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Valentina Zamora Morales
Female; She/Her/Hers
Car Mechanic Apprentice, High School Student (Junior)

Short, curvy, plaid-and-spikes-wearing woman of mixed-latinx heritage, with wolf ears and a set of little horns.
Prickly, no-nonsense working girl with an attitude and a surprising fondness for cats.
Lenti is what happens when a demon and a werewolf get together. Cue: a hound outta hell.
Emancipated minor, temporarily renting out a room at the new-in-town auto shop she works at. Looking for a cheap apartment.


BODY: Delicate, strong build with an assertive stance. Lean and somewhat muscular from kickboxing. Curvy, with big bust and hips.
SKIN: Tawny medium-tan, very few freckles, a raised scar that blends in with her hairline just above her temple. Scarred knuckles. Has no tattoos, but is planning some.
FACE: Heart-shaped with a small nose and plump lips, quite pretty by traditional standards.
EXPRESSION: Resting bitch face, often has dark circles from fatigue.
COLOR: Striking, vivid spring green eyes.
MAKEUP: Doesn't do much, but likes to emphasize her lashes a bit, especially on the bottom lid.
COLOR: Warm-toned off-black
TEXTURE: Wavy, flowing, soft as puppy fur. Has hair for DAYS— literally so many strands of fine, voluminous hair. She could donate half and be happy.
STYLE: Layered with too-long bangs, often pinned up&back from her face.
STYLE: Kind of a subdued gothic/edgy. Plaid, hoodies, ripped things, an occasional spiked collar or set of fingerless gloves but nothing too flamboyant. Loves black, accents with various colors. Sometimes wearing beanies and/or cute minimalistic cat merch.
VOICE: Has a slight Mexican accent
To Sleepers: Has a normal set of ears, normal teeth, and no horns.
To the Awakened: Has no normal ears, a set of pierced-up wolf ears, and a set of two little black horns on her forehead. Wolfy tail, same color and quality as her hair. Canines are considered long and sharp.


I'LL HUFF AND I'LL PUFF: Lenti is all bark AND all bite, so to speak. She's a prickly kid, gruff and blunt and no-nonsense on a good day, and she doesn't take kindly to the nitpicking or criticisms of strangers. Be chill or get lost. Part of Lenti's situation is that she's just... so tired, and so busy, all the time. High school wasn't made for kids with full time jobs and bills to pay, but Lenti manages, even if it's at the cost of her social battery. It doesn't help that she's got trust issues as tall as Everest, either, and expectations low as dirt. If she needs to, she will defend herself and the few things (and people) dear to her tooth and nail, literally. That said, she does try to avoid violence when possible, even though she's been known to break a finger or two already.

LOYAL & DEDICATED: Say what you will about Lenti's disposition, but she's nothing if not hard-working. Somehow, Lenti is generally an A-B student, all the while putting her passion into work and making time to cook, clean, take care of paperworks, and generally be independently alive. Lenti takes her responsibilities very seriously, especially for someone her age, but that's to be expected. She's worked so hard for everything she's ever earned, and she'll be damned to heaven before she lets it slip through her fingers due to negligence. Lenti doesn't have a net to fall back on — at least, not in the traditional sense, but her boss has certainly been kind.

LONE WOLF: Between her disposition and her experiences, Lenti has definitely become a bit of a loner. Aside from her coworkers and neighborhood pals as a kid, Lenti can't remember ever really having a friend. First it was cause she was poor, then because she was mean, and then she just didn't have time anymore. These days, Lenti is most comfortable alone. Fewer risks, fewer obligations, and a better chance to breathe between tasks. Fewer... disappointments. But... sometimes, late at night when the insomnia strikes hard, she wonders if she might be kind of lonely after all.

Additional Information
Lenti has insomnia, which is actually kind of fortunate considering she never has time to sleep. She also really likes cats, and can occasionally be spotted doing things like: wearing a spiked collar and writing with a pusheen pen, for example. She's secretly fond of the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Lenti also likes to play fetch, not that she'll ever tell you so.


Ability Format

+ Apex Attribute (Strength)
+ Enhanced Attributes (Endurance, Speed)
+ Enhanced Senses (Sight, Hearing)
+ Enhanced Senses (Smell)
+ Imbued Weapon (Profane, Natural Weapons: Claws/Teeth)
+ Monster Form (Hellhound, Large)*
- Debt Bound
- Elemental Weakness (Lightning)
- Magical Vulnerability
- Weakness (Healing Magic)
- Weakness (Silver)
- Weakness (Wolfsbane)

Core Advantage
Pyromancy: Lenti has an innate affinity for fire, due to her hellish ancestry. Alongside a natural ability to control fire in her immediate vicinity, Lenti can also generate it, and is, currently, roughly equivalent to a weak firebender from the Avatar universe. She can create small bursts of fire, cradle it in her hand, or heat things up, but her control is poor and power underdeveloped. Lenti also has resistance to fire damage, taking ½.
Core Disadvantage
Hot-Blooded: Lenti naturally runs hot, and thrives in equally hot environments. On the other hand, cold ones do her in quickly. She gets cold twice as easily as ordinary humans, develops hypothermia twice as quickly, and takes twice as long to get warm.
Nerfs and Flavor
* Monster Form Info: A massive, 6ft-at-the-shoulder wolf with warm black fur, long backward-extending black horns, and massive teeth. Her eyes are a flickering electric green, her temperature runs unnaturally hot, and she sometimes huffs out little bits of smoke when she breathes. This form may grow over time.

