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Theialia Salairin

Theia walks with the bearing of someone both care free, and filled to the brim with confidence.
Theia is naive and curious, with an almost childlike amount of focus when in the presence of interesting things.
Unliving, Supernatural Beauty, Mesmer, Unique Sense(Strong Desire/Desparation), Purification, Telekinesis, minor illusion
Wandering Homeless God


Tall and lithe, covered with noticeably dense golden markings all spanning from a central crest over her heart. These markings pulse along with her hair and eyes.
she has flawless skin, teeth, and hair. She has golden lines that move across her face, starting from the back of the jaw, and connecting with the eyes, then moving to the top of her head. These lines pulse in tune with her heart, becoming more vibrant and then fading with each beat.
Golden Amber, that pulses in tune with her heart
Black with golden highlights that seem to glow in tune with her heart.
Theia wears a white dress with reflective golden streaks.
To unawakened humans, Theia's golden markings and clothing colorations do not appear. Her eyes are seen as a very light brown.


Naive. Theia is a recently born god, who embodies desire and passion. She has not lived long, and as a result she has not experienced much.

Passionate. Theia is driven by the moment and by her desires. She struggles to focus on things she is not interested in, and might be prone to spur of the moment ideas.

Motherly. Theia has an innate desire/need to provide for those who are in need.

Additional Information
Theia is prone to bouts of intense curiosity as she is so new to life. She has a desire to learn and will often inquire about things without a strong sense of social awareness.

Familiar: Theia has a Shisa(Lion-Dog) named Zoe that the witch Wednesday summoned and bound for her. It is not inherently the mythological creature, but instead just energy given form. She can summon and dismiss Zoe using a command phrase, and both Zoe and Theia can sense each others general directional location through their anchor bond.(See relationships for more detailed description of Zoe.) Sleepers see Zoe as a Tibetan Mastiff with A mostly black fur coat and seemingly natural blonde highlights that don't follow any specific pattern.


Ability Format
Standard Traits

Unliving, Supernatural Beauty, Mesmer, Unique Sense(Strong Desire/Desparation), Purification, Telekinesis, minor illusion, omnilingual
Invitation Required, Magically Dependent, Restricted Diet(Faith/Desire), Unable to Lie, Imminent, Elemental Weakness(Profane), weakness(reflexes)

Core Advantage
Miracle Bestowal. Theia may enter a binding agreement with a willing participant. The participant pays a cost according to the magnitude of what the agreement would provide them. Theia's innate magic will provide the miracle, and Theia receives power/sustenance according to the cost. If she does not have enough power to create the desired miracle, than the cost is not extracted. Being a freshly born god, Theia is limited in scope when it comes to the miracles she can create. The largest miracle Theia has been able to create is allowing a paralyzed patient to recover, though the cost was steep. Their dominant arm was used to fuel the magic. Each miracle has a cost, which scales up and down with the magnitude of the miracle, and how much a person is capable of paying. No matter what, a person may not pay with something they do not own or possess and no miracle may claim their life as payment.

In the future Theia may be capable of greater miracles, but that would require more significant costs and a deeper well of divine energy.
Smaller Core Advantage: Theia is Lucky. Things that are centered around chance tend to favor Theia when it comes to determining outcomes. This may manifest as winning scratchers or narrowly dodging accidental danger. Theia is not aware of her increased luck. The upper limit of this is mostly convenience related. Things that are nice, but would not change someone's life traditionally.

Upgrade 1: Remove disadvantage (Disrupts Electronics)

Nerfs and Flavor
Theia lives off of desire as her primary source of sustenance. When she feeds off of desire, those affected find themselves wanting for less or experiencing a dulling of their desire for all things for a short duration(similar to the weakness someone may feel after being fed on by a vampire). Theia can also sustain herself on faith, should she be worshiped. When Theia utilizes her powers, her golden markings flair up and her eyes turn completely gold.

Theia must drain desire from someone semi-regularly, but not at the same frequency that a normal human would need sustenance. After making a larger miracle occur, she will be noticeably hungrier as it takes a toll to perform each miracle depending on the size.

Current Situation

Theia is homeless, and wanders the town perpetually.
Theia stumbled upon a winning lottery ticket after reaching polaris pass, and happened to win a large enough amount of money that even she couldn't squander it all without some serious effort for a lifetime or two.


Place of Birth
Theia was born from the earth due to the collective human emotion of desire.
Deep in the night around the winter holidays 25 years ago, the cumulative desire for material and metaphysical things grew strong enough to give birth to Theia. She formed out of the powerful emotion of Lust(general), and found herself wandering the frost laden streets of a city she never bothered to learn the name of. After meeting various people, and being drawn to their strong feelings of desire, she began to provide minor miracles to fulfill those desires. Kids began to find small bits of money on the sidewalk for candy, family that got the opportunity to travel for the holidays to see those they love, young teens who found maintaining their appearance to be a bit easier. Things did not remain entirely light hearted though, as she soon found herself getting involved with the more hedonistic side of desire. The overwhelming emotions and cravings were not to be toyed with weakly. It did not help that Theia was an active participant in many activities, her viewpoint clouded by proximity and the allure of feeding on strong emotions. After discovering that she could enhance how much desire a person let themselves feel. Through her mesmer ability, she began to unknowingly push people farther and farther into their emotions, before feeding off of them. This led to sharp spikes and lows in the people involved with her. The constant dopamine and seratonin flooding their bodies went through began to burn them out, and their minds began to bear the toll of being constantly controlled and manipulated. Like an extreme thrill seeker, doing mundane things became increasingly hard for those affected. Many turned to drugs to try and recreate the artificial highs their bodies would feel while she was enhancing their experiences. But mortal drugs are not the equal of magic, and many experienced a form of mental dependence.

Theia found her way to Polaris Pass after hearing about it from other veiled people. Finding it interesting, she made her way here and began to look for interesting things to entertain her. She hopes to have fun experiences and maybe help some people along the way.

Theia is not aware that she is a god, as she has not encountered another one, and the few gods she has heard about in modern cultures don't represent her abilities well.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Picrew Art From this link creator is @earth4120
Second art picture is made by Wownee
Third art picture is made by Luke-Sleepless
Theia Salairin

Theiala Salairin
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