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Tasha Olcan
2,000+ (Actual) ; 26 (Appearance)
Female (She/Her)
Owner of Wolf's Den Gym and Personal Trainer

Big Buff Sexy Lady
Playful and competitive. Can be pretty forward. Gets aggressive when it comes to protecting things she cares about.
Strength matching. Turning bite. Hybrid form. Animal Senses. x2 speed and durability. Silver and wolfsbane weakness. Raw Meat Diet.
Lives in a nice house in Aurum Heights that acts as a hub for her pack. Well off but not rich from her gym ownership.


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Extremely fit. Tanned skin. Sharp Claws (nails)
Softer facial features compared to her tone body. Pointed ears with a brown tipped nose
Rich brown.
Brown hair that almost matches her eyes. Styled with a large fluffier braid, similar to Viking styling.
Mostly athletic, but isn't afraid to show her curves with tight jeans and fitted tops
Her voice has a rasp to her slight southern accent. Tasha's werewolf form puts her standing over 9 feet tall. Fur fills out the rest of her body while her braided hair stays. To un-awakened, Tasha doesn't have her pointed ears, the brown tipped nose, and her claws just appear as well taken care of nails

Tasha has a brand on her right shoulder blade from a run in with the Roman Legionary.


Forward: Doesn't beat around the bush and usually gets to the point

Competitive: Driven by competition, Tasha will hardly ever back down from a challenge.

Protective: Will go to any lengths to protect her pack and those she cares about.

Additional Information
Natural inclination towards those she deems "weaker," be that weakness physical or just someone who is timid. Has taken it upon herself, and made it her pack's job to help keep too many from being awakened.


Ability Format
Standard Traits

- Sensitivity (Silver)
- Moonbound (full)
- Aversion (Wolfsbane)

Core Advantage
Anything you can do: Tasha is able to match any display of strength she sees, even on video, and slightly edge it out. (Ex: If someone benches 400lbs she can bench 405. If someone pushes a Vehicle 100ft before collapsing, she can push it 105ft)
Disadvantage Removed
Nerfs and Flavor
Tasha will not die of old age.

Current Situation

Gym Owner of Wolf's Den Gym
Aurum Heights in a nice large house with multiple rooms.
Well off but not rich. Much of her wealth goes to carrying for the pack and her gym.


Date of Birth
Nov 15
Place of Birth
Tasha was born around the time of the Germanic tribes feud with Julius Cesar and the Roman Empire. Being a pack of pure blood werewolves, they did what they could to avoid conflict, but never backed down from a fight. She was raised to be strong and never give up in a fight.

After every battle her pack faced, more and more of her brothers and sisters were slain as the humans figured out their weakness. Eventually they were forced to flee westward, and across the Atlantic Ocean. Centuries passed and Tasha grew tired of fighting and running the day her mother was slain. She knew only males had ever been the true alpha, but she had to do something.

Challenging her father for his title of pack Alpha, she beat him after what looked like would be a draw. Finally having control of the pack, Tasha moved the pack to the Pacific Northwest, and settled in Polaris Pass in the 1920s where she worked the pack up to blend in with the humans so they no longer had to move. Being so early in the development of the town allowed the pack to influence the development to help shroud the supernatural, a trend that continues to this day.

Moving to modern day, Tasha earned degrees in physical therapy and physical fitness. Becoming a fitness trainer and eventually opening her own gym, Wolf's Den, to much success.

When not running the gym and making sure her pack is taken care of, Tasha has decided to make it her pack's responsibility to enforce the protection of the veil. The veil keeps them hidden and safe, the Olcan Pack makes sure supernaturals aren’t doing things to break the veil and awaken too many humans.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Anything Else
Tasha does what she can to help protect the supernatural community. Be it housing, helping fund students to True North, or even playing enforcer to supernaturals not wanting to keep the veil. Her house with it's many rooms houses several other werewolves of the pack as well as newly arrived or found supernaturals that need a place to live to get started.
Tasha Olcan

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