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Everett "Rhett" Ryusaki
Male (He/Him)
Half Kitsune
Student Athlete (Junior at CSM)

Lanky bleached hair, glasses, and heterochromia.
Student athlete who tries way too hard to be cool, is a major dweeb.
Able to phase through dimensions and detect magnetic fields. Can use illusions to camoflage. 2x Human Speed and Agility.
Lives in a small townhouse with his mom and younger sister nearby CSM.


Built like a runner, pretty lanky, slightly too scrawny to be doing so well in sports. Teenage skin, paler than his sisters.
Sharp fox-like features. Wears glasses most of the time, only wears contacts during sports. Hidden under the bottom rims of his glasses are slit shaped markings.
Has heterochromia, his right eye is a reddish brown and the left eye is blue. When his phasing powers are in use they turn a brighter red and blue respectively.
Bleached with visible roots, kind of overgrown and sweeps outwards.
Deliberately casual and heavily influenced by streetwear trends. Typically wears a varsity/track jacket, a jersey, or some other obvious indication that he plays sports.


Crouching Jock, Hidden Dweeb: Rhett desperately wants others to think he’s cool, especially his teammates. He coasts through sports with his supernatural abilities, but he’s going the extra mile and acting the part too. When he’s not playing into his star athlete persona, he thinks he’s super cringe. So if anyone asks: no he isn’t staying up until the crack of dawn doing speedruns and he doesn’t even know what tokusatsu means. He’s actually prolific in STEM subjects, specifically physics and engineering, but undermines it so he doesn't come off as a major nerd.

Fast-Paced: Rhett's brain is going a mile a minute for better or worse. He's the stereotypical poster child of ADHD: a hyperactive, distractible, disruptive, and a boy. He has practically no filter. The world spins too slow for him so he'll do whatever it takes to kill the boredom, which mostly means seeking trouble. He's a fast thinker, but not definitely not a thorough one, his impulse is to make reckless and spur of the moment decisions.

Team Player: Rhett is driven by validation, he'll find a way to show off how cool and competent he is while lending a hand. He has a habit of inserting himself into problems if he thinks there's a way he can fix it all, even if no one really asks. He's trying very hard to hold his family together. Despite his arrogant front, he puts others before himself. It's hard for him to say no when asked for help even when he has his plate full and can't set boundaries for himself.

Additional Information
His chances of getting into college ride on an athletic scholarship... that's a lot of pressure.


Ability Format
Kitsune (Fae/Animal Shifter)

Unique Sense (Magnetic Fields), Minor Illusions, Animal Form (Fox), Enhanced Attribute (Agility/ Reflexes)
Debt Bound, Under Orders (Gods), Anchor (Glasses), Invitation Required

Core Advantage
Extra-dimensional Parkour: Rhett can phase his body into the fourth dimension, effectively allowing him to bypass most matter by simply stepping over it as if it were flat. While in this state, he can move as fast as a vehicle on the highway. Stepping from the street to the roof of a building is exactly the same in this dimension. He remains partially visible, but only to creatures that are on the same elevation as him (if he and another non-fourth dimensional creature are on the same rooftop, for example), and only as a ghostly, flickering apparition.

Phasing back into the normal world takes no effort, but does come with some drawbacks. Any matter he takes up the space of is violently ejected from his space when he exits the fourth dimension. This causes damage to both himself and the object in question. This occurs even with the air, but due to the microscopic and fluid nature of the particles he can phase in and out several times before it starts to cause him problems. Phasing back into solid matter will cause the portion of the object he was inside *and* the associated body part to be blown apart.

( Written by Kada)
Blending in: Rhett's illusions aren't three dimensional, he's limited to manipulating the appearance of flat surfaces. These flat illusions lends itself to a wider range. He can temporarily change the surface the color and pattern of a surface up to 10 feet. The detail in these illusions is at the level of a flip phone camera. It's easy to tell what's fake, but when used as camouflage it buys a couple seconds of time.
Nerfs and Flavor
Rhett's anchor is technically in his glasses, not the glasses themselves. It's a small bead hidden under the frame that is easily be mistaken for part of the hardware.

Current Situation

Student Athlete (11th Grader at CSM)
Rhett lives in an small townhouse in Polaris Pass nearby the local high school with his younger sister and mom.
He comes from a middle class family. Doesn't receive any


Date of Birth
May 25th
Place of Birth
Okinawa, Japan
Rhett was a military brat. His father being in the air force meant growing up jumping around different bases and never settling in one place for too long. He was always the new kid and lost touch with the friends that he did make whenever he inevitably moved. From a pretty young age Rhett had been awake and knew that the things he was capable of were not normal at all. His kitsune mother took notice and confided to him about their family's supernatural secrets. He was told to stay quiet because the rest of the family was supposedly unawakened humans, at least his father actually was. So at ten he had been struggling onto potentially family destroying knowledge for years and hit a breaking point with it slipping point when he used his powers in front of their dad.

The aftermath was messy.

His mother inexplicably left for about a year and when she returned both parents agreed on a divorce. She went to Polaris Pass for a fresh start and brought the kids along. With a town to finally call home, Rhett was determined to make a name for himself at this new school. Being the new kid nine separate times gave him a pretty good idea of how to climb the ranks of popularity. His reputation only grew when he joined the football and track teams, he became known as one of the star athletes of CSM. He's now a perfectly normal teen, so normal in fact that even most of the supernatural population has been led to believe he's unawakened.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Rhett Ryusaki

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