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Fuwako Mochizuki

Fuwako Mochizuki
Cis Female - She/Her
Yokai (Bake-Danuki)
Thrift Store Owner

Usually a short, athletic Raccoon girl with black fur streaked with vibrant colors. Short floofy tail and casual clothes.
Fun loving prankster with an eye on profits and a begrudging heart of gold
Transformation magic
Owns a sufficiently spooky thrift shop and lives in a small apartment just above the shop.


Thin and athletic with a small chest. Covered in dark brown-grey fur that is occasionally streaked with vibrant colors. Digitigrade legs with paw pads on her hands and feet.
A short muzzled face with sharp teeth and round cheeks and a black wolf-like nose
Large, expressive eyes with vibrant colors that seem to always match her fur accents.
A short, messily cut wavy bob in the same color as her fur, streaked with vibrant color
Sporty styles such as track jackets and gym shorts. Wears a fanny pack that she keeps her spell components in. Usually barefoot or else wearing flip flops.
Sleepers see her as a pretty average Japanese woman in her twenties with dark circles under her eyes. The streaks in her hair color changing frequently easily get dismissed as clip-on hair attachments.


Street Kid Rules - Growing up as a lone con artist on the street, Fuwako has a penchant for mischief and mayhem. She loves a good laugh at someone else's expense, but has learned over the years when it's better to back of and not get her face pounded in.

C.R.E.A.M. - Wako is very food motivated, and since money can buy food she loves money. She's the epitome of "I'm not gay but twenty dollars is twenty dollars," and will do anything provided that the money outweighs the personal risk or effort she has to put in. If it's funny she might even offer a discount, but probably not. She's not selfish though, and enjoys spreading the wealth around as much as she enjoys using it on herself.

Bleeding Gold Heart - Despite her exterior as a shitty grifter who only wants money, Fuwako has a soft spot for people in need and actually enjoys the warm fuzzies she gets in her chest by doing nice things for people. She cannot admit to this however and never does anyone a good turn without either hiding behind a disguise or twisting it around to make it seem like they're doing her a favor instead.


Ability Format
Standard Traits, Spellcasting

+ Enhanced Senses (Hearing, Smell)
Transformation Magic - Fuwako can transform people, animals, and objects into other people, animals, and objects. At the lowest levels the transformations are incredibly temporary or noticeably imperfect (usually both). She can't grant abilities or make forms permanent with these spells without some momentous investment.
Bonus: free advantage

Current Situation

Thrift Shop Owner, Supernatural tailor
Apartment above the Thrift shop
More money than you'd expect, but by no means rich


Date of Birth
July 13
Place of Birth
Born in Japan to a family of Bake-Danuki who had taken up the longstanding tradition of providing Yokai with disguises to help them blend in with humans, Fuwako was never quite happy with that lot. Ever the entrepreneur even as a child, she left home and established a number of fake identities in the city of Sendai. She conned her way into the money that she needed and opened up a shop in the city that did the same thing that her parents did. But instead of going to the remote villages inhabited by Oni and Yokai, she would have them come to her.

She started working with a Yuki-onna landlady and her Kuchisake-onna girlfriend, meaning that she had a steady supply of customers. This was how she met Kurumi Satou and her daughter Emiko. Emiko and she became fast friends, much to Kurumi's chagrin because she didn't want a band influence turning her daughter into a delinquent. And for years that was just how it went; life fell into a nice, simple rhythm.

Over time Wako got restless, but didn't know what to do with herself. Opportunity came knocking in the form of Kurumi, who had moved away from Japan. She had a problem that Fuwako offered to help with (for a fee of course) but over the course of fixing it realized that this was what she needed. A change of scenery, a new customer base. So she left her business in the hands of some of her employees, stowed away in Kurumi's luggage, and snuck back to Polaris Pass with her to start fresh.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Character design by DevilNyx88 on ToyHouse. Art by DevilNyx88 and Dully Arts and Naddy on Twitter.
Fuwako Mochizuki

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