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Wereshifter ; Blood Olcan
+ Hybrid Animal Form (Wolf)
+ Animal Senses (Wolf)
+ Turning Bite
+ x2 Human Speed and Durability

= Longevity
- Metal Weakness (Silver)
- Moonbound (full)
- Wolfsbane Weakness

Standard Traits
+ Hybrid Animal Form (Wolf)
+ Enhanced Senses (Smell/Hearing)
+ Turning Bite
+Enhanced Attributes (Speed/Durability)


- Sensitivity (Silver)
- Moonbound (full)
- Aversion (Wolfsbane)

Standard traits
Animal senses switched to Enhanced senses (smell/hearing)
x2 human speed and durability changed to Enhanced attributes (Speed/Durability)
Metal Weakness (silver) changed to sensitivity (silver)
Wolfsbane weakness changed to Aversion: (Wolfsbane)
Longevity removed and added to nerfs/flavor
What: Changed restricted diet (raw meat) to moonbound

Why: I was playing her this way anyways so I'm finally noticing and catching up.
Changed from a german to a southern accent because....I mean....we all know why...
Added her brand to the Other section as well as the actual image to the character art