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Human Form Commission by @Ballerina
Shadow Form Commission by LimesAdopts

Dan Ashe
Fallen Angel/Nightmare

Purple-haired, golden-eyed man, with dark purple wings. Shadow form is a winged, shadowy, vaguely man-shaped figure.
Self-destructive introvert who strives to be good and pure. He hates himself for falling.
Lie detector angel with a shadow form. Everyone knows when he lies. Angels & Demons can sense he's fallen.
Lives in a cheap apartment in Aurum Heights with a roommate. Getting by.


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Tanned skin. Slender, athletic build. Wings in both forms. Shadow form - Made of shadows. Purple-black with large feathered wings. Sexless but masculine build.
Clean-shaven. Single stud piercing on left ear. Shadow form - Glowing holes for eyes and mouth, otherwise featureless.
Shaggy, Chin-Length, Purple. Shadow form - Hairless.
Usually shades of purple and blue. A jacket or hoodie, tshirts and jeans. Likes rabbit-themed clothes.
Shadow form - Unawakened characters would see just a bald dark-skinned guy with bloodshot eyes and tight clothes.

Will stop aging around 25.


Hates Himself - Bottles up his emotions to the point of breakdown. Considers himself a worthless halfbreed who will never measure up to real angels. Thinks he should be punished for falling and can never really make up for his failures. He keeps trying though.

White Knight - He has a strict morality. Punish the guilty. Protect the innocent. Has a hard time seeing shades of gray. Will try to help someone who is hurting but leans more towards justice than mercy.

Socially Awkward "Good Boy" - Introverted, keeps to himself. No clue when it comes to social interactions, especially involving romantic entanglements, flirting, or partying. He still flusters easily, especially in group situations, in spite of being sexually active.

Additional Information
Dislikes fallen angels because as far as he's concerned falling is a choice, but he's starting to learn that maybe they can be redeemed. Puts angels on a pedestal. A complete dork when it comes to animals, especially bunnies.


Ability Format
Standard Traits

Elemental Form (Shadow)
Enhanced Attributes (Strength)
Elemental Weakness (Fire)
Elemental Weakness (Profane)
Weakened Attribute (Regeneration)

Core Advantage
Lie Detector - Within 10 feet senses when someone is deliberately lying (not just misleading or telling half truths), if he can hear them. Each word of the lie, including his own lies, feels like a painful stab in his head.
Core Disadvantage
Bad Liar - Cannot deny any of his own actions. If he does lie about anything (intentionally), anyone that hears him can sense that he is lying. Angels and Demons sense that he's Fallen.
Dan's feathers act as a mild local anesthetic and can numb pain when held to an injury. Effect doesn't stack, each feather only lasts about an hour. Doesn't work on Dan.
Nerfs and Flavor
Strength is only Peak Human Strength.

Current Situation

Living in a cheap apartment in Aurum Heights with the person he's apprenticing to.
He's being paid enough to make ends meet with a little to spare.


Date of Birth
August 25th
Place of Birth
The Void - Angelic Outpost
- Dan's mother was an angel who had been captured by shadow demons from a neighbouring demonic outpost, had a half-demon son, and escaped. She had Dan with a nightmare creature to gain advantage for the angel's side of the endless war.
- Dan was taken away from his mother at birth as punishment, though he was still in occasional contact with her. Raised in the angelic outpost by other angels, he was taught to be ashamed of himself. Only thought of as a weapon.
- Left home around the time he turned 16, wanted to prove himself, thought he'd be able to go back eventually.
- Fell in North Star Lake when he appeared on Earth, with nothing but the clothes on his back, and no explanation. Eventually he was taken in by a small group home in Polaris Pass.
- He was sent to the public school and remained long enough to finish high school and get a job so he could move out.
- Worked part time while getting an associate's degree at the community college in a nearby town.
- Applied to the police academy in Portland, but didn't make it through the hiring process psych evaluations or medical exams.
- Found out about his home being destroyed from his half-demon brother who arrived suddenly in Polaris Pass, conflicts with him.
- Too much for him to handle, begins falling and losing control of abilities. He falls completely and attempts to drown himself in the lake, but is rescued.
- After a year or so he finally began to make friends, specifically with demons.
- He became to someone while in Louisiana on a church mission trip, learning more about his nightmare side.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Human Form Full Body Commission by Trickstyr
Human Form Bust Commission by @Ballerina
Shadow Form Commission by LimesAdopts
Icon Commission by Sayutb
Anything Else
Using Outpost angel lore by @Saber.
Dan Ashe

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