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Samuel "Sam" Ayers

Samuel Ayers
36(appears mid to late 20's)
Transmasculine(Magically Transitioned)
Angel(Salairin Patheon)
Fledgling witch/bookshop employee

Black and gold haired man with slightly feminine features. Tanner skin with freckles
Good Natured and straight forward.
Currently living in a very small 1 bedroom apartment making decent money.


Tan skin, average build on the lean yet not muscular side.
Has Freckles and decent jawline. Has more ear piercings generally and tends to have a light beard/stubble
Vibrant golden amber color or a desaturated yellow.
Wavy black hair with golden highlights.
Tends to wear nicer button ups and ties/suspenders and slacks. His wardrobe is a little worn down, and hasn't been updated in a while.
He has a semicolon tattoo on his right forearm on the inside that is enshrouded by a vibrant softly glowing crest that is symbolic of the goddess Theia's people.


Perceptive: Sam is perceptive for multiple reasons, but he is also old enough to have seen a fair number of things. He is well versed in the practical world, and this means he tends to pick up on the more subtle actions people do.

Good-natured: Sam is heavily oriented toward straight forward positive interactions. He tends to favor compliments over venom. Not quite himbo, but he is often driven to find a way to laugh and smile with people.

Dedicated: He works diligently at whatever is put in front of him, even when he messes up or makes mistakes. He isn't the type to give up, and sometimes this can cause problems for him socially.

Additional Information
Sam is straight, and generally less focused on things like romance and sex. He is a bit of a hopeless romantic though when it does come up.
Is generally open to try most things once, or maybe twice.
He likes to write longform novels over various topics, though there tends to be religious and political themes due to his background. He drives a matte black carbon fiber wrapped black motorcycle that was a bit of a midlife crisis purchase that he fell in love with.


Ability Format

Rapid Learning, Perfect Memory, Unique Sense(Hunger)
Elemental Weakness(Profane), Aversion(Christian Holy Ground), Weakspot(forearm tattoo)
Warding - Able to create magical zones/spaces that prioritize protection style effects such as aversion/anti-magic/anti-physical harm/anti-perception.

Core Advantage
Feed The Hungry: Sam is able to conjure food that he has either eaten or knows how to make. This food is incredibly satiating to eat, functioning similarly to the litmus bread from lord of the rings in that it can nourish a person for a whole day if eaten. This food bypasses the restricted diet disadvantage, and for 24 hours after eating the effects of the starving disadvantage are removed for the consumer.

Food created this way only lasts an hour before slowly fading away. Creating food this way operates on Equivalent Exertion, wearing sam out equal to the amount of effort it would take to make the cook and prepare the food himself.

Current Situation

Bookshop keeper for Fables of Polaris, Fledgling Witch
A very small apartment in town.
Stable wealth, minor indulgences


Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Nashville, Tennessee
Samuel grew up in Nashville where music and religion tended to go hand in hand. His family was big on church, and he found faith an easy thing for him to invest himself into. His general good nature resonating with the various positive tenants that religion brought with it eventually led him to work with the church out of highschool and eventually he became a Pastor. He dedicated himself to the good that he believed he could do, but eventually when he started being exposed to the more negative social ramifications of his religion, he parted ways with the church. A large part of this was due to social stigma and pressure from the church surrounding issues he was dealing with internally. He had lived the bulk of his life as a woman, fought to the top in her local area, and then began to question if she, was a he. He had been a workaholic in his time with the church, and hadn't settled down to have a family since he primarily focused on doing mission work and local community service. When he decided to split from the church, he found life outside of that support network challenging, and his lack of a higher education backfired on him.

Pastor's were not known for making a lot of money, and he had donated a lot of his unneeded wealth to charities he thought would use it well. After losing his faith, he fell on hard times and had to adapt and adjust. Working factory jobs and various low skill positions over a few years before eventually he stumbled down a darker path. A path he was pulled off of by Theialia, who had accidentally awoken him by using her Mesmer ability to influence a key choice in his life. One he was immensely glad she helped him to make. Like the ephemeral creature she was though, she was gone before he was able to find out more. Years went by after that fateful night, and he found a semblance of a normal life afterward. When news of a small church, a new religion of sorts popped up in a seemingly random ad on a website he was browsing one day he saw a rendition of the goddess.

Following the ad, he was brought to a page that was a website for a budding religion with their base temple set out in Polaris Pass. Eventually deciding to chance it, the town supposedly being supernaturally oriented, he made his way there in the hopes he could find some purpose and maybe some faith. He used what little he had saved up, and travelled west in the hopes that he could find a more fulfilling life in the small town.

After spending time making friends and finding love in Polaris Pass, Sam eventually was risen as an angel under the goddess Theialia Salairin.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Art design owned by me made by
Samuel "Sam" Ayers

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