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Emelie Incendo
Female (She/her)
Student, Freshman at True North

Dark tan. Small, nimble build. Red hair, blue eyes. Likes things with furs. Can shift to a scale scaly red and white dragon form. Purple tail and wings. Yellow eyes.
Prideful show off, with a sneaky side.
Standard fire dragon stuff. Can see peoples weaknesses and names. Can shift into a smoke cloud.
Apartment near Aurum Heights, paid for by her family. Receives a generous monthly allowance.


Dark tan skin. Petite build, wiry and nimble.
Youthful with pointed ears, and enlarged canines.
Icy blue
Red, wavy hair normally kept in a short ponytail.
Favors a a fashionable, chic style, with a formal lean. Tries to incorporate furs wherever she can.
Can shift into a 15' tall dragon form. This form has spiky red scales, along with a purple tail and wings. Yellow eyes. Has a large pair of horns while in this form.


Spitfire: Very eager to prove herself, unfortunately this makes her a show off and braggart. Almost always looking for a chance to show off or one up someone, especially other dragons. Has a pretty short fuse.

Stuck up: Holds a lot pride in her family lineage and it shows. Tends to pretty cold and flippant towards others, and is dismissive of non-dragons. Even when talking with dragons, she has strong beliefs on how they should act. Tends to suck up to authority.

Information broker: Sent as a scout, she has a knack for digging up dirt on people and is quick to pick up on any rumors that might be spreading around. Of course, she does try to verify any rumors before she acts on them.

Additional Information
Will try to sneak up on people, and in places just to see if she can. Knows lock picking for this exactly reason. Bit of a metal head and knows how to play the guitar fairly well. Her hoard is mostly made up of animal furs.

Hates storms, snow, getting wet, and the cold.


Ability Format

Enhanced Attributes (Speed/Agility) Monster Form (Huge), Partial shifting, Elemental Projectile (Fire), Elemental Control (Fire), Elemental Immunity (Fire), Flight, Graceful, Silent Movement.
Draconic Hoarding (Gold), Magical Vulnerability, Weak spot (Eyes), Elemental Weakness (Lightning), Elemental Weakness (Ice), Vanity, Weakness (Salt)

Core Advantage
Eye of The Dragon: By holding unbroken eye contact with someone for 5 seconds, Emelie is able to gain information about them. Namely, their species, name and any powers/weaknesses they might have, though it does not reveal any true names. In addition, she can see has exceptional eyesight and can see twice as far as a normal person.
Bonus: Intangible form
Nerfs and Flavor
Her intangible form has the appearance of a redish/grey smoke cloud

Current Situation

Student, Freshman at True North
Small apartment near Aurum Heights paid for by her family.
Gets a fairly generous allowance from her family.


Date of Birth
June 19th
Place of Birth
Paris, France
Emelie is the most recent member of the Incendo family. a very old, very powerful dragon clan. She was the last one to hatch, and by far the smallest. As a child she was largely dismissed by the other members of her clan, written off as a mere runt who would never account to much. This enraged her and drove her to push herself that much harder. She might not have been the biggest or strongest, but she could be the fastest.

This desire to prove the others wrong eventually caught the eye of one of the Elder dragons of the clan, who took her under his wing. With his help, she was able to distinguish herself, and eventually catch the eye of the clan leaders.

Around this same time, there was a large influx of younger dragons to the Polaris Pass area. Normally, this would not be a concern. However, the large amount, and in such a short time drew their concern. Seeing as she was around the same age as said dragons, she was offered a chance to prove herself, and her loyalty. Travel to Polaris Pass to monitor and report on the situation, while at the same time reminding people that the Incendo clan still reigned supreme.

Emelie eagerly agreed to this, embracing the chance to show off and prove what she was more than a runt. Not long after, she was enrolled at True North, transferring from the boarding school she was enrolled in and given an apartment in Polaris Pass, along with generous monthly allowance. So long as she continued to report in on the situation.

But unknown to her, or any of the other members of their clan, they already had a member of the clan in Polaris Pass. One who was supposed have died years ago.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Made using this maker by Iwose

Dragon: Official art of Brunhilda from Dragalia Lost
Anything Else
Her family is disgustingly wealthy.

Able to speak English, German, French, and Draconic fluently.

French accent
Emelie Incendo

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