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Isadora Privitera
Female, she/her
Awakened Human
Psychic/Scam Artist

Isadora has sun-kissed tan skin from her Sicilian roots, brown hair, and brown eyes.
Extroverted, but clearly has barriers up. Can come off as harsh and difficult at times.
Able to read minds by either looking into someone’s eyes, or by physically touching them.
She lives in town, working as a psychic during the tourist seasons.


Gallery Link (NOTE: contains nudity)
5' 6"
Soft and curvy
Looks slightly older than her age. She has a beauty mark under her left eye. Always wears earrings.
Brown, always accentuated with eye makeup.
Slightly wavy brown hair that reaches her midback.
Isadora has a way of making cheap clothing from thrift stores look like expensive designer pieces. She also dresses in rather stereotypical ‘psychic’ clothing when she’s working.
Isadora is mixed race—she knows she is Sicilian on her mother’s side, but has no idea about her father.


Self-Centered: Isadora has a big ‘every person for themselves’ attitude. She is highly protective of herself first and foremost, and she will not hesitate to leave others behind if it means keeping herself safe. She has few concerns scamming strangers, though she does have a soft side that can, on rare occasions, override her selfishness.

Master of Disguise: Having been a scam artist for most of her life, Isadora has learned how to lie and pretend to be other people with ease. She has a special talent for mimicking accents, and the makeup skills to look like an entirely different person. In fact, she becomes an entirely different person when she is working as a psychic with a different name, different accent, entirely different aesthetic, and so on. It’s uncommon for anyone to recognize her as both Isadora and Lady Galina.

Extrovert: Isadora likes to be around people and has no problem starting up conversations. She can also be a big flirt. However, she is also non-committal and tends to keep her distance out of fear of anyone seeing her more vulnerable side. It’s possible to get past her barriers, but it is an effort that few are willing to deal with.

Additional Information
-Nervous around animals.

-When working, she puts on a fake accent. Her real accent is a harsh New Yorker one.

-Has a deep disdain for the wealthy.

-Talks with a lot of hand movements.


Ability Format
Standard Traits

Core Advantage
Core Advantage: Mind-reader. Isadora is able to read minds by either staring into a person’s eyes, or by touching them. If she cannot do either, then her ability does not work.

Current Situation

Isadora makes most of her money as a psychic during the tourist seasons. While she can only read minds, she claims to have other abilities such as speaking to the dead, seeing the future, etc. Her trick is simply reading a person’s thoughts and telling them what they want to hear. When working, she goes by the name ‘Lady Galina.’

Her place of business is a small building decorated with all the stereotypical things one would expect: crystals, candles, tarot symbols, etc.

Isadora offers tarot readings, palm readings, crystal ball readings, chakra cleansing, reiki—basically she will offer just about anything people show interest in.

During the off season, she will occasionally take on odd jobs for extra cash if she needs to.
Lives in an apartment in town. Her apartment is directly above her place of business.
Isadora’s wealth status fluctuates against ‘comfortable’ and ‘barely making ends meet,’ depending on how much she makes during the tourist season.


Date of Birth
October 2nd
Place of Birth
New York City
-Born in New York City to a single mother in poverty. Her mother was a sex worker struggling with drug addiction.

-Realized at 13 years old that she could read minds when she read the thoughts of one of her mom’s clients who was more interested in her than her mom. Needless to say, it was a fairly traumatic moment for her.

-When she convinced her mother that she could read minds, her mom came up with the idea to use her ability to scam people and make additional money.

-When Isadora got older, she came to the realization that her mother was simply using her to make extra drug money to satisfy her fix. Isadora gave her mom the ultimatum: drugs or her. Unfortunately, her addiction overtook her and she ended up overdosing.

-Isadora left shortly after her mother died, wanting to make a change. With few skills though, she continued to work as a scam psychic in multiple places. She briefly moved to Portland, then was drawn to Polaris Point where she decided to settle down for a while.

-Isadora has been in Polaris Point for about a year now.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Sayutb - commission
Selianne - commission
Anything Else
-Isadora is a high school dropout.

-While Isadora aggressively avoids hard drugs, she unfortunately does have addictive urges which she satisfies with cigarettes and alcohol.

-Hates being called 'Izzy'.
Isadora Privitera

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