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Lutvi Lucores-Tare-Vit

Lutvi Lucores-Tare-Vit
100 (Looks around 25-ish)
Female, she/her
Botanist, Princess

A Fae with long blue hair and a royal air about her.
Proper and polite, but also stubborn and supercilious.
Standard Fae traits, plus pyromancy and the benefits of her companion, Iku.
She has royal family money that paid for her house, lab, and greenhouse in Aurum Heights.


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5' 3"
Lutvi has a soft, pear-shaped body type. Her skin tone is light brown.
She has long, elven-like ears.
Blue. She is always seen with her large, round glasses on.
Her hair is a dark blue, slightly wavy, and reaches down to her lower back.
Lutvi is used to wearing elaborate garb as royalty, but has learned to ‘dress down’ while in Polaris Pass. Her style would best be described as ‘business casual.’

She has a small collection of cute, feminine clothing that she likes, but is typically too self-conscious to wear in public.
-To the unawakened, Lutvi looks like a regular human with black hair.

-Lutvi has very sensitive eyes and is never seen without her glasses. Without her glasses, Lutvi would not be able to see anything in regular sunlight. This is an issue for any Fae in the Sapphire Sun Court, as the blue sun they are accustomed to in their realm of Underhill is not as bright as the regular sun.

These glasses are made specifically for the Sapphire Sun Court fae and cannot be swapped out for regular glasses. Regular sunglasses could help in preventing permanent blindness, but they would still have trouble seeing in regular light.

-Iku: Iku is Lutvi’s constant companion. He looks like a mammal/bird hybrid, with a black and white furred body and black and white feathered wings on the sides of his head. He has a large beak shaped similar to the muzzle of a large dog. His eyes are bright blue, as is the gem that constantly floats just above an orange sphere on his forehead. He also has bird-like feet with large talons that emerge from his chest.

To the unawakened, Iku looks like a sheepdog and is labeled as a service dog so that Lutvi can keep him around at all times.


Shy: Because Lutvi has spent significantly more time in her life studying than being social, she can be a bit socially awkward. Having grown up as royalty, she is proper and polite—often a little too proper in more casual social situations. She tries to come off as confident, but she is easily thrown off by playful people who may do some friendly teasing.

Despite her shyness though, she can become very chatty when it comes to the things she is particularly interested in, such as plants, animals, and Fae literature.

Overbearing Know-It-All: Lutvi is very passionate about learning. She is often confused when people don’t know things that she believes everyone should know, and has a tendency to suddenly take on the role of teacher to these poor, clueless souls–even when it isn’t asked for. And once she starts, it's a challenge to get her to stop.

On the one hand, she does enjoy using her knowledge to educate others...but on the other hand, she also just likes being the smartest person in the room.

The Baby Of The Family: As the youngest of five, Lutvi is the baby of the family. As her siblings have time on their side when it comes to perfecting their best skills, Lutvi puts a lot of pressure on herself to 'prove' her worth as the youngest. She has a bit of an inferiority complex when it comes to her siblings and it can be seen in certain behaviors: She hates to admit when she's wrong and is very hard on herself when she makes mistakes.


Ability Format
Standard Traits (Fae) + Spellcasting

+ Enhanced Attributes (Speed / Agility)
+ Beast Tongue
+ Minor Illusions
+ Travel Home (Fae Circles)
+ Graceful
+ Supernatural Beauty
- Unable to Lie
- Weakness (Iron)
- Weakness (Salt)
- Debt Bound
- Pollution Sensitivity
-Artificial Lighting Vulnerability
Type: Pyromancy (A low-light blue fire specific to the Sapphire Sun Court)

Minor: Lighting a candle
Major: Lutvi can form and throw fireballs
Momentous: A wall of fire surrounds Lutvi, then can push forward to burn anything within a 10ft radius.

Condition: Incantation
Minor Example: A single word or short phrase.
Major Example: A short poem or phrase approximately one minute long.
Momentous Example: A full speech, at least five minutes.

Core Advantage
Iku has a couple of benefits that are useful to Lutvi.

Size Change: Iku can shift between two different sizes–he is typically the size of a sheepdog (hence why the unawakened see him as such), but he can also shift to a larger size like that of a grizzly bear. Lutvi is able to ride Iku with ease in this larger form.

Flight: Iku is able to form wings when in his larger form, allowing for flight.

Storage: Iku is able to store objects within a void created in his body. This storage is only useful for small objects and Lutvi mostly utilizes this for books. Iku can store large tomes, but nothing really any bigger than that. Iku uses his long bird legs to retrieve and store items within him through his chest.

Constant Vigilance: The blue gem that floats above Iku’s forehead is a spell that keeps him and Lutvi bonded. With this, Iku is always able to sense where Lutvi is at all times.
Core Disadvantage
Vision Problems: In the Sapphire Sun Court, the sun is low light and has a blue hue. In comparison, the 'regular' sun is completely blinding. Lutvi would not be able to see anything should her glasses be taken off while outside. This also applies to artificial light.

While a human can look at the sun for approximately 100 seconds before suffering permanent retinal damage, Lutvi and others of the Sapphire Sun Court could be rendered blind within a matter of 10 seconds in sunlight or artificial light. They do not need to be looking directly at the source of the light for this to occur.

Lutvi also has very poor night vision—significantly worse than the average human's. The blue sun never fully goes down at night; it just dims slightly, so fae of the Sapphire Sun Court are not used to complete darkness.
-Wealth Bonus

Current Situation

Botanist, Princess
A house in Aurum Heights.
Very wealthy.


Date of Birth
November 10th
Place of Birth
The Sapphire Sun Court, Underhill
-Lutvi is the 5th and youngest child of the royal family of the Sapphire Sun Court. She was always a quiet but curious child who spent most of her time reading.

-Not many fae of the Sapphire Sun Court leave the court due to the sensitivity of their eyes. However, there are a few who choose to travel to study. A botanist discovered that mint plants had a particularly strong healing effect on the Sapphire Sun Court fae, which has led to a rising interest in what other plants outside of Underhill could be beneficial. This sparked an interest in Lutvi.

-Initially, Lutvi’s parents were reluctant to let Lutvi get involved with these plant studies outside of Underhill. However, she was able to convince them by emphasizing the importance of the research and her desire to help her Court. They eventually agreed, on the condition that she always keep Iku with her for protection.

-On her 100th birthday, Lutvi was granted the proper permissions to study outside of the Court. Her family ensured she would have a proper living space, a complete lab to conduct her studies, and a greenhouse. Aurum Heights was chosen for her as her parents preferred the idea of her living in a ‘gated community’ for the supernatural, while Lutvi had a particular interest in the flora native to the area.

- Lutvi is now studying the benefits of plants that grow around Polaris Pass, as well as determining the logistics of growing plants within the Court. The Court's natural sunlight is too low and the area is too cold for most plants, so she is hoping to create a sufficient greenhouse system that can grow them.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Lutvi's art: Prince Sawyer (adopt + half body and icon commissions) and Sad_Fork (bust).

Iku's art: Pulvares (full body) and noahdopt (sketch adopt).
Anything Else
Lutvi's last name is a particular naming convention in the Sapphire Court, where polygamy is a norm. Lutvi has two fathers and one mother, and thus took her last name from all three. In addition, her first name contains letters from these three last names: (Lu) (T) (Vi).

Lutvi is pronounced like Loot + Vee.
Lutvi Lucores-Tare-Vit

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