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Sylvi Thorsblood
Female (She/her)
God/Valkyrie (Reaper/Angel)
Freelance model, Senior at True North Academy

6'0 tall, athletic/muscular build. Has a pair of wings she can use to fly. Dresses well.
Bold, brash, and more then a little stubborn. Extremely proud of her heritage and status as a Valkyrie.
Armor/Weapon summoning, capable of flying and traveling to Valhalla. Can boost her abilities via a warcry.
Lives in a house in Aurum Heights with Hakon Atero


Has flawless pale skin with an athletic and muscular build. Often has a large pair of wings on her back.
Very rarely wears make up. Often covers the right side with her hair.
Long blonde hair that she normally keeps in a braided ponytail, often covers her right eye with her hair.
Tends to dress very well, favoring a formal/preppy style, with a lean towards warm outfits.
Has nearly perfect posture. Wings are invisible to the unawakened.


Arrogant: Extremely proud of her status as a Valkyrie and as the daughter of Thor. Tends to be a bit of a show off, and looks down on unawakened humans and those who aren't immortal.

Bold: Not one to back down easily, she throws herself completely into everything she does. Almost always tries to take charge, no matter the situation. Often refuses to admit when she was wrong.

Stern: Holds herself to a moral code similar to that of a knight. Has very rigid views on conduct and isn't afraid to call people out if she thinks they are doing something wrong.

Additional Information
Has a deep phobia of anything venomous (Spiders, snakes, etc) and will panic if she sees one.

Has a intricate, symmetrical version of a Mjolnir pendant, with Sylvi's name and some Nordic proverb about bravery in Futhark runes along the edge tattooed on to her left hand.



x2 Human Strength/Durability, Longevity, Flight, Travel Home (Valhalla), Holy Weapon (Spear)
Healing Weakness, Drawn to Death, Profane weakness, True name weakness (Ylva)

Core Advantage
Fury of Valhalla: By channeling her divine blood, Sylvi can let out a powerful war-cry, sending out a blast of wind 10 feet around her in every direction, as well as doubling her speed, durability, and strength. This can be done once per day, and leaves her feeling exhausted afterwords. Buffs last for 30 minutes.
Core Disadvantage
Poison: Is twice as vulnerable to poison/venom as a normal person. Also takes twice as long to recover from bites/stings from poisonous creatures.
A buff to her immortality, Sylvi naturally looks very appealing at all times.
Nerfs and Flavor
The tattoo on her left left hand is enchanted, allowing her to make it appear, and disappear at will. It also has a second, hidden enchantment. In any contest against Saint Outlaw, she will unknowingly throw it. (Always loses to: Saint Outlaw)

Current Situation

Freelance model, Senior at True North Academy
House in Aurum Heights.
Well off. Between her work as a model, and being the literal daughter of Thor, she isn't exactly hurting for cash.


Date of Birth
August 14th
Place of Birth
Sylvi was born as the child of the god Thor, and a Valkyrie. Initially, there was some dispute over whether she should be raised in Asgard as a child of Thor, or become a Valkyrie. However, that question was soon answered when she tried to join in a sparring session in Valhalla while visiting her mother.

From then on, Odin decided she should be trained as a Valkyrie, and from age 6 to 16. Sylvi, for her part, dedicated herself completely to her training. Often pushing herself harder than other Valkyries. She was a daughter of Thor, and she wanted to live up to the name. And while it paid off, it also led to her getting increasingly arrogant. That arrogance led to her feeling bored, and she’d often start fights with the other Valkyries simply to have something to do.

Eventually, she was given her first true task as a Valkyrie. Collect the soul of a child of Loki named Hakon. She guided his soul to Valhalla, as she was supposed to, only for him to leave after spending a day there.

Sylvi was enraged by this, after all, who did he think he was to simply reject one of the highest honors that could be given by Odin? She wanted to go off in pursuit of him, but Odin stepped in and forbade anyone from going after him. Unfortunately, Sylvi would refuse to let the matter go, often asking to go after him, and even nearly abandoning a soul she was sent to guide when she thought she saw him.

Eventually Odin had had enough, and with Hakon causing trouble in the Narrow reality, he finally allowed Sylvi to go after him. However, she was not to try to take his soul to Valhalla, but instead watch over him, and keep him out of trouble, at least for a few years. To that end, he arranged for them to live in Polaris Pass, where there was already a sizable supernatural community. Much to Sylvi's chagrin.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Anything Else
2x durability comes from a set of armor that she can summon at any point.

Can understand and be understood in: English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Old Norse. Also speaks with a Scandinavian accent
Sylvi Thorsblood

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