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Cleo Felix
Female (She/her)
Street Magician/Scam artist

Stands about 5'10, lithe build, has a set of horns and a tail that aren't visible to the unawakened. Looks to be in early twenties. Shapeshifter.
Bit of a social butterfly, tries to know everything about everyone. Very easily swayed by money, and naturally deceptive.
2x speed/durability, Induce sin, Profane weapon.
Lives in a two bedroom apartment near Aurum Heights, Is in heavy debt.


Lithe build with fair skin. Horns and tail that are visible to the awakened. Can shape shift to various other humanoid forms. Her true form stands about 6'0, with red skin, and black hair. Horns and tail become much more pronounced.
Rounded, soft features. Often wears make up/jewelry to accent her features.
Straight blue hair that extends past her shoulders.
Tends to lack a definitive style, preferring whatever happens to be fashionable. Very form over function with a gothic lean.
Lacks horns/tail to unawakened, demon form looks like her regular form to the unawakened.


Greedy: Almost always looking to make money, and will do just about anything to make a quick buck. Tends to be pretty materialistic, and is very easily bribed.

Social: Tends to be very social, and enjoys getting to know people and being out and about, especially at casinos and clubs. Tries to get to know everyone she meets, and makes a point to pay attention to local rumors. Not above blackmailing people.

Deceptive: A natural trickster and liar. She sees no issue with lying and cheating people, and it can often be hard to tell exactly when she's lying and when she's telling the truth.

Additional Information
Wary of salt and fire, and will avoid both like the plague.

Has a very slight New York Accent.


Demon/Spell Casting

2x speed/durable, Profane Weapon (Cards), Induce Sin (Greed), Travel Home (Hell) Longevity.
Holy, Salt, Sin Eater (Greed), True Name (Aleo), 1/10 regeneration
Illusion Magic
Minor Example: A glass of wine, a deck of playing cards.
Major Example: Changing the appearance of something, making something disappear.
Momentous Example: Animation, Creating "living" creatures.

Minor Condition: Hand Gestures: Snapping her fingers
Major Condition: Focus: Golden wand.
Momentous Condition: Time locked: Can only be done between midnight and 1 AM under a new moon.

Core Advantage
Gamblers Luck: Able to create a five foot aura around herself, where her own luck is doubled, and the luck of everyone around her is halved. However, this only works on humans, and non supernatural creatures. Anyone else will not be effected.
Core Disadvantage
Fire: Gets burned very easily, any magic involving fire will have double the effect on her and burns heal at about half the normal rate.
Shapeshifter: Able to change her appearance at will. Can shift between any humanoid form, or her Demonic form. Though in each form, she will still have the horns and tail, at least to the awakened.
Nerfs and Flavor
Able to manipulate what types of card she summons for her weapon into whatever face she wants. (Normal, Uno, Pokemon, etc)

Able to speak Russian, English, Italian and Demonic, fluently.

Current Situation

Street Magician/Scam Artist
Currently living with Benedict Harper in a two bedroom apartment near Aurum Heights
In pretty heavy debt.


Date of Birth
January 13th, 1865
Place of Birth
Cleo, like most demons, was born and raised in hell as the daughter of two relatively weak greed demons. Often looked down upon by other demons for being "weak" during her younger years, she very quickly developed a knack for tricking other demons out of their own wealth, with card games quickly becoming her preferred method. Eventually she earned the attention of a few powerful demons who decided to send her to earth to use her powers to manipulate mortals.

Cleo then spent the next 100 or so years, bouncing around the world, changing her appearance as needed, and using her powers to cheat mortals out of their wealth, and feeding on them. One of her favorite spots to do this were casinos, using her powers, and some cheating, to win. Eventually she earned the attention of the mob, who gave her a very simple proposition, help them with "business" or be killed for cheating. Cleo agreed almost immediately.

For the next few years, she'd work with the mob, washing money for them, and occasionally taking part in various other crimes. However, over time she grew arrogant, and one night took almost 300,000 dollars from the mob to gamble with. The idea being that she would win significantly more than she'd taken, and she could just return the money no problem.

She lost it all in under an hour.

Panicking, she quickly packed up and fled across to Polaris Pass, where hopefully no one could find her while she figured out her next move.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Sayutb (commission)

This Picrew by Djarn
Cleo Felix

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