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Mishka Fairchild

Mishka Fairchild
Female (She/Her)
Animal Bridegroom Descendant
Student CSM Junior

Typical goth gf minus the big tiddies. Blue eyes, black and white hair. Oh yea...bear arms.
She doesn't take to bullying, and finds herself more drawn to "outcasts" of groups. Chill vibes only
She bear. She shift. She mentally weak
Just moved to Polaris Pass after her sophomore year. Living with her parents


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Fair, pale skin. Tiny build, perfect to put up on your shoulders at shows. And don't forget the bear arms.
Fair skin is exaggerated by the black lipstick she usually wears. Most assume she has some form of piercings but she doesn't...on her face.
Royal blue eyes framed by white eyeshadow and mascara that are a center piece to her look.
Flowy hair down just just below her shoulders. Half white and half black.
Mishka has two distinct styles. One is her cliche goth outfit. Blacks, platform boots, fishnet leggings the whole nine. Her other is ridiculously baggy sweaters. She usually wears those when she's feeling self-conscious about her arms.
Particularly self-conscious about her arms for obvious reasons. The veil just hides them as her having larger biceps and forearms, and not the muscular type. They look slightly unproportioned to her body.


Peaceful: Mishka is completely about chill vibes. Tensions get high, and she will likely try to step in to settle things, or just remove herself from the situation.

Kind: You aren't a lover of peace without being nice to people. Mishka tries to go out of her way to make everyone feel wanted and accepted. She's the person that will walk over to the strange new kid at lunch and sit and chat with them for the entire time, only to do it again tomorrow to make sure they were doing ok.

Sarcastic: Her humor is a little crass, but it's all in good fun right? Not her fault if it goes over your head.

Additional Information
Drawing: Mishka loves to draw. Primarily sketches with simple pencil. She will do everything from simple doodles in school books and desks, all the way to full detailed portraits. She almost always has a sketchbook with her.

Cosplay: Part of her creative side has culminated in creating high quality cosplays. Mishka does everything herself, be it 3D printing, EVA foam board, wiring electronics, and even sewing. What she really enjoys however, is creating group cosplays, or cosplays for other people. She usually only charges what it would cost her in materials, and even then, most of the time she already has everything needed.

Music Tastes: Drum and Bass, Electro-Rock, Hardstyle, Ashnikko, ppcocaine, CORPSE, Raizer, The Qemists


Ability Format
Standard Traits

Nerfs and Flavor
Mishka's arms are stuck permanently in her bear form.

Current Situation

Junior at CSM
Lives with her parents. They finally sold their old house and bought a new one in Polaris Pass
They get by. Mishka makes extra spending money selling drawings and cosplay stuff


Date of Birth
20 Sept
Place of Birth
Charleston SC
Mishka is the distant descendant of a human woman and her Animal Bridegroom. On her 16th birthday, Mishka found out she was able to shift into a bear that resembled her heritage. Her whole family having already been awake, this wasn't a big shocker, except for the fact that it did open up the possibility of her being taken as an animal bride. The other side effect was that it convinced her parents to move to Polaris Pass due to it being a more small town, and having a large supernatural population, thinking this might help hide Mishka.

Additional Information

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Mishka Fairchild

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