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Corrine Belmont

Corrine Phaedra Belmont
Female - She/Her
Awakened Human

Lithe, slightly dead looking casual punk girl with plantinum gray hair and eyes.
Focused, snarky academic with a slight addiction to trading card games
Divination, Familiar Creation, Demon Binding, and minor practiced magic + the ability to use her soul to fuel her spells
Homeless, jobless, and living with a family friend temporarily


Thin, with longer legs and heavily freckled olive skin.
Thin and angular, with high cheekbones and a small button nose.
downturned ash gray eyes that have the barest hint of blue in the right light.
Back length with a sometimes shaved side. Ash-to-Platinum blonde. Usually work mostly loose with a small side braid or two.
Wears whatever she can get her hands on. A lot of thrift store clothes and stuff stolen from laundromats.


Limits? What limits? - Corrine would never call herself insatiable when it comes to seeking knowledge and learning more about her craft. But she is immensely willing to take risks, especially risks to her own well being, in the pursuit of arcane truths. When she is knee deep in a new topic, she has to be reminded of things like eating and sleeping and that she needs to keep a certain amount of blood inside her body to remain conscious.

Snarky Sorceress - A defense mechanism one could call unhealthy, Corrine responds to stress with sarcasm and biting wit. While charming to some, it has shown to get her in trouble just as often if the reviews left by her professors about her are anything to go by.

Cardboard Addict - Due to the way her magic operates, Corrine has developed something of a fascination with collectables; particularly Magic the Gathering cards. What started as her simply keeping them to use for her spells, she couldn't help but get interested in the game. She's not quite a Jenny or a Spike, but somewhere in between and will talk your ear off about the minutae of mechanics and the card market if allowed.


Ability Format
Spellcasting/Standard Traits

+ Elemental Projectile (Fire)
+ Flight
+ Telekinesis
- Lifebound (Jace)
- Weakened Attribute (Strength)
- Sleepy
Minor: Create a temporary, mindless familiar in the shape of a rat-sized animal that can perform one specified task for one hour before disappearing. Can alternatively animate a similarly sized object instead of making an animal familiar.
Major: As Minor, but with the categories increased to dog-sized and six hours. Smaller familiars can be kept up to 24 hours. Commands can be as complex as a human could accomplish without training (or hands, in the case of familiars without hands).
Momentous: As Major, but a smaller familiar can be made permanent, or a horse-sized familiar can be created for up to 12 hours. Previously made familiar can be edited as well.

Minor Cost: Physical Fatigue - Corrine is left winded and needs to rest after creating a familiar.
Major Cost: Material Sacrifice - Corrine must burn a hundred dollars worth of collectible items (trading cards, Beanie Babies, etc.).
Momentous Cost: Patience - The spell takes a month of incubation time to fully cast.

Minor: Can bind lesser supernatural creatures to an object or place temporarily, such as tethering a vampire to a lamp post for up to an hour.
Major: As minor, but can affect more powerful entities such as demons and djinn. Lesser creatures can be bound for up to 24 hours.
Momentous: As major, but can bind any supernatural creature permanently.

Minor Cost: Focus - lock of hair, vial of blood, etc. of the intended target, Focus - the object she intends to bin them to
Major Cost: Incantation - must recite a short incantation in the presence of the intended target
Momentous Cost: Recharge - Corrine loses her ability to do magic, including her telekinesis and fire creation, for one entire lunar cycle after such a binding, Physical Fatigue - Corrine passes out immediately after the spell finishes

Minor: She can locate recently lost mundane objects like keys, unerringly pick the correct card out of a fanned deck, and other minor instances of divining the hidden.
Major: Can read the immediate future like the upcoming week's weather, or answer one yes or no question asked about the week ahead.
Momentous: Can read (or possibly create?) prophesies of the future pertaining to one person or event which will absolutely come true within the next year. These are almost always cryptic in nature.

Minor Cost: Focus - a handful of knuckle bones or various animal teeth, Gesture - throwing the bones to let them 'roll' like dice
Major Cost: Sacrifice - must cut her own hand enough to coat the bones entirely in her blood, Incantation - must recite a short incantation that includes the question in mind
Momentous Cost: Recharge - Corrine loses her ability to do magic, including her telekinesis and fire creation, for one entire lunar cycle after such a prophesy

Core Advantage
Corrine can augment her spellcasting by shaving off a portion of a willing creature's soul. She can remove a small, medium, or large portion of the soul to bypass the need for a single minor, major, or momentous cost to a spell.
Likewise she can spend the same sized piece of soul as an additional cost to bypass the normal limitations of her spellcasting. As an example, shaving off a large piece of her soul when editing her familiar, Jace, resulted in him becoming both humanoid in form and fully sapient.
As Corrine loses more of her soul, she will accumulate Disadvantages. Each time she shaves off one large, three medium, or ten small pieces of her soul, she gains a Disadvantage with no corresponding Advantage. If she gains seven such Disadvantages, too much of her soul will be degraded and she will die. This damage to her soul cannot be undone or repaired, as it is of her own doing.
Core Disadvantage
Those who can sense or are drawn to the dead detect Corrine as dying, and moreso that her soul has pieces missing out of it.
Bonus: Took a third style of magic
Nerfs and Flavor
The biggest flame that Corrine can produce is roughly what an oil lantern could make, and she still requires some kind of flammable material to act as a catalyst for the initial flame creation. Likewise she can only fly with the aid of a broom or similar object that can act as a vehicle for her.

Current Situation

Squatting at a friend's house


Born to a poor but well respected family of witches, survivors of multiple witch hunts throughout Europe and then later in the States, Corrine grew up with the knowledge that she was special and that she would do great things one day. From a young age she showed aptitude with her craft, not even flinching when she had to turn the blade of her knife on her own hand to cast a spell.

Fast forward years later, living on her own with her family's name being enough to get her into a decent college in Maryland. Life was good; she had decent work-life balance between her school, her job as a barista, and her craft. She created a permanent Familiar, aptly named Jace when he ate her favorite Planeswalker, and bound him to a ring so she could keep him nearby all the time. But being herself and wanting to see how far she could push her magic, she cast a spell with a sliver of her soul as an additional catalyst to make Jace sapient and give her the perfect companion. It worked, though not entirely as she'd intended, and Corrine dropped out of school and went to work full time rather than try to explain where this handsome man had come from to her RA.

Life seemed good for a while: Jace was mischievous, but she reminded herself that he was still a cat no matter what he looked like. And then one day, he ran. Stole his ring and ran away. Heartbroken, Corrine wove a prophesy that she would be reunited with him. It didn't turn out the way she wanted. Men she didn't recognize came looking for him. They hurt her and trashed her home to try and intimidate her into telling them what she didn't know. She got away, but had nothing to call her own anymore. She made her way out west to Polaris Pass, where she knew a family friend lived who might possibly put her up for at least a few weeks while she recovered from her injuries.

Since being in town, she has noticed that attempts to leave have left her weak and sleepier than usual. She is currently unaware of why this is.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Character design and art created and sold by Ultramarine on ToyHouse
Corrine Belmont

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