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My girl is winning the lottery, literally. Time for the wealth bonus.

- Upgrade 2
  • Be extremely wealthy. Some characters are so well off it might as well be an ability of its own. If your character is part of the ultra wealthy, and able to throw around cash like it's nothing, that requires using your bonus.
Using the 25 post milestone for Theia to remove the disrupts electronics disadvantage
add - Things did not remain entirely light hearted though, as she soon found herself getting involved with the more hedonistic side of desire. The overwhelming emotions and cravings were not to be toyed with weakly. It did not help that Theia was an active participant in many activities, her viewpoint clouded by proximity and the allure of feeding on strong emotions. After discovering that she could enhance how much desire a person let themselves feel. Through her mesmer ability, she began to unknowingly push people farther and farther into their emotions, before feeding off of them. This led to sharp spikes and lows in the people involved with her. The constant dopamine and seratonin flooding their bodies went through began to burn them out, and their minds began to bear the toll of being constantly controlled and manipulated. Like an extreme thrill seeker, doing mundane things became increasingly hard for those affected. Many turned to drugs to try and recreate the artificial highs their bodies would feel while she was enhancing their experiences. But mortal drugs are not the equal of magic, and many experienced a form of mental dependence.
Adding omnilingual - advantage
Adding weakness(reflexes) -disadvantage