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Desiree Eden
Chronologically 989, Looks 8
Female (She/They)
Vampire Demon

Unnatural beauty with Porcelain Features
KInd Generous and loyal to a fault
Vampire and Demon powers combination
Incredibly Wealthy and living it up as a Heiress in the more Affluent part of Aurum heights


4'2 in her child form and 5'8 in her adult form
Child form - slender child with not much muscle definition and unnaturally pale with a Demon binding circle tattoo on her back
Adult Form - athletic build with toned muscles and even with the unnatural paleness has a slight tan with a Demon binding circle tattoo on her back
Child Form - young slender face with slight shallowing of the cheeks
Adult Form - Full Cheeks
Both Forms - Blood Red eyes, Hazel eyes for the Unawakened
Child Form - Shoulder length black hair with a tinge of smoldering brimstone going through it to the awakened
Adult Form - Backside length jet black hair with streaks of glowing brimstone going through it to the awakened
in both forms she wears simple yet elegant dresses


Generous - she cares deeply for those less fortunate and is always giving her wealth away to Group homes, Men's Shelter's, Womens Shelter's and Youth Outreach programs

Loyal to her word - if she say's she will do something she will do it no matter what

Protective - she is protective of those around her especially if there in dire straits


Ability Format
Standard Traits

Apex Attribute (Speed), Enhanced Attributes (Strength, Regeneration) Flight, Turning Bite, Silent Movement, Supernatural Beauty, Mesmer, Travel Home (Hell), Imbued Weapon (Profane/Bastard Sword)
Blood Drinker, Elemental Weakness (Sunlight), Elemental Weakness (Fire), Weakness (Holy), Weakness (Silver), Invitation Required, Aversion (Natural Running Water), Sin Eater (Pride), True Name Weakness (Aeriane)

Core Advantage
Blood Form - can change her form to be a mid 20's adult for up too 5 Hours after feeding for the first time that day. she can delay when she changes her form and can also store unused time for the next day but can only store up to 20 Hours
Extreme Wealth

Current Situation

Lives with her sister and brother in law
Filthy Rich


Date of Birth
July 28th
Place of Birth
London, England
She was born Eden Greene to a couple of Demon Worshippers who only had her to eventually use as a sacrifice to summon a demon to grant them power. Instead of the demon they wanted a Demon of the Downtrodden and Weak came and possessed her to save her life she then rang away from home to stop herself from doing something. she was eventually found by police and after being taken into a orphanage she discovered she had a older sister who she helped set up as a noble after they left it along with her then boyfriend in a small town near the border of England and Scotland.

After that she went back to hell to reclaim her territory which had been taken over by another while she was on earth. After a long period of time she went back to earth to check up on her sister forgetting that a couple hundred years had went by. But discovered her sister slightly older but as a vampire she eventually was bitten by her sister and became of vampire of there coven. Eventually they immigrated to America & settled in Polaris pass shortly after it started to become a sanctuary for the supernatural.

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