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Lucas Hart

Lucas Hart
Male (He/Him)
Human (Awakened)
Fast food, Shelf stocker, janitor at CSM

Disheveled and always tired. If he cleaned up, he'd be pretty cute.
Protective of his baby sister. Will literally sell his soul for her. Otherwise pretty easy going.
None. He hooman
Struggling to make ends meet. Got a scholarship for his sister to go to True North. Has a deal with Rose Wiley for lower than average rent.


Lean from constantly working. Not built but definitely in shape.
Regularly seen unshaven. Stronger jawline
green eyes with flakes of golden brown
Loose curls and longer. Deep Brown.
A lot of worn out clothing, or work uniforms
Occasionally can be seen with bite marks on his hands and arms.


Care- Lucas is extremely caring. Especially to his little sister. You won't find a better big brother than him, or at least he tries to be. He's empathetic to others as he puts his struggles aside to help them.

Struggle- Lucas has struggled for the last year. Having to grow and learn quickly. He never lets his sister see him breaking down, and always does his best to have a smile on for her.

Survive- Lucas will do literally anything to make sure his sister has what she needs. Even if that means his own sacrifices. Under the table deals, taking jobs considered beneath most, and even some more questionable undertakings.

Additional Information
He will constantly try to dismiss his situation unless his sister needs something. Call it a pride thing, but he doesn't really like handouts unless it's presented in a way that makes it seem like people aren't taking pity on him.

Current Situation

Multiple minimum wage jobs. Fast food. Shelf stocker at a grocery store. Weekend janitor for the schools.
Small one bedroom apartment he can barely afford. Rented from Rose Wiley after they struck a deal to make and keep his rent low.
Barely getting by. Everything he makes goes towards bills, to get his little sister nicer things, or simply food.


Date of Birth
March 16th
Place of Birth
San Francisco
18th birthday's, they are supposed to be exciting, same for senior years. Not for Lucas. A car crash, at the start of his senior year, left his parents dead and his little sister in serious condition. Out from the shadows of the nearby woods a Gluttony Demon approached Lucas with a proposition, they could save his sister IF one condition was met. Lucas would have to let the demon change his sister. With his sister only 9 years old, Lucas was concerned as to what kind of life she might have to live. But at least she would have one to live. So he agreed.

Having to continue and finish high school, Lucas did what he could to provide for his sister. When her changes started showing up, gaping maws, mouths in places they shouldn't be, and way too many teeth, Lucas didn't know what to do. Searching desperately online, he eventually discovered True North. Through talks with them, a scholarship was worked out and funded through the Olcan Pack donations that would allow his sister to attend the school, all Lucas needed to do was get her to Polaris Pass.

After a few months of living in his car (while he insisted on his sister staying over at friends all she could), and favors that Lucas is not proud of, nor will bring up to his sister, he got a place lined up with one Rose Wiley, and they made their way to their new home.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Made with Artbreeder by Joel Simon
Anything Else
Lucas used to be a big sports head. Not the typical egotistic jock, but he was definitely athletic and would have lettered in multiple sports, possibly playing football in college, had the accident not occurred.

The deal him and Rose Wiley struck is that his rent is reduced as long as Rose can feed on him as frequently as possible.
Lucas Hart

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