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James Lawsen
Male (He/Him)
Student, Sophomore at True North

Tall, muscly and athletic build. His dragon form has red/white fur, save for a hard rock/magma like substance around his claws, the back of his head and around his wings. His claws and mouth also glow a reddish orange color in the dark. Yellow eyes.
He's just an idiot.
Fire dragon. He has a lot of fire abilities to boot.
Living with Hudson Rodgers


Athletic, muscular build.
Square, slightly rounded face.
Green. Yellow/Amber when in dragon mode.
Short, messy orangish red hair
Doesn't really care much for what he wears. Likes hoodies, and athletic clothes.
Most of his clothes have burn marks somewhere on them, and he has a few small scars on his body.

Can shift in to a 10' tall dragon form. This form has red and white fur. The back of his head, claws, and wings are covered in a hard rock like substance that glows orange in the dark. Yellow eyes.


Idiot: James doesn't really think before acts. Or speaks really. He'll do or say whatever's on his mind at a given moment. He also tends to blindly charge ahead when faced with adversity. Consequences be damned. Reckless is also applicable.

Guarded: He hasn't really had a whole lot of stability in his life, which can make him come across as stand-offish to other people. Being not entirely in control of his abilities doesn't help this. Once he warms up to someone though, he's damn near impossible to get rid of.

Competitive: Being a dragon, James is prideful and competitive to a fault. If you challenge him to do something, he will go out of his way prove you wrong. Regardless of what it is. He'll also often refuse to admit when he's in the wrong.

Additional Information
Has an interest in fire and explosives and gets easily excited when talking about them.

Really likes really spicy food. Eats ghost peppers for fun.


Ability Format

Enhanced Attributes (Strength/Durability), Monster Form (Large), Partial Shifting, Elemental Projectile (Fire Breath), Elemental Control (Fire), Elemental Immunity (Fire), Flight
Elemental Weakness (Ice), Elemental Weakness (Lightning), Draconic Hoarding (Gold), Weak Spot (Eyes), Magic Vulnerability, Mental Vulnerability, Cold Blooded
Minor Example: Spark, small flame on the tip of finger, Golfball sized fireball
Major Example: Basketball sized fireball, Fire beam.
Momentous Example: Fire Constructs (Pillar, Weapon, etc)

Minor Condition: A single word
Major Condition: Hand Gestures:
A series of gestures, taking at least a minute to complete.
Momentous Condition: Time Locked: Can only cast at high noon.

Core Advantage
Born In Flames: James is able to cover his body in a bright green flame. This flame doesn't burn him, or anything else, and cannot be extinguished by anything other then him turning them off. Instead, It acts as more a defensive barrier, weakening any spells used against him by half.
Core Disadvantage
Fuel to the Fire: James eats a lot. Like a crap ton. Due to his internal body temperature being so high, he burns through food at about 3 times the normal rate, and needs about 5000 calories a day just to maintain body weight.
Added Spellcasting.
Nerfs and Flavor
His powers tend to flare up when he gets angry, and his eyes change color from green to yellow when he shifts.

Normally has a temperature around 150 degrees.

Current Situation

Sophomore at True North
Living with Hudson Rogers.
Largely reliant on Hudson.


Date of Birth
June 19th
Place of Birth
Tombstone, Arizona
James was born as the youngest child of a fire dragon, and a human mother. Unfortunately, his mother died during child birth, and the dragon didn't exactly know or care to learn how to raise a human child, so he promptly abandoned James. Thankfully, his mother had a younger brother, a firefighter, who was able to take the child in.

From there, James lived a fairly normal life his powers flaring up from time to time, but with both of his adoptive parents being firefighters, he still managed to live a fairly normal, fairly quiet life.

That would all change around his tenth birthday. Some say it was a electric fire, some say it was a cooking accident, but no matter who you ask the end result is the same. The Lawsen's home went up in flames in the middle of the night, killing both of his adoptive parents, and with no family that was able to take him in, James was put into Foster Care.

From here he would spend the next couple of years bouncing around from place to place, almost always mixing up trouble. Be it getting expelled for fighting, or getting arrested for arson, or just because it simply didn't work out. Every time he got sent back into the Foster Care for some reason or another, and this has led to a fair bit of resentment and some fear.

Now, for better or for worse he's been sent to Polaris Pass to live with Hudson. For how long, has yet to be determined.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Human: This Picrew by Baydews

Dragon: Official art of Pele from Dragalia Lost
Anything Else
Quarterback for the CSM football team.
James Lawsen

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