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Gwyn Brenton
Junior at True North

Pink hair, death stare, oh shit that’s a dragon there
Sometimes he’s sweet, sometimes he’s salty
Burn, blast, and dragon things
Lives with a family friend


Fit, dark skin
Scar over left eyebrow, very handsome, his canines are more pronounced than most people
Pink floof... yes it's natural
Likes bright colored tops with skinny jeans when he's not in his uniform. Sometimes he's in a hat
He always just smells kinda good... flowery
He's got a distinct cockney accent
His dragon form is 15 feet tall, bipedal, and much more vicious looking than his human form would lead you to believe


Not having it: He was sent to Polaris Pass by his parents as a flex towards other dragons to prove their superiority. He is not some tool to perpetuate their bullshit. He's not a big fan of pageantry, ceremony, none of the pomp or circumstance. He wants to have fun and he'll do it. If there's something that needs doing or saying get right to it.

Stands like he's ten feet tall: Gwyn's proud of what he is. He may resent his parents for his harsh upbringing, but he can't argue with the results. He's strong and he knows it. Gwyn won't let anyone tear him off of that pedestal.

Softie: In spite of the fact that he can be pretty loud and crude, Gwyn can also be a really nice guy. He doesn't actually mind helping people out or doing favors when need be.

Additional Information
Hates being asked about the UK
Not particularly keen on being around all these new dragons his age, but is accepting it


Ability Format
Standard Traits

Partial Shifting
Monstrous Form(huge)
Elemental Projectile(Fire)
Elemental Control(Fire)
Apex Attribute(Speed)
Enhanced Attributes(Agility, Reflexes)
Elemental Control(Wind)
Elemental Projectile(Lightning)
Imbued Weapon(Energy Blades)
Monster Form(Large)
Draconic Hoarding(Fancy watches)
Elemental Weakness(Holy)
Debt Bound
Unable to lie
Otherworldly Disruption(Sight/hearing)
Magically dependent

Core Advantage
Dragon Dust: Gwyn is able to generate a unique purple, orange dust from his body. The dust has a sweet scent like flowers. He is also able to breathe this dust as if it were a secondary elemental breath. This dust is hot causing minor burns to skin, and will burn the respiratory tracts of anyone who breathes it in. This dust is also volatile, and will explode violently when exposed to flames. Gwyn is immune to the explosions generated in this manner. The dust will remain hot, however it will lose its explosive ability when exposed to water.
Took a second monster form without corresponding disadvantage
Nerfs and Flavor
-His fire is purple in color, while the explosions he generates range from purple to orange
-Gwyn developed new elemental capabilities and a second dragon form thanks to his parents experimentation as an egg
-His blades are projected from his forearms the same as in his second dragon form
-Gwyn is effectively haunted and periodically hears and sees the spirits of his siblings who he was forcibly merged with. Typically this occurs in situations where he is stressed. The siblings presence can be felt, giving him an off-putting air especially to animals.

Current Situation

Junior at True North
Lives with family friends, basically his aunt and uncle
Lives comfortably with all his needs met. His guardians give him a weekly allowance, his parents send a monthly stipend as well.


Date of Birth
October 19
Place of Birth
Somewhere in the UK
Gwyn's parents conceived him with the full intention to breed the strongest dragon of the new generation. He was homeschooled for his early life, and put through intensive training. He learned very quickly the only way to gain any real praise or adoration from his parents was to get through his training successfully. When he turned eleven he was shipped off to a boarding school for awakened and magical children. It was there that he started to realize his parents way of doing things was wrong to say the least. He became rebellious as a result, and eventually got himself expelled.

His parents didn't take too kindly to this smear on their name. A friend of the family who lived in Polaris Pass offered to take the boy in. This was further solidified at the mention of the various dragons that seemed to be gathering there. His parents saw this as something that may blunt his rebellious streak, and show their superiority within the draconic community.

Gwyn has only been in Polaris Pass for a short while.

He was forced to return home over the winter break. While he was there he managed to manifest abilities that would have belonged to his siblings had they not been merged with him. This also came with the additional side effects of animals not liking him, and hearing and seeing their spirits manifest before him. He's having a great time.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Human fc made with OC Maker by @Nase_Nikyuu
Dragon FCs are Vayu and Aldred from Dragalia Lost
Gwyn Brenton

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