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Rosalind "Roz" Summers

Rosalind "Roz" Summers
Female, she/her
Unawakened Human
Seamstress/Artist, Freelancer

A cute redhead with her own style.
Friendly, but aggressive against authority.


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5' 5"
Average built. She has a large and elaborate tattoo that looks like paint splatter on her back.
Her ears are gauged, along with two helix and daith piercings.
Brown eyes
She wears her hair in a faux hawk. It is dyed red with black, shaved sides. Her natural hair color is a dark blonde.
Roz is super into fashion and loves to stand out with her unique style.


Friendly: Roz likes people and is definitely an extrovert. She loves parties and other social situations.

Hyperfocused: When Roz is ‘in the zone’ while creating something, she becomes so hyper focused that she seems to forget the rest of the world around her. Sometimes she will forget to eat, or work through a whole night without even realizing.

Wild Child: Roz dislikes authority and being told what to do. Though she is not a violent person, she can be argumentative and stubborn. Sometimes her stubbornness can lead to bad decisions.

Additional Information
-Roz suffers from occasional migraines which can make her irritable.

Current Situation

Roz is a freelancer, doing commissions and selling clothing and art online mostly.
Currently staying in a hotel while in Polaris Pass. She has an apartment out of LA that she just barely manages to afford.
As a freelancer, her income can be unpredictable month to month. She has had mild success though and can usually manage to at least pay for rent.


Date of Birth
March 20th
Place of Birth
Los Angeles, California
-Roz was born and raised in Los Angeles. She was always a very artistic person who loved to paint, draw, sew, and sculpt. She became particularly interested in costuming and set design, which led her to be accepted into a prestigious performing arts school.

-Roz was an 'accident' and her parents remained separated when she was born. Roz’s father died when she was only 15 of lung cancer. Roz started to become more wild and difficult at this time, which caused a strain in her relationship with her mother. She moved out and started living with friends at 16.

-Roz went to the same school as Jessica Sartore, though they did not become close until senior year. At that time, Roz was in an open relationship with a girl named Jody. She decided to invite Jessica to be involved in their relationship, but over time Roz became so attached to Jessica that her relationship with Jody fell apart. Jessica, feeling guilty about the whole situation, ghosted Roz when she moved to Polaris Pass.

-Roz eventually accepted that Jessica didn’t want to talk to her anymore, but when she heard about Jessica being shot, she had to go see her. She still cared about Jessica and did not want to leave things the way they were, so she immediately dropped everything to fly out to Polaris Pass.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Chibi Adoptable by Chopup

Bust Commission by eleoyasha
Rosalind "Roz" Summers

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