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Male (He/Him)

He's a twunk.
Shameless flirt that will talk to about anyone.
Quick, agile, and he can get outta dodge quickly.
Squats wherever he can. Steals a wallet on occasion for a hotel or something.


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Thin, muscular body. The type of body you would get from a ballet dancer if they did parkour. He has a few line tattoos going down his midline, across his neck, and around his arms, as well as an eye, center on his sternum.
Nearly perfect face, line tattoo starting on his chin heading down his neck. His cat ears are black with white tips, sitting in his flowing white hair.
White iris with cat slit pupils
Pure white. Naturally flowy, appearing to always be styled even when it's not.
Generally distressed jeans and a fitted t-shirt. Flat shoes such as Vans or similar. Somehow he ends up losing his shirt at the first chance he gets.


Friendly- Jace loves talking and getting to know people better

Flirty- Jace will flirt without expectation. It's much like the cat he was based on, give the impression he wants to give or receive attention, but may take it away at any moment for no reason at all.

No personal space- Jace doesn't understand or doesn't care about the concept of personal space.

Additional Information
Jace has a natural inclination against people that have familiars. He is also affected by imminent to a small degree. It doesn't trigger a fight of flight response, but he is wary and slightly uncomfortable around them.

Concert Goer- Jace loves attending concerts. The pounding speakers, bodies moving together in time, and of course, the usual ever present influences of drugs and alcohol.


Ability Format
Standard Traits

Enhanced attributes (Reflexes/Strength)
Enhanced senses (hearing/sight)
Unique Sense (IR)
Weak Spot (Runic markings on chest)
Restricted diet (Candy Peppermint)
Life Bound (Ring)
Weakness (Healing magic)
Aversion (Magic Supplies)

Core Advantage
Blink- Is able to teleport anywhere he can see instantly within 100ft. This applies to anything he is wearing, holding, or touching including willing sapient creatures.
Extendable claws- just that. Can extend his claws out several inches

Current Situation

He squats, or stays in motels.
Depends on how much he has stolen recently.


Date of Birth
Unknown as he was a cat, but has taken March 3rd
Place of Birth
He's not sure as he was a cat
Jace was originally summoned as a witch's familiar. A cat, like many others, but different all the same. Eventually he was given the name Jace after he ate the witches Jace the Mind Sculptor, Magic the Gathering card. Eventually the witch decided to attempt a spell she had been working on for some time. It was an attempt to make the familiar into an actual sapient being.

Concerned with a few things, the witch adjust the spell to make her familiar a little easier to control once he became sapient, and away she went with it. The spell worked perfectly. The cat was no more, and in it's place was a person, the resemblance to his cat form uncanny to those that knew him before.

Years went by and Jace and his witch lived in peace, though it was a false pretense. Jace knew he was basically a slave. Created to do her bidding and nothing more. So he eventually stole the ring that he was bound to, that kept him from leaving her side, and ran.

Over the next few year, Jace lived on the street, squatted in houses, and did what he could to survive. He was eventually picked up by a mob and forced to work for them under threat of death. He was trained in multiple forms of martial arts while there and generally kept around as a beating post. Finally having enough of it, he intentionally botched a job that landed him in jail, just to get removed from the mob. This only lasted so long as their influence still reached him there. The difference was here he was on equal footing and could hold his own.

Eventually, Jace decided he had had enough, and broke out of jail. It was as simple as blinking out, and leaving. Travelling quickly, he made his way across the country, falsified new papers, and found his way to Polaris Pass.

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