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Jessica Sartore
Female, she/her

She’s the quintessential California Girl: tan skin, blonde hair, toned body.
A major extrovert dealing with a lot of issues.
Jessica has been able to sense death and see spirits her entire life, and also has a healing weakness.
Lives in a one-bedroom in Aurum Heights, and she is now very wealthy.


Gallery Link (NOTE: contains nudity)
6' 2"
Jessica has the slender and muscular build of a dancer. Her body shape is best described as an upside-down triangle: large chest, small waist and hips. She always makes sure she has an impeccable tan.
She has a baby face, with big eyes and small lips that are always accentuated with lipstick. She wears a pink hearing aid in her left ear.
Big, green eyes.
Her hair is bright blonde and waist-length. She wears it either straightened or naturally wavy.
She likes to wear skimpy clothing that shows off her body, especially her big boobs. She is very fashion-conscious.
Rhiannon: Often following Jessica around is Rhiannon, her Black Dog familiar. Rhiannon, or Rhi-Rhi, stands at about 35" at the shoulders, and slightly over 7' tall when on her hind legs. She has small, floppy ears and glowing red eyes. A spine runs along the outside of her back from her neck to the tip of her tail. Ribs also run along the sides of her body. Her teeth and nails are larger than any typical dog's, and appear to be made of metal.

To the unawakened, Rhiannon looks like a Wolfhound.


Extrovert: Jessica loves being around people. She's a huge flirt with other girls and enjoys casual flings. She is very excitable, which often leads to her struggling to maintain an 'indoor voice' thanks to her slight hearing impairment.

Self-Destructive: Jessica is highly rebellious and does not handle being told what to do well. She is hedonistic; sex, alcohol, painkillers, and partying are what she relies on to feel good. She loves being around people but struggles to maintain close relationships.

Sensitive: Beneath the bubbly exterior and the glamour of her career, Jessica is insecure and sensitive. She has problems with anxiety and depression that can be challenging to deal with in many situations.

After being shot by her father and the death of Jasmine, she's become more mellow. She struggles to maintain that bubbly, high-level energy she used to always behave.

Additional Information
Reputation: Since Jessica is pretty well-known, her film presence may color others' perceptions of her. As a child, she was known for being cute and amazingly talented for such a young kid. As a teen, she started being typecast as ‘popular, bitchy, hypersexualized’ characters. Plus, it is no secret that she is a hot mess to anyone who follows celebrity gossip.

Hobbies: Besides the things she does for a living, she also enjoys surfing and cooking. She also loves spending time on the beach, which she misses dearly while she is stuck in Polaris Point.


Ability Format
Standard Traits (Reaper)

+ Reaper's Scythe
+ Intangible Form
+ Death Sense
+ Body Part Regeneration
+ Unliving
- Elemental Weakness (Holy)
- Weakness (Healing Effects)
- Lure (Death)
- Otherworldly Disruption
- Life-Bound (Rhiannon)

Core Advantage
Rhiannon: Jessica's Black Dog familiar has a few key abilities to help her.

-She shares the same advantages and disadvantages as Jessica, minus being able to summon the scythe.

-Telepathy: Rhiannon has limited telepathy abilities, where she can occasionally send one or two words to Jessica's mind. Her vocabulary is also highly limited.

-Barrier: Rhiannon is able to temporarily create a barrier around Jessica and herself that will keep her safe from any harm—whether physical or magical. The barrier can last for up to 5 minutes, with a cooling off period of 5 minutes.
Nerfs and Flavor
-Jessica and Rhiannon are basically immortal since they are undead, with the exception of their their hearts.

-Jessica and Rhiannon both have the ability to regenerate their body parts. The only way for them to legitimately 'die,' which in their case means becoming nonexistent, is to take one of their hearts and burn it. It is only necessary to burn one of their hearts for both to die.

Current Situation

Jessica is best known as a child/teen star, though she has had modest success with a music career as well. She also makes decent money as an ‘influencer’ online: making content, selling products to teenagers, etc.
Lives in her own one-bedroom in Aurum Heights.
Jessica makes decent money as an influencer and through royalties, but most of her wealth is tied up in a lawsuit with her father currently. Her aunt also helps her out and makes a good wage as an accountant.


Date of Birth
February 25th
Place of Birth
San Diego, California
-Jessica’s mother tragically died during childbirth, leaving her with just her father. She is born with slight deformities in her left ear, leaving her hearing impaired.

-Jessica has been able to see and sense the spirits of the dead her whole life. Her father insisted she not speak about it when she was a child, so even now she rarely ever tells anybody about it.

-Despite her hearing impairment though, Jessica was pushed from a young age to excel as a performer. Her father put her in the best acting classes he could find, as well as singing and dancing. She took her first film role at the young age of six and her father constantly pushed her to work from there.

-As child stars are unfortunately inclined to do, she started becoming more wild and dysfunctional as she hit her teen years. She turned to alcohol, partying, and became addicted to painkillers after suffering a leg injury when she was 17.

-Jessica also knew from a young age that she was attracted to girls, which her father aggressively insisted that she never reveal that part of herself to the public. While working on “California Killer” however, paparazzi caught her kissing a female co-star. Rather than try to bury it, Jessica disobeyed her father and talked about it openly.

-When she turned 18, she learned her dad had spent all of the money she earned. So, she decided to sue him.

-It was decided that Jessica should “lay low” for a bit while the case was ongoing. She ended up in Polaris Point with her aunt, but “laying low” is not exactly Jessica’s style. It’s really not a secret that she is in Polaris Point, and is often seen in nightclubs in Portland as well.

-Once the lawsuit is over and done with, Jessica fully intends to move back to Los Angeles and make a comeback in film.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Sayutb: commission
Anything Else
A list of some of Jessica’s best known work, if anyone wants their character to show familiarity:

“Chasing Spirits“ as Mia Lee (age 6)
-Family drama

“Cloudy And Friends” as Sunshine (ages 6-8)
-Children’s animated show, voice over work.

“Picture Perfect Priscilla” as Priscilla (age 9)
-Children’s musical film

“The Christmas Kittens On Parade!” as Ivy Whiskers (age 10)
-Children’s animated film, voice over work

“More Christmas Kittens On Parade!“ as Ivy Whiskers (age 11)
-Children's animated film, voice over work

“Step Into The Light” as Justine (ages 14-15)
-A 2 year run on Broadway before returning to film.

“Death Has Followed You 2: Antisocial Media” as Sara Smith (age 15)

“Hashtag Mood” as Jodie Johnson (age 16)
-Teen comedy

“California Killer“ as Riley Anderson (age 17)

“Girls Gone Wrong” as Alexis Kane (age 17)

These are her best known roles; Jessica has also been in other films in smaller roles, guest star roles on TV, etc.

Extra notes on Rhiannon:

-She can only eat raw meat and bones. Fresh blood is an extra treat.

-Her personality is very mellow despite her looks. She is easily bored and likes to explore her surroundings, though she always maintains awareness of Jessica as well. She will become highly aggressive if Jessica is threatened, and in general she tends to keep her eyes on anyone who she senses have healing or holy magic. when they are around Jessica.
Jessica Sartore

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