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Katie Korne
Female (She/her)
Student, Sophomore, Also works part time at her parents souvenir shop.

Stands roughly 5'2 with a petite build. Has a pair of horns as well as a small stinger.
Tends to be very hyperactive/talkative, but can be too trusting of other people.
Able to heal people by stinging them. Able to fly, and can teleport to certain locations.
Lives with her parents. Makes money from working at parents shop.


Small, petite build. Fair skin. Has a few demonic aspects, such as a pair of horns on her forehead, a small stinger near her butt that she uses to heal people, and a pair of insect wings that she can summon to fly with.
Has a pair of demon horns on her forehead. Occasionally wears makeup.
Long blonde hair that goes down past her shoulders. Usually pretty messy/unkempt
Tends to dress in a very stereotypically girly way. Prefers bright/pastel colors.


Friendly: Loves talking to/meeting new people and has a tendency to try to look for the best in everyone she meets.

Helpful: Always tries to be helpful in anyway she can, even if it's not wanted.

Optimist: Almost always tries to look on the bright of things. It takes a lot to actually get her down. This often leads her to be too trusting of others.

Additional Information
Has a tendency to speak extremely fast when she gets nervous. Slight Boston accent.



Flight, Longevity, x2 Human Durability
Caffeine Vulnerability, Holy Weakness, Cold Vulnerability

Core Advantage
Able to heal others by stinging them with her stinger. She can heal just about anything from broken bones, to cuts and bruises. However, the more severe an injury is, the longer it will take her to heal, and the more drained it will leave her afterwards. Currently she can heal up to 2 broken bones a day, although she won't be able to heal anything for 24 hours afterwards. Can also use this to heal her own injuries.
By setting up a small ritual circle, Katie can teleport to a specific location that she has saved, currently she can save up to 3 different locations to teleport to.

Current Situation

Student, sophomore. Works from time to time in her parents shop.
Lives with her parents in a small townhouse in the residential area.
Fairly comfortable. Parents own a souvenir shop for tourists.


Date of Birth
March 18th
Place of Birth
Boston, Massachusetts
Katie was born March 18th in Massachusetts. The first few years of her life were uneventful, and pretty normal for a kid her age. That said, she had a hardly noticeable tendency to not get hurt. Things that should have left a mark, a bruise, something, simply left nothing at all. While her parents certainly noticed, they figured she’d grow out it.

Except she didn’t. No matter what, nothing seemed to seriously affect her. She’d still react to pain, but nothing would actually leave a mark, and whatever did faded fast. Of course, Katie, being a kid, thought this made her invincible. Long story short, she broke her leg, and had a meltdown when it didn’t immediately heal. After a fair scolding from her parents, and coming to terms with the fact that no, she couldn’t heal from everything as fast a possible, she moved on. And that was that.

When she turned 10, her parents decided to move out west, taking advantage of one of the tourism pushes in Polaris Pass. It was during this time that Katie realized that she could heal others via laying her hands on them, nothing major, but it certainly came in handy. Still, she kept it a secret from her parents, afraid of how they would react. This all came to a head during her 15th birthday, when her father burned himself, pretty badly too. As he ran cold water over the burn Katie, without thinking, healed it. This, of course, came as a shock to both of them. Her father trying to understand what just happened, and Katie, realizing what she did. This led to her apologizing profusely afraid of being punished for her powers.

Yet that wasn’t what happened, instead of her family embraced her powers with open arms. However, they also have a tendency to take advantage of them, often expecting Katie to heal even minor injuries at the drop of a hat.

After spending a few years in Polaris Pass, Katie met her current girlfriend, Vespa. Vespa was a half demon who was dying due to her demonic half, but Katie wasn't about to let her die. Instead, she began researching ways to extend Vespa's life, eventually uncovering a ritual that could be used to purge Vespa's demonic side. And with the help of another friend, they pulled it off. Sort of.

While the ritual purged Vespa's demon side, part of Vespa's demonic side went into Katie, turning her into a half demon, and making her into what she is today.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Top Made using this maker by earth4120

Bottom made using this maker by unxxi
Anything Else
Addicted to candy, sweets, and sugar in general

Is on the CMS cheer team.
Katie Korne

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