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Regalia Startwinkle

Regalia Startwinkle
16 in horse years (and human ones)
Nonbinary (He/they)
Sophomore at True North

Pretty. Dresses like a prince from an under-budget school play. White fluffy hair. Star shaped marking on forehead.
Not like the other teens (because he is a horse). Tries to be enigmatic, host of many unpopular opinions.
Unicorn stuff. The prettiest brita filter. Under orders (virgins). Supposedly could cast magic, but unable to in the form he's stuck in.
"Exchange Student" living with a host family in Aurum Heights. A prince from another dimension that has not realized he may have been exiled.


Bronzed skin that glimmers in the light, athletic in the way a dancer is.
Star shaped marking on forehead where a horn would be. A well proportioned face.
Lilac orbs. Deep eyelids and long, pale eyelashes.
White and fluffy. Top is a longer than the sides, falls over in a perfect swoosh.
Princely on a budget. Thrifted wardrobe that borders on "halloween pirate costume". True North uniform altered to fit his aesthetic more. Plastic jewelry, except a purple amulet always on his person.
To the unawakened his eyes appear blue, hair is platinum blonde, and the mark on his forehead is missing.


Unpopularly Opinionated: Regalia is a contrarian, he has to be the opposite of everyone else. The weirder the hot take, the better. He is always finding obscure hobbies, holes in the wall, bands no one else has heard of, really doing anything that will get others to agree that he’s unusual. His pride comes from how much of an enigma he is, how no one else can decipher or define him.

Let’s Say, Hypothetically: Regalia debates partly for the attention of course, but also to understand the opposition's viewpoint because he is genuinely open to changing his stance. He learns without a specific goal in mind. His fascination with the new and abstract can lead to bold ideas, but often wind up unrealized because he is stubborn to consider practicality.

Lost: He was spoiled and sheltered, his entire life spent in castles, courtyards, and vacation houses. Frankly, he is clueless what the outside of his own world looks like, let alone this one. While privy to what may be impressive in court, there are gaps in his understanding of common people and common sense.


Ability Format
Standard Traits

Purification, Graceful, Silent Movement, Supernatural Beauty, Elemental Control (Ice)
Under Orders (Virgin), Elemental Weakness (Profane), Pollution Sensitive, Vanity, Debt Bound
Amulet to Gaze Wistfully Upon: Regalia was given an amulet by his parents as to keep in touch with them. Activated by splashing it with water, it can connect with one from his home dimension. It is effectively a pager.
Nerfs and Flavor
As a horse, Regalia used to be able to cast water and ice magic, but he has yet to adjust to this new human form.

Current Situation

Sophomore at True North
Living with a very patient host family in Aurum Heights
Small allowance from parents, tends to waste it very quickly on novelty rocks.


Date of Birth
July 23rd
Place of Birth
Another dimension with horses.
Not too long ago Regalia belonged to another dimension. Aside from the lack of veil, humans, and democracy, it was not too far off from this one. Unicorns were hailed as divine rulers in his land. He was born into the royal family and as the youngest of many his chances of inheriting the throne were narrow. Aside from the standard horse prince milestones, his parents expected very little from him. While life in this gold plated bubble was comfortable, he could not stand the monotony of royal life. Regalia was known to test his limits such as overspending his allowance on novelty crystals, culturally appropriative wardrobe choices to events, and declaring rivalry against the princes of other allied countries. Even for such an insignificant member of the royal family, his eccentricities began to taint their name. His parents saw it best that they send him very far away.

They managed to work out an agreement between True North and a patient family to host him for the next three years. Regalia was left in the dark about most of the details about his “trip abroad”, including the new form he must take. After a week of interdimensional travel, Regalia arrived at Polaris Pass in one human piece.

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Regalia Startwinkle

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