father, Virthrodon "Victor" Togreth, was a demon of seduction and had fallen for Bee's mother, Aria Kelsha. He decided to use his powers to make her his own, but little did he know, she had been doing the same to him the entire time. They finally married and gave birth to one Bridget Virthrodon Kelsha. Her name came from combining her father and mother's names together.

Bridget’s life was pretty good. Born and raised in Polaris Pass, she’s known about who she was for years. Ever careful to keep her Demonic and Muse side secret. Bridget soon developed a talent for singing. That paired with her naturally bubbly personality made her a shoe in at countless talent shows.

Eventually she caught her break, signing a major record label, and “BubbleGum Bee” was born and introduced to the public. Her stardom took off fast, causing her to lean on her double life, and small hometown to occasionally escape from the hectic pop-star life.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Anything Else
BubbleGum Bee is well known nationwide and even overseas. Bridget, however, hasn't yet been connected to the pop-star.

Bridget had attended True North Academy before she was homeschooled through her senior year. Anyone who attended might know her but not know why she suddenly left school.

Bee's Albums and Tracks-
BubbleGum Bee (2019):
  • "It's Me, I'm Just Bee" - Upbeat, Fun, Dance song. Her first hit. Where her catch phrase comes from.
  • "Check me out" - Controversial song as it refers to "her" sexuality when the album released as a minor. Quote from Bee, "It's not directly about me. It's to any attractive person out there and how everyone looks at them. The fact that you are relating this to me and my age just proves the song."
  • "Do What you do" - Darker, Deeper beat. About not caring about what others think and "Honey, Do what you do."
B.I.B. (Bee Is Back) (2020):
  • "Chill Chill Chill" - Lyrically driven, and obvious call out to those that had issue with Check Me Out as she was 18 finally when the album dropped.
  • "You'll Regret it" - Experimental track that dips into a more rock vibe. Told by producer she 'Would regret doing this.' She didn't regret it.
  • "Take Meowt" - A playful song talking about taking your shot. Music Video was widely popular for the K-pop style group dancing, and Bee being dressed as a Catgirl.

Bee Me BB (2021):
  • "If you only knew" - Fast tempo, and a driving bassline, this song is an angrier version of Bee bringing up how everyone keeps a secret and we shouldn't judge so fast
  • "Unapologetically You" - A real hit with 'Cotton candy vibes' as told by several radio stations who have previewed the hit. "Always be you, no matter who is in the room."
  • "What to do" - Bee's first real hit ballad that shows off her true vocal talent. Lyrically driven by the clouds of doubt when it comes to relationships.
Bridget "BubbleGum Bee" Kelsha

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