Starlit Avenue

Welcome to Starlit Avenue! We are an 18+ account-per-player forum roleplay, focused on a supernatural community in the Pacific Northwest. We are a slice-of-life style roleplay focusing on interpersonal drama and the struggles that come with being a discreet community of supernatural beings living in close proximity to mundane humans. To see more of what we have to offer, check out our guidebook, linked at the top of the site.

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Swapped Elemental Breath(Fire) for Elemental Form(Fire)

Swapped Elemental Immunity(Fire) for Travel Home(Hell)

Added Flight to advantages and Cold Vulnerability to disadvantages
Changed Sazz's demon form, updated appropriate fields
Added arm tats to his description

Made some swaps >:|

x2 human strength and speed has been changed to x2 speed and durability
dropped x2 durability for partial shifting
monster form(large) is now monster form(huge)
Updated art creds
Updated the boy's appearance. Made changes in his profile to reflect