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Fenico done by myself.

PhoenixCode, "Fenico"
0; Mentally and Physically Adult
Agendered (He/Him)
ADB (Advanced Digital Being), Phoenix
Bird and extinct species database.

Looks like a blue-eyed phoenix with a build similar to that of a bald eagle, while being slightly taller than one.
To most acts no different from a bird and has a fixation for singing. Some may hear him actually talk and learn he has plenty of interest in non-extinct species. Rarely dips into a “robotic” mentality and tone.
Electricity control, capable of projecting memories of the past from his database. And of course avian abilities like enhanced sight and flight.
No residency yet, nor any wealth. He's a bird, what did you expect?!


Between 93cm and 94cm (around 3’1”).
Has the same body shape of a bald eagle, but with long tail feathers that are similar to that of a pheasant.
It’s like that of an eagle, nothing to note.
Sky Blue, gentle.
Feathers. Flaming feathers. Don’t worry, they don’t burn.
Sleepers will see a golden pheasant instead.


Songbird - When keeping the act of a bird, Fenico acts cheerful, singing vigorously, feeding on small animals, insects and seeds, etc. There isn’t really a whole lot of things that sets him apart from birds.

Species-Curious - Particularly of non-extinct ones, since he is a living database of extinct species’ memory. His curiosity extends to him searching databases all by himself if needed.

Extinct Subcon - The hidden side of Fenico, a cold and calculating AI that only informs on queries and hardly makes any query on his own. This side of him comes out rarely when he is sleeping or when he is low on energy, but can be induced if told to by his owner.

Additional Information
Fenico sounds a little bit like a noble, carrying a slightly effeminate tone, at least while conscious. While the subconscious has a voice that is more digitized and gender-neutral. Secretly he aspires to be able to hold more than just data on extinct species, even if that means losing his innate ability.


Ability Format
Custom Species (Advanced Digital Being)

+ Elemental Form (Data)
+ Healthy Body
+ Electronic Interfacing: The ADB is able to bypass the security of any electronic device that they have direct physical access to.
+ Elemental Control (Electricity)
+ Enhanced Senses (Sight)
+ Flight
- Malware Weakness
- Restricted Diet (Electricity)
- Imminent
- Weakened Attribute (Durability)
- Under Orders (Owner - To Be Found)
- Magical Vulnerability

Core Advantage
Reprisal of Extinct Memories (REM) - Fennico’s innate ability allows him to create a playback of things in his database, which can go from something as little and simple as showing how a small living creature that has once gone extinct would interact with the immediate surroundings, to something as big and complex as replaying a conversation that happened between two individuals within a living room while someone used a vacuum cleaner.

The playbacks are intangible projections with sights and sounds Fenico heard, inclusion of captions, and even selection of which details to highlight or disregard at his discretion. As such, said projections can produce its own lights and shadows, as well as block them, giving the illusion of tangibility in some scenarios.

Recording any evidence of these projections is impossible, as it either comes off blurred or with artifacts that greatly diminish its credibility (such as looking like cheap edits).
Restricted Diet (Electricity) reduced - Consuming food and water does him no harm, but the energy spent in processing food and water is far greater than the energy gained, therefore feeding from electricity is still preferred.
Nerfs and Flavor
Electronic Interfacing - The way Fenico connects to electronics is by the feathers of his tail, which acts as a connector, allowing him to interface with many types of connectors and also serving as a way to charge himself (connecting to a power outlet, that is). That makes him capable of moving each feather of his tail independently, although it lacks grip.

Elemental Form (Data) - When going around as a “digital ghost”, Fenico becomes translucent blue with electric sparks similar to lightning harmlessly seeping through his feathers.

Enhanced Senses - Only benefits Sight, not any other sense.

Current Situation

Bird. And a living database of extinct species.
Nowhere yet.


Date of Birth
January 1st, 2022.
Place of Birth
Tokyo, Japan.
  • The prototype of the PhoenixCode was made over fifteen years before Fenico’s actual birth. The prototype was supposed to be able to simulate an extinct species’ behavior and update itself for each “generation”. However it also retained and produced errors too often and was soon scrapped.
  • Cut to the end of 2021: Its original creator, Miles Kaito, president of Anchorpoint Interactive, decided to revive the project, with the aid of Neon, as per suggestion of investors who thought it would be wise to fix the code so scientists and biologists could use it to understand how now-extinct species could interact with the current world.
  • On the first day of 2022, the first stable iteration of PhoenixCode was released and stored in an old server within the company, which only select people had access to. For one week, there has been no problem, Fenico has helped some professionals better understand species long gone. However…
  • January 11th: Fenico disappeared from the server. No one knew how, all the people involved with the project were being investigated but none was found guilty. That upset Miles, who considered himself a father to it, and Neon, who had taken care of the finishing touches in the code.
  • An unknown time later, someone reported seeing a dodo near Portland, Oregon, but the evidence was disregarded because of “terrible photo editing skills”.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Banner sprite solely made by me.
Anything Else
  • Fenico’s name comes from the filename of the prototype: フェニコ (Feniko), which is shortened from フェニックスコード (FenikkusuKoodo)
  • Fenico is drawn to ADBs, Android, Cyborgs, or similar entities, for unknown reasons.
    • It’s presumed that Neon’s presence in his development caused this.
  • A new PhoenixCode has replaced him in the server after having an extra precaution to prevent it from gaining self-awareness.
PhoenixCode “Fenico”

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