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Sonny done by myself.

Sonny Marshall
23 years
Vampire Bat Man (not an actual Vampire)
Massage therapist, acupuncturist.

Short-haired tall man with (rarely seen) brown-red eyes and bat-like features, like fangs, ears, claws and leathery wings, coated by a short fur.
Unaggressive, Easily Intimidated, Good Listener.
Bat-like abilities, phantom arms, and a screech that causes hallucination and/or induces fear.
Rented a house in Polaris Pass, has a stable financial situation.


2.16 meters (7’1”)
Light skin, slender build, fairly light for his age. Has bat wings instead of arms and clawed feet, short dark auburn fur coating those bat features.
Has slightly longer canine teeth than normal people, giving the “cute fangs” impression, and long bat ears.
Brown-Red eyes, leaning more towards red, but rarely seen as he keeps them closed.
Short and slightly spiky dark auburn hair with a bang almost between the eyes.
Tubetop shirt, low-cut tank top or a poncho, any shorts or pants that don't fit tightly, and flip flops or large winter boots, depending on the weather and season. Prefers light colors, specially yellow and light red.
Doesn’t open his wings much, so for Sleepers his wings folded around him appears as if he’s wearing a black travel cape over whatever he is wearing. The only bat-like features Sleepers will see is his fang, not that it stands out that much. Has a rather childish voice.


Unaggressive - Doesn’t like getting into fights or attacking anyone unless in self-defense. Feels very guilty if and whenever he inflicts harm, specially if it ends up killing another creature.

Easily Intimidated - Someone taller, bulkier or that in any way looks menacing to Sonny can easily intimidate him, causing him to act nervous.

Good Listener - Prefers to hear the troubles of others over speaking his own. Not that he has much trouble to talk about anyways.

Additional Information
Likes the dark but isn’t opposed to walking in broad daylight (as long as he keeps his eyes closed), gets irritated with loud noises (such as sirens, bass-boosted sound systems, high-pitched noise) as it messes with his echolocation, and is not very fond of garlic (but eats food with it anyways).


Ability Format
Standard Traits, Spellcasting

+ Enhanced Senses (Sight, Hearing)
+ Flight
+ Monster Form (Large)
  • Spellcasting Theme: Summoning
    • Gestures
    • Patience

Core Advantage
Devil’s Cry - Sonny is capable of producing a loud screech that can be heard within a whole block, although effects only takes place within ten meters from him. Animals will be urged to flee for their lives and shy away from him, while more sentient beings will instead experience an unpleasant, if not outright traumatizing, hallucination that can last from two to five minutes.

He has zero control over what happens to those caught in it, the intensity of its effects depends on how close they are to Sonny, and outside stimuli such as being shaken or hit can snap the person out of it. No matter what the hallucination is, the victims cannot die from it, at worst they will only fall unconscious for some time.

