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Levina Cromwell

Levina Cromwell
Female (She/Her)
Awakened Human
Personal Assistant

Dainty, fair skinned with Blue hair.
Confident and sure of herself
Electricity Manipulation
Lives comfortably in her own house.


Fair skin and dainty.
Make-up accents her nearly flawless skin.
Electric blue that seemingly brighten and dim with her mood
Bright blue hair comes down just below her shoulder. Stylistically it is shaved on one side, and thrown over to show off the styling.
Professionally, Levina might as well be a model for work attire. Fashionable yet professional. At home, Levina is the total opposite. Baggy sweatpants and hoodies are thrown on immediately upon getting home


Confident: Extremely sure of herself. Knows her strengths and plays to them.

False Flirty: Will shamelessly flirt with anyone if it will help her get done what she needs. Will drop that person just as fast when they have exhausted their usefulness

Attachment: Levina attaches to others rarely, but when she does it is a strong and complete attachment, to the point that the person can do no wrong in her eyes.

Additional Information
Borderline Stockholm Syndrome


Ability Format
Standard Traits

Core Advantage
Levina has gained the capability to manipulate electricity and move it from one source to another. This can be the minor currents running through someone's body to cause a small tingle, or a large source from a power grid to lash out violently.
Core Disadvantage
When using large sources of electricity, it drains Levina significantly to the point that she will sleep for days.

Current Situation

Personal Assistant
Lives on her own in a nice house purchased from money from her lawsuit
Comfortable with a decent savings


Date of Birth
Jan 17th
Place of Birth
Levina was born and raised in Portland. She had a rather uneventful life, save for being raised by a single mother. Men came and went from her life and never established themselves as a father figure. Her mother worked hard to put her through school where she gained an accounting degree.

A connection she made in college panned out for her, as she was offered a receptionist job at a power plant. It was far from anything she pictured, but it was a start. She was working late one night at the power plant, finishing up some paperwork. On her way out the door, a catastrophic accident happened, causing a large explosion. Levina got caught up in the accident.

Hair burned on the side, vision blurry, and already bruised, Levina could barely make out what was happening before she passed out. Waking up in the hospital, she began her road to recovery that went surprisingly well. Her confident attitude pushed her to recover much faster than anticipated, and she soon moved to Polaris Pass after her lawsuit against the power company was settled.

She now works as a personal assistant to Julian Myer, a wealthy real estate investor who lives more on his own and relies on Levina heavily day to day.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Levina Cromwell

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