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Storm Clarisse Haywood
Female, she/her
Kickboxing and Self Defense Instructor

A muscular werewolf woman with short white hair, bright blue eyes, and a large scar over her left eye.
She's a Mama Bear—except a wolf—who has barriers up but deeply cares for others.
Your usual werewolf, except for when she becomes a monster worse than a werewolf.
Lives in a house with her daughter, Adelyn, and makes a living running a private gym for kickboxing and self-defense lessons.


Gallery Link (NOTE: Monster form features mild gore)
5' 6"
As expected of an exercise instructor, Storm is [i]buff[/i]. Of particular note are her noticeable abs and her thick, muscular thighs that make her an especially powerful kicker.

Her pale skin is covered in scars, but most of them have faded and are difficult to see unless you look up close. The large scar over her left eye is an exception.
She has a large, noticeable scar over her left eye.
Her eyes are bright blue.
Storm keeps her hair cut short. It is white in color, just like her fur as a wolf.
Storm is a butch, so she usually wears either sporty outfits or more masculine clothing. She usually wears a gold chain with two gold wedding bands on it, only taking it off during vigorous exercise but always keeping it on her person.
Storm likes to show her wolf ears, tail, and sometimes fur on her arms as her 'standard' appearance to awakened individuals.

To unawakened humans, Storm just looks like a woman with short, ash blonde hair.


Busybody: Storm is not one for lounging around and just letting time go by. She always has the urge to be productive in some way, even if it’s at the risk of burnout. To counteract this, she does try to meditate at least once a day as a form of calming herself, but otherwise, she likes to keep her mind busy with the present so that she is less likely to think about the past.

She is especially obsessed with exercise and keeping her body fit. She maintains very strict schedules to ensure she remains consistent. The desperate urge to remain physically strong is a trauma response after years of abuse in her old pack.

Guarded: Storm struggles with being vulnerable, for fear that showing any sort of 'weakness' will be taken advantage of. She feels a constant need to protect herself and to always have control. If she is in a position where she feels weak or has no control over a situation, it is likely to trigger PTSD symptoms in her. Putting up barriers against others is how she protects herself by default.

It is possible for Storm to eventually let her guard down with those she truly cares for, but it requires a lot of time and patience to reach that point with her.

Loyal: Despite how guarded she can be, Storm is a deeply caring individual and fiercely loyal to those she cares about.

Storm can be loyal to a fault, sometimes becoming overbearing—especially with her daughter, Adelyn. As Adelyn gets older, Storm struggles with being less of a helicopter parent, but she is trying.

Additional Information
-Digs her nails into her own leg or into objects when she becomes irritable. At worse, she may dig her claws deep enough to make herself bleed or damage objects.

-Tends to rubs her wedding bands between her fingers when she is anxious.


Ability Format
Standard Traits (Wereshifter)

-Animal Form: Wolf
-Hybrid Animal Form: Werewolf
-Enhanced Senses: Hearing and Smell
-Animal Connection
-Apex Attribute: Strength
-Weakness: Silver
-Elemental Weakness: Fire
-Weakness: Wolfsbane
-Weakened Attribute: Agility

Core Advantage
Monster Form: In situations of severe stress or danger, there is a chance that Storm will turn into a monster. Not to be mistaken for her werewolf form!

In this form, Storm looks like a huge wolf—about the size of a grizzly bear—but when she opens her mouth, it is revealed that she has two more mouths within her 'false' jaw, all with razor-sharp teeth. She becomes stronger than any of her other forms, and benefits from her 'extra' mouths with the ability to extend them by four feet in front of her to snap up her prey.
Core Disadvantage
Monster Curse: The problem with her monster form is that Storm loses all sense of self. The monster is a rageful beast that only wishes to destroy, and as a result Storm will attempt to hunt and eat just about any living being near her. And yes, that includes people she knows.

While Storm is massive and powerful in this form, she becomes more slow-moving. The faded scars of her past become more noticeable and cause her constant pain while in this form, which results in her being more sluggish. She also has poor eyesight, despite having four eyes. They mostly fair well in the dark, but struggles in light.

Ideally, Storm should be knocked out as quickly as possible when in this form. Otherwise, she will stay this way for 24 hours.

Current Situation

Kickboxing and Self Defense Instructor. She has her own private gym for classes.
Has a 2 bedroom home in Aurum Heights, where she lives with Adelyn.
Comfortable. Storm makes a good living with her private gym.


Date of Birth
October 30th
Place of Birth
Somewhere in the forests of the Appalachian Mountains
-Storm was born to an unusual werewolf pack within the Appalachian mountains with cult-like tendencies.

-Storm’s father, who was the alpha of the pack, became obsessed with her and from a young age, she was abused mentally and sexually by him. The rest of the pack simply turned the other way.

-He wanted her to have children—the first two attempts resulted in miscarriages. The third attempt, when Storm was only 13 years old, resulted in Storm giving birth to Adelyn.

-Adelyn was immediately taken away from Storm, not allowing her to make an initial connection to the baby.

-Storm was able to run away shortly after the birth. She collapsed near a small town, where her future wife Clarisse found her.

-Fortunately, Clarisse herself was an awakened human with healing powers and so were her parents, so they were not bothered or disturbed by Storm being a werewolf. Storm started getting a crush on Clarisse very quickly.

-Initially, Storm tried to forget about baby Adelyn and all of the trauma that circled around her birth. However, she became consumed with guilt at the thought of Adelyn growing up to become the Alpha's next victim.

-Since Storm has been severely neglected her whole life, it took several months until she regained her strength. She decided to return to the pack and take Adelyn back.

-The fight with her pack is the first time she turned into her 'monster form,' believed to be a curse that only affects a small number of werewolves within the pack. The fight was a bloodbath—Storm slaughtered the Alpha first, then any other wolf who attempted to fight her. Many chose to save themselves and run away instead. The fight was long and Storm had completely worn herself out and collapsed by the time every werewolf was dead or gone. When she woke up, back to normal, she found baby Adelyn hidden in a bush nearby and took her home.

-After that, Storm was able to live a relatively normal life blending in among humans with Clarisse and her family, who helped her raise Adelyn. As they got older, Clarisse and Storm fell deeply in love and got 'married'—same-sex marriage was not actually legal at the time, but nonetheless they wore wedding bands and called each other 'wife.'

-While Clarisse had the ability to heal others, she, unfortunately, was not able to do the same for herself. After she died of ovarian cancer, Storm decided it was time for her and Adelyn to start a new life somewhere else. She has heard of Polaris Point and felt drawn to it, plus she liked the idea of Adelyn being able to interact with other werewolves, so she decided to move there.

-They have lived comfortably in Polaris Point for about two years now. Storm opened a private gym to teach kickboxing and self-defense, working hard to ensure that she could care for Adelyn and give her a good life so that she would never have to feel as Storm did while living in the nightmare that was her old pack. While Storm continues to mourn Clarisse, she has only recently been able to take off her wedding band and instead has chosen to wear both bands on a chain around her neck instead.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Sayutb (2 commissions)
GlitchLight (Monster form - commission)
Griimson (Wolf headshot - commission)
Sayuri-Winter (Storm and Clarisse - YCH)
Storm Clarisse Haywood

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