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Marcel Blackford

Marcel Lucius Blackford
Awakened Human
House Painter, Yard Worker.

Marcel is just a man, somewhat good looking man man with some scarring on the left side of his face. He can't dress like he's from the 80s so he'd opting for something more modern.
It's best to trust not to fully trust some of the things Marcel says. He's a crafty bastard with a problem with throwing himself into dangers way, intentionally and unintentionally.
He died in the 80s and is now back from Hell.


Average build.
Marcel main identifying feature is the scar on the left side of his face. Another one would probably be his cheekbones or his eyes looking souless. He'd been through some shit. Literally hell and back.
Souless dark brown eyes
Marcel has black hair that is thick and 4c texture. He is currently rocking what is called a "fade". He also has a trimmed beard.
Marcel is a "respectable" man and likes to wear respectable clothing. He wears a lot of dark tones. He is normally seen wearing a black coat.
He could be mistaken for cosplaying Billy Butcher or Nick Fury if he wore a longer black coat.
He has a southern accent, specifically a Louisiana one.


Sly As a Fox: Marcel doesn’t think he’s a manipulative asshole. He doesn't go around gaslighting and tricking people into doing things for his gain. He just knows how to say a lot of good-sounding things and when not to say a lot. Sure he might be a crafty guy but it’s always for a good reason. It’s a very handy trait he had to pick up when dealing with the shit he deals with on his cases.

What's Up Danger: To be completely honest, Marcel is just drawn to danger and mystical mystery bullshit. It's the exact reason why he died. He likes things being dangerous and likes having the stakes being raised. He's an addict for it, even if he doesn't want to admit it.

Paranoid: Marcel is always looking over his shoulder. He knows for a fact he pissed off a lot of people, gods, angels, fae, and some demons during the time where he was previously alive. He also was literally shot from behind and died. Marcel is wary of everyone he interacts with despite putting on a calm and cordial charade.

Core Disadvantage
Soul of The Damned: Marcel was able to strike a deal with a demon lord and because of this he was granted a second chance at life. Also because of this, his soul is the possession of said demon lord.

He is completely unable to speak of anything about the deal or be mind-read for information about the deal.

If he does not complete his part of the deal in a "timely" manner, he will be dragged back to hell.

Current Situation

House Painter, Yard Worker.
Whatever cheap motel he can find.
He can't access the account of a dead man from the 80s.


Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Small town in Louisiana
Marcel Blackford was born in the 1960s to a single mother in a small southern town in the United States. It was obvious he wasn't a normal child from the beginning. For whatever reason, since birth, he has been awakened.

Since his mother and what seemed like everyone else were blissfully unaware of what truly lies beyond their view of reality, Marcel had a very hard time growing up. His being nearly terrorized as a kid due to being able to see the ghost of the town's former residents was ignored and brushed off as the imaginations of a child. His odd behavior and interaction with the ghost were viewed as nothing more than a strange kid who wasn't right in his mind.

His mother eventually started getting more frustrated with his antics and lies when some of the ghosts decided to mess with him. She started to become frustrated and her frustration slowly turned into abusive behavior.

When he was in his teens, Marcel ran away from home. This is when he had a chance encounter with a strange man with lilac eyes and jet black hair who decided to take him in. The man turned out to be some sort of detective. He was looking into a string of cases happening across the country that involved children mysteriously going missing from their homes.
This was the start of Marcel's path into becoming an Occult detective.

In 1985, Marcel was investigating a case in Las Vegas that involved the mysterious & violent death of someone's daughter. He was able to piece a couple of things together as he gathered clues as to what happened and found out that she might have been a part of some form of cult.

Unfortunately, Marcel Blackford met an untimely demise after nearly uncovering the truth behind the devil-worshipping cult hidden within the city of Las Vegas.

He was sent straight to hell, specifically The Pit. He served under Nercissa Damascus for nearly 4 decades until he caught the attention of another demon lord. Marcel was able to bullshit a deal with this demon lord, allowing himself to be resurrected. Unfortunately he didn't realize how fucked this deal was until after it was too late.

Now he has to figure out a way to get out of this unique situation and more importantly get his bearings.

Like, what the fuck is TikTok?

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Art by me
Marcel Blackford

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  1. He has a job.

    Marcel is doing yard work and house painting for cash.