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Nikolaos Kallis

Nikolaos Kallis
Physical- late 20s. Chronological- Old. Real Old.
Male (He/Him)
Member of the Albon Wolf Pack, New owner of the Dog Pound

Fashionable and well groomed. In great shape. Two full sleeve tattoos.
He’s suave. Smooth talking without being invasive.
Were-stuff and ‘Strings’ that influence those attached to them.
He’s stable. Pretty solidly so


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Stereotypical ripped werewolf human body, even though he hides most of it behind slacks, button-downs and blazers. Scars are all over his chest from the many fights he’s been in over the years.
Facial stubble always present, almost like he grooms it specifically for the look
Bright, green heavy, teal
Short on sides, swooped, combed and longer on top. Always styled and gorgeous. Dark, with a few sun bleached streaks.
Fashionably modern. Informal suits. Jeans and blazers. Always looking sharp.
Nik has a Greek accent that he refuses to give up. A big bushy wolf tail matches the color of his hair.


I’m a lover, not a fighter- While completely capable in a fight, Nik prefers to avoid direct conflict. He prefers to handle things in a more, subtle, way

Smooth Operator- Nik likes to flirt. Most of it is empty flirts, and he picks up on hints to move on quickly. He doesn’t dwell on those that don’t want his attention. He’s suave and a smooth talker.

Loyal to the cause- The pack is his family. Even those that aren’t wolves, and as such, he would do anything to keep them safe and further their cause. He is most loyal to those directly around him.

Additional Information
Nik has full length sleeve tattoos on both arms. The tattoos themselves are all the crests and emblems of every clan or pack they have assimilated or destroyed.

His general aesthetic ends up looking like this with the complementing dress shirts rolled up enough to just peak out.


Ability Format
Standard Traits


Core Advantage
The Strings that Bind- Nik can place his left hand on one person, and his right on another, connecting them with a ‘string’. This touch can be separated by 15 minutes at most. The string will affect the pair for up to 24 hours, until dispelled, or released by Nik. The effects of the string are an influence on their emotions towards each other. Nic can, as an example, have enemies fall in love, lovers turn to hate, and allies begin infighting.
~Increased Apex Attribute (Strength) from x3 to x4

Current Situation

Member of the Albon Wolfpack. Works at the Dog Pound as a bouncer and side negotiator.
Studio apartment above the Dog Pound
Between work at the Dog Pound, his own collected wealth over time, and support from the pack, Nik isn’t wanting


Date of Birth
July 18th
Place of Birth
Somewhere between modern day Greece and Romania
Nikolaos was born to a thriving pack living among the Dacians. They were practically worshiped and left alone. Time went by, events, wars, political affiliations and nations all came and went and the Albon Wolf Pack weathered it all. Nik was one of the stronger members of the pack, and as such was placed Under Orders to be better controlled as he presented a clear threat to the Alpha

During their expansion of territory, the Albon Pack moved in to take over the Dog Pound near Polaris Pass. A small group was sent to establish their presence there, Nik being one of them. His under orders was transferred to Caissa to ensure he stayed in control, not splinter off forming his own pack, and allow for easy dissemination of orders through the other wolf members as no one would challenge him. Soon after, they were sent off, establishing in the new business shortly after arrival.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Nikolaos Kallis

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