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Isaac Roselend

Isaac Roselend
Male (He/Him)
Awakening Human

Lanky, athletic build. Kinda smells like motor oil.
A gearhead in every sense of the word, loves to pull things apart just to see if he can put it back together. Problem focused, and very anti authority.
In dangerous situations, only needs the tools he brought with him.
Lives with his family on the outskirts of town. Spends almost all his money on his little sister and his truck.


Lanky and muscular build. Fair skin. Has a handful of small scars and nicks on his hands and arms.
Bit of a baby face, has a small beard on his chin.
Black hair that runs down the back of his neck.
Tends to dress pretty casual. Lots of t-shirts and jeans.


Tinkerer: Isaac has a fascination with anything mechanical, to the point of pulling stuff apart just to see how it works. Will jump at the opportunity to fix anything mechanical.

Rebel Heart: Isaac has a very strong sense of personal freedom, and has extremely negative views on the government, police, and anyone he sees as trying to take that freedom away.

Pragmatic: Tries to take the simplest and most direct solution to any problem he's faced with. Has a habit of missing the bigger picture.



See above.

Core Advantage
Told ya we'd need this: Isaac has luck on his side, but not in the way one might expect. Unknown to him, when adventuring or otherwise putting himself into a potentially dangerous supernatural situation, Isaac will only ever need the tools that he brings with him. If he does not bring a grappling hook, then he will not need to climb something that has no handholds. If he forgets to bring a wooden stake when tracking a vampire, he won't actually encounter any vampires.

Current Situation

Lives in a small house on the outskirts of town with his sister and dad
Barely making ends meet.


Date of Birth
July, 19
Place of Birth
Polaris Pass
Isaac was born and raised in Polaris Pass along with Lizzy, his younger sister, and his older brother, Trevor.

His father, a local meth dealer and drunk, neglected abused both him and Trevor. Often beating them, with Trevor taking the worse of it. This led to the two lashing out, and causing trouble around town. Mostly minor crimes like shoplifting, trespassing, vandalism, etc. But it was enough that by the time they were teens, both had been in and out of Juvie several times.

Things changed when his younger sister, Lizzy, was born. Suddenly his mom just up and left, and both Isaac and Trevor knew that there was no way their dad could raise a third kid. So they took it upon themselves to raise Lizzy, teaching her everything she knows. Of course they also used her to help them commit some of their crimes because Lizzy was small, and could get into places they couldn't. And who could say no to a kid?

As high school rolled around, Trevor became the school delinquent, while Isaac picked up playing Football and Baseball. Things were fine for a while until Trevor got expelled junior year for getting into a fight. The fight was bad enough that Trevor ended up spending a week in jail for it. And jail changed him. Trevor began pushing Isaac to go for bigger and badder crimes. Suddenly Trevor was getting into drug dealing, armed robbery, and even went as far to buy a gun.

Meanwhile Isaac was quietly working on getting better at sportsball, knowing that was his only real opportunity to get into college. He was being recruited by a few small schools in Oregon too. Then, in the last game of the year, Isaac blew out his MCL and ACL. His sports career was done. Later that same night, Trevor would get drunk, steal a truck, and rob a liquor store before leading the police on a high speed chase. This time, he was going to prison.

This led Isaac to start having to consider a life outside of school and sports. His dad wasn't going to do shit, and it fell on Isaac to try to make sure Lizzy didn't have to go through what he did. He'd always been a bit of tinkerer, especially when it came to his truck. So once he graduated high school, he started looking for work as a mechanic.

Eventually he got a job at a local mechanics shop, and slowly worked his way up to becoming a full time mechanic, where he now works.

Recently, Isaac got awoken to the supernatural. At this point, he doesn't know exactly how many supernaturals there are, or what exactly they're doing in town. But one things clear. These things were hiding for a reason. And he's going to figure it out.

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Isaac Roselend

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