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Elizabeth "Lizzy" Roselend
Female (She/her)
Human/Eldritch Touched
Youtuber, Student (Freshman) at CSM

Stands 5'1, scrawny build, with a small beauty mark under her left eye.
A snarky asshole, extremely fond of pranks, many of which she uploads to youtube.
Able to take control of objects/animals/people via possession powers. Has a ring that grants night vision. Minor telekensis
Lives with family.


Fair skin with a scrawny build. Looks young for her age.
Angular face, has a beauty mark under her left eye.
Yellow eyes that glow a orange color whenever she uses her possession powers.
Brown hair that she normally keeps in twin tails that end just above her shoulders. Often wears something in her hair, mostly bows. Extremely particular about it.
Tends to dress in a tomboyish style. Wouldn't be caught dead without her trademark pink jacket.


Troublemaker: Hands out insults to just about everyone she meets, and often follows those up with some sort of prank. Enjoys messing with peoples relationships and loves relationship drama.

Guarded: Takes a while to warm up to people, and often tries to hide her problems from others. Though once she does open up to someone, she becomes fiercely protective of them, almost to the point of possessiveness.

Attention hog: Between AV club, Drama club, and her youtube channel, Lizzy is almost always trying to make herself the center of attention by any means nessicary. Because hey, no press is bad press, right?

Additional Information
Hates when people call her “Elizabeth”


Human/Eldritch touched

Mental Immunity, Telekinesis, x3 Human Regeneration
1/2 Human Durability, 1/2 Human Strength, 1/2 Human Stamina

Core Advantage
Possession: Able to possess objects (nothing bigger then a mini-fridge) and animals (nothing bigger then a large dog) simply by touching them. Objects possessed by her can move in a way similar to beauty and the beast. Large animals, and people take 10 seconds of unbroken physical contact to possess them. Possession time is unlimited for smaller animals and objects, but limited to an hour for large animals and people. This possession can be broken by moving out of a 50 foot radius around Lizzy, forced out by the host, or banished through magic. In addition, for large animals, and people, she will be unable to move for the duration of the possession, and will pass out for an hour afterwords. Also gains access to the powers and weaknesses of whatever she has possessed.
Night vision ring: Has a ring that allows her to see clearly at night/darkness as if it was daytime.
Nerfs and Flavor
Eyes glow whenever she uses her possession powers, and this is mirrored in whatever she is possessing. Will also be unable to move.

Current Situation

Student (Freshman) at CSM, Youtuber
Lives in a small house on the outskirts of town with her brother and dad.
Barely making ends meet.


Date of Birth
August 24
Place of Birth
Polaris Pass
Lizzy was born and raised in Polaris Pass. Her father was a drunk and her mom was a prostitute, who left not long after she was born. This led Lizzy to be raised by her two older brothers, both of who had been arrested numerous times, though mainly for petty offenses. They taught Lizzy just about everything she knows.

As time went on though, and Lizzy saw her brothers constantly end up on the wrong side of the law, she decided she didn't want to spend the rest of her life in and out of jail, she wanted to make something of herself. Or at least try to. To that end she joined the AV club, as well as the drama club, and even started a small youtube channel. This did not stop her from falling in with some of the local delinquents, but it did give her something to focus her time on that wasn't crime.

It was because of said youtube channel that she joined a "supernatural club". Not an official club, but more a group of friends that looked into some of the rumors surrounding the town. Lizzy didn't by into any of these, but it made for good content so she didn't really complain.

It was while the club was investigating the old mines around the town that they unleashed.. something. They accidentally broke a seal and unleashed an eldritch monster that had been sealed away centuries ago. The eldritch would begin to harass the group, hoping to eat them to gain some of it's power back and ultimately free itself from earth.

Eventually, the group came together to preform a ritual to ultimately kill the eldritch, and it sort of worked. The evil was defeated, but in the process it fused with them. Giving them new, and terrifying powers.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Elizabeth "Lizzy" Roselend

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