When Lenti chooses to evoke her profane weapon, her canines and/or claws seem to grow, sharpen, and appear more threatening.

When using her powers, Lenti's eyes flicker like flames. She naturally seems to run hot; her baseline is around 100F.

Current Situation

Work long hours as a trainee car mechanic at an auto shop, also is a high school student.
Temporarily renting a reduced-price room at her place of work, through her boss.
Emancipated minor, working for almost everything she has. Her boss helps her out with some things, but Lenti often considers them loans or deals, not gifts.


Date of Birth
November 17th, 2004
Place of Birth
Portland, Oregon
CW: child abandonment, references to domestic and child abuse, references to alcoholism, references to attempted underage sexual assault, violence, illegal immigration, illegal immigration enforcement

Lenti's parents immigrated to the US illegally from Mexico while her mother was in the early stages of pregnancy. Religiously called Val or Valentina by her parents, Lenti, however, was born on American soil. From what Lenti can remember, her mother, a slim and pretty daughter of an incubus and a fire elemental, was kind to her, but the marriage was rocky on a good day. It doesn't mean much to her anymore; when Lenti was around 7, her mom packed up a duffel bag, took the car, and left. Lenti has no clue where she went or what she's doing, but she doesn't blame her for leaving. Lenti knows her dad's a piece of shit. The only thing she wanted to know is why her mom didn't take her too. These days, though, Lenti's over it. Really. She is.

Moving on.

When her mom left, her shitty father got shitter. He drank too much, threw things around the house, at the house, at her. Having inherited her father's wrath, she often chose to fight back, and repeatedly called CPS for help. The handful of times they bothered to show up, though, nothing much was accomplished; they lived in a bad area with worse resources, and things never got done. One solace to not having a functional TV, though, was having to be outside; Lenti was, in her childhood, pretty involved in the neighborhood, and it's where she first picked up fighting. Sometimes, the older guys would exclude her for being a girl, which was especially frustrating when she asked them to show her how they were fixing an engine. She ended up kicking their butts in a brawl, and, out of respect for her, they taught her everything they knew. When she showed a knack for it, the boys introduced her to their under-the-table boss, who gave her some lessons and work. PortlandProud Auto Body & Repair Shop, her home away from... Well, just her home.

Eventually, around 12 or so, Lenti learned that her father was in the States illegally, and the following conversation led to the scar on Lenti's temple. For the girl, that was the last straw. She called immigration and had her father picked up, and, from there, was placed in foster care. The foster families were fine, if controlling, but Lenti had no patience for it all. She didn't much care for their stupid counsellors or their doe-eyed pity trips, and god forbid they ever tried to "connect with her" or "make her do her homework." Disgusting, and plus, she kept up with the work anyway — it was her best shot at fulfilling her dreams (and also a requirement for emancipation). Her solace, through this, was her work, but this wasn't always respected. Lenti's first family tried to forbid her to work, which ended up with a keyed Mustang, a bricked window, and a shiny new family quickly following.

Lenti saved up as much money as she could, and on her 16th birthday, she filed for emancipation with the help of her boss. Soon after, she was free, and ended up residing in a somewhat shitty apartment complex. Her landlord was a major creep, and cornered her in her own apartment during an "appliance maintenance check." When he got handsy to the point that Lenti realized she was in danger, she exploded, beating the absolute hell out of that landlord. Broken fingers, nose, ribs, and she dislocated his forearm at the elbow. Lenti managed to avoid a lawsuit and potential revocation fo her emancipation through her wit alone: knowing the area and her neighbors, she'd installed a cheap camera to watch her entryway, and caught his advances on camera. If he wanted to press charges, then she would too, and her self-defense was on video. Boom, blackmail.

After that, Lenti's boss took her in, offering her a room in his shop. A few days later, he actually offered her a better proposition: he was opening up a secondary practice, PolarisProud, in Polaris Pass, and he wanted her to open it with him. It'd get her out of the city and the area, into a better school system, and she'd have a better space to temporarily rent while she looked for her own place. Lenti took him up on the offer with the condition that she'd pay rent, and some further compromises were made. So, about a month or two from her 17th birthday, they picked up shop and moved. (For her birthday, as well, he gifted her a year's gym membership. To punch out some of her rage, he said. It was the only thing she'd accepted from him as a gift.)

Now, Lenti is settling into the public school system, while still maintaining long working hours and a reduced rent. She's tired, but proud, and is seeking cheap accommodations or roommates if she can.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Made with this picrew by kureihii
Anything Else
Lenti's boss might be referred to as [Boss] for now, if she needs to say his name. This is because I may open the character for others to play, if there's interest.

Lenti's birth name is Valentina Estrada Mendoza. She had it changed to pick her own surnames after her emancipation was finalized.

If anyone remembers her, Lenti is a heavy remake of an old character of mine, Dakota.
Lenti Morales

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