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Sazz Zazra Deceleus
Unemployed, being up to no good

Gray hair, fangs, hat, weird hand tat, menacing, sometimes a sentai villain lookin mf
Probably evil, but in that friendly sort of way
Fire stuff, really tough, fun demon stuff
Effectively set for eternity, lives with the person who restored him


Fit, black tattoo like mark covering his entire hand and runs up his forearm.
Kinda feral, elongated canines
Golden(Like his heart!)
grey, long, messy
Functional, durable, and stylish loves him some ripped jeans
When he takes on his demonic form, he appears to be in a black beastial suit with a thick mane, claws and tail.


Irreverent: Sazz doesn’t care what titles people come with. Everyone is equal, all that matters is if a person has the means to back up anything they claim. He will actively mock anyone who he thinks deserves it.

Dignified: One of his main sins is pride, it’s only natural for him to think highly of himself. He may not necessarily act overly pretentious, but Sazz does have a certain air of dignity to him.This tends to manifest in his distaste for lying, and willingness to being extremely upfront with people. Similarly, he will always uphold his end of a bargain without the need for binding contracts.

Capricious: Sazz is the sort who acts in accordance to his own pleasures and displeasures. He does things because he can, and he does them however he sees fit.

Additional Information
He likes to do things in the most backwards way to piss people off. He trolls people on conservative political sites because it's tasty. He bites into entire kit kat bars. He's the just the worst


Demon, Dragon, Elemental

x2 human speed and durability, Profane Weapon(his fists), Monstrous Form(large),Elemental breath(Fire), Elemental Control(Fire), Elemental Immunity(Fire), Travel home(hell), Longevity
Holy Weakness, True Name Weakness(Anvirios),Salt Weakness, Healing Weakness, Elemental Weakness(Lightning), Vanity, Sin Eater(vainglory)

Core Advantage
Unyielding tyrant: Sazz can harden his skin to steel level durability. He still maintains all of his weaknesses when in this state. Additionally, he sinks in water when in this state
Black-Black Card- Sazz has a magic debit card which always has exactly the amount of money he heeds on it. The card is bound to him and always finds its way back to him if lost
Nerfs and Flavor
-Sazz's hands have a faint golden glow when the unholy is flowing through them.
-When he's breathing/controling fire it takes on a black and green coloration.

Current Situation

Rent paying couch bum
Lives with the person who restored him
He's got his card so... lol


Date of Birth
March 15
Place of Birth
Sazz didn’t start off life as a demon lord, he was a lowly thing scraping out life in some slummy pit. When he hit adolescence he began engaging in pit fights to earn himself a living. And fight he did, to the point that he started gaining notoriety and a strong following among other lower demons. He rose to the point that they were even calling him “king” to the ire of the demon who actually ruled that territory.
Eventually that demon challenged Sazz to a fight. Sazz accepted the challenge under the condition that the loser loses everything they have and that the demon lord fights him on equal footing in terms of power. Sazz wound up soundly beating the ruler and took everything from him, including his life, his power, everything.
That was the moment Sazz fully realized just how decadently the demon lord lived. He was disgusted. His one single act in his moments of godhood was distributing nearly all of his power evenly among everyone in the district. Sazz then allowed the people to effectively take the treasures that the lord had hoarded over the centuries. Then he tore down the old lord’s palace, building himself a simple home, and improving quality of life for his kin overall.
Unfortunately it wasn’t long before the old lord’s brother opted to take revenge on Sazz for what he did to his brother. Sazz was still bound to the district as its ruler. The brother instead of killing him, opted to turn him into something that could grant power, but never use it. And thus he became a book for the next century, until he wound up on Earth thanks to a clerical error. He eventually wound up in a witch’s library. He used what influence he could to ultimately undo his curse and become whole again. Now he lives with her in Polaris Pass, trolling the internet and plotting his next big move.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Human art is official art of Sho Minamoto from The World Ends With You
Demon art form is Susanoo from Blazblue Cross Tag Battle
Anything Else
Some demons may be familiar with his name, or at least what he's done in his time
Sazz Deceleus

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