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Ellis Flowers

Ellis Flowers
Female, she/her
Nature Spirit
Bakery Assistant

A blue-skinned nature spirit with antlers—often mistaken for a wendigo.
Shy and still a little animalistic. She is not able to speak above a whisper.
Nature Spirit abilities, such as elemental control of plants. Fire is a major weakness.
Makes some money working in the bakery, but currently relies on Kasey's family as she learns how to function in a society.


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5' 3"
Ellis has blue skin with some darker blue freckles sprinkled all over her body. She has a petite, pear-shaped figure. There are several noticeable ‘cuts’ in her skin that don’t seem able to heal properly. Her fingers are slightly longer than the average human with sharp points. Her legs look like that of a deer, becoming black from above the knee and ending in small hooves. She also has deer-like antlers.
She has dark blue lips.
Her eyes are unusually large and completely red besides the black pupils and the black rings around her pupils. She also has three smaller eyes on her neck: one on each side, plus one on the back.
Her dark blue hair is chin-length and wavy.
Soft, feminine. She typically only wears skirts or shorts since regular pants are not made for her legs.
To the unawakened, she looks like a light-skinned girl with black hair and amber eyes.


Shy: Despite her monster-y appearance, Ellis is more likely to choose ‘flight’ over ‘fight.’ She is not so different from the deer in which she shares physical characteristics of. Now living among others rather than alone in the forest, she is still adjusting to being more social. The fact that she is unable to speak above a whisper just makes her seem all the more shy.

Curious: Despite being shy, she is also very curious. She likes to explore and learn new things. When it comes to socializing, she is awful at starting conversations but can easily maintain one if she feels she can learn something new from someone.

Feral: Although Ellis has learned to integrate into human society, she still has some animalistic tendencies. She hisses and growls when she feels threatened. Sometimes she will even get down on all fours while showing aggression. Sometimes she needs to be reminded that she is not living in the forest anymore. When she is feeling too overwhelmed by society, she will run off into the forest for a while.

Additional Information
Due to the injury on her neck and to her vocal chords, Elli is unable to speak above a whisper.


Ability Format
Standard Traits (Nature Spirit)

-Enhanced Attributes: Speed + Durability
-Apex Attribute: Agility
-Swim Enhancements
-Beast Tongue
-Elemental Control: Plants
-Green Thumb
-Area Empowerment: Untouched Nature
-Elemental Weakness: Fire
-Elemental Weakness: Ice
-Artificial Lighting Vulnerability
-Pollution Sensitivity
-Weakened Attribute: Strength
-Weakness: Iron
-Weak Spot: Antlers

Core Advantage
Hard to Kill: Ellis is fortunate to have a healing ability that makes her difficult to kill, though the way it functions is a bit unusual. Basically, injuries can be instantly ‘cauterized’ by her body so she hardly ever bleeds, but the wound does not fully rebuild the injured area. This is why she has several large ‘cuts’ in her skin, and is also why her vocal chords remain damaged.

The easiest way to kill her is to use fire; her healing abilities will not be able to keep up if her body is entirely in flames. She can also be killed instantly if both of her antlers are cut off.
Remove one weakness.

Current Situation

Bakery Assistant
Lives with Sanouck Kasey Mitchell's family
Makes a little money at the bakery, but still relies on Kasey's family for now.


Date of Birth
April 1st
Place of Birth
Somewhere in the forests around Polaris Pass
-Ellis had mostly lived a normal, solitary life in the forests around Polaris Pass. Sometimes she would watch the town from the trees, but she preferred to remain in the forest.

-Due to an incident entirely unrelated to Ellis, a small group of monster hunters had started prowling the forest. They believed there was a wendigo in the area who was killing humans. Having no real success investigating the town, the forest became their next target.

-Unfortunately, because Ellis has some characteristics similar to a wendigo, she was attacked on sight. They left the permanent injuries on her body, including the one that damaged her vocal chords.

-Ellis was only saved from certain death when the actual wendigo the hunters had been looking for showed up. Ellis ran for her life and ended up near the town before she collapsed from the pain of her injuries. Next thing she knew, she was in the hospital.

-Ellis fully intended to return to the forest and live her regular life, but workers at the hospital encouraged her to actually spend time in the town while her injuries healed for a while. Curious of the town and still wary of hunters, Ellis ultimately did decide to stay in Polaris Pass. Being surrounded by other supernaturals was likely much safer than being alone in the forest, after all.

-To this day, Ellis has no idea what happened to that wendigo or any of the hunters. She remains wary of humans.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Adoptable by EggoWeggo
Ellis Flowers

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