All attempts to record this produces an effect similar to trying to play the data track of a CD on a music player (basically random high-pitched noises) and nothing bad will happen to those who listen to the recorded audio.
Core Disadvantage
Bloodlust Beast - Whether Sonny neglects to consume up to a 2 liters of blood in 5 days or if someone he feels strongly attached to is in danger, he will risk going feral and entering his Jersey Devil form until either his thirst is sated or that the person is saved from the danger. That said, neglecting the thirst for two days beyond that will force him in that state until he consumes twice the amount he would normally need.
  • (Initial Bonus) Minor Bonus Advantage:
    • Phantom Arms - A minor telekinesis that behaves as if he had a pair of human arms and transmits the sensation through it to his wings, to allow him to have a better feel while doing his job. Sleepers will always see as if he had arms underneath his “travel cape”, while the awakened and supernatural will see a pair of dark ghostly arms manifest whenever he uses this.
  • (Upgrade 1) Minor Bonus Advantage:
    • Healing Saliva - Sonny's saliva has disinfectant and healing properties, capable of rapidly mending skin, flesh or even bones, granted it's directly applied and more severe wounds needs a larger amount of saliva, prolonged exposure and a long time to recover still, but UV Light can be used to speed up the process some. This ability can be activated and deactivated at will, with his saliva gaining a minty aspect to it while active, but needs direct application and cannot be stored.
  • (Upgrade 2) Additional Advantage (Monster Form): Detailed in its respective field.
Nerfs and Flavor
  • Enhanced Senses:
    • Sight - Sonny's eyes are very sensitive to light, allowing his eyes to near instantly adjust to the dark, but taking longer to adjust to light, to the point that being briefly flashed can keep him up to a full minute without being able to see a thing until his eyes adjusts.
    • Hearing - Primarily he uses it for echolocation, by emitting chirps and clicks and listening carefully for the echo in order to locate objects and to navigate, but he can’t control the sensitivity, so Sonny is bound to be disturbed by certain sound sources.
  • Lure (Blood) - Sonny feels compelled to consume the blood and, in turn, seal the wound with his healing saliva. This is in part for his thirst for blood, and in part for his desire to help and heal.
  • Monster Form:
    • "Jersey Devil": A few inches short of 20 feet in length from nose to tail, this Jersey Devil can be described as a chimera with the head of a wolf possessing long fangs and light red eyes, ears and body of a bat, and a lizard-like tail covered in the same black fur that covers his body. An unusual trait is the addition of three extra fingers on the wings for increased grip when moving on all four or climbing. When talking in this form, Sonny's voice sounds deeper, more mature.
  • Spellcasting Theme: Summoning - Sonny is capable of summoning nearly any creature through glowing white portals created by gesturing a circle in the air and focusing on what he wants to bring through, be it plant or animal or something beyond those two. However whether they cooperate with him or not is up for debate, and still depends on the mental image he has of them. Unless they have enough magic to sustain themselves away from Sonny or have a strong attachment to this realm, they will be forced back to where they came from eventually.
    • To clarify: once summoned by Sonny they can only stay up to 30 minutes. Being in physical contact with him pauses that time limit. As for having a strong attachment, that is on a case-by-case basis.
    • While summoning objects IS possible, Sonny tries to not focus on that, as he prefers to "be one with nature". And summoning objects is restricted to his original size and knowledge of what he wants to summon.
    • He can inscribe the names of creatures he summoned onto the inside of his wings in runic with magic to give him a minor degree of control over them (that is to say: remotely dismissing them, or enabling long range verbal communication). The runes themselves have a faint white glow, but enough to make him visible in the dark if the inner part of his wings are visible.

Current Situation

Massage therapist, acupuncturist.
Rented house in the residential area of Polaris Pass that he partially converted into a massage clinic.
Stable financial situation, has enough to spare himself healthy meals, entertainment and non-expensive things.


Date of Birth
October 31st, 1998
Place of Birth
Near Galloway Township, New Jersey (USA)
Benjamin “Ben” Marshall, a single man in his early 40s, has decided to set up a trap to snare a creature that has been targeting the cattle in his farmhouse, and one night he witnessed a huge creature fly out of the barn and back in carrying a cow.

When he told others that, no one believed him, so he set off to shoot the creature down the next night so he would have proof of it. And with two shots, he put down a giant vampire bat with some humanoid proportions, to his horror. And when he heard chirps inside the barn, he realized there may be more, but his life soon would flip on its head.

Inside the barn there was the creature’s only offspring, a boy with many features of a bat but an unmistakable human face. He realized he had just killed this boy’s mother and unless he didn’t do anything this boy would eventually starve to death. That is when Ben decided to adopt him and call him Sonny.

For years, raising Sonny was a tough job: the boy couldn’t see in the day because of how sensitive his eyes were, and couldn’t write either, so for a long time he was raised as a blind child, in a school where he was seen as a freak because of his constant clicking and chirps. But was surely smarter than most.

Once he had grown, Sonny wanted to use his newfound dexterity and perception of human physique to help relieve tension and muscle pain, pursuing to become a massage therapist and acupuncturist, requesting Ben’s help in funding such pursuit. One day a patient of his mentioned Polaris Pass could use someone like him, soon setting him to journey there.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Banner sprites solely made by me
Anything Else
  • In his legal documents his mother’s name is listed as Elizabeth Marshall. Coincidentally, a woman named Elizabeth Braille who lived in Galloway Township disappeared four months before he was born, with a few sightings.
  • There’s nothing about who his biological father is, or if he even knows Sonny exists or that his mother has been killed.
  • Despite issues that hindered it in the past, he can read and write well, but only in dark or low light environments.
  • Surprisingly, Sonny can hold his liquor really well, even if he doesn’t drink much.
Sonny Marshall

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