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Threnody St. Palacure

Threnody St. Palacure
Female - She/Her
Souvenir Shop Employee

Tall, waifish goth girl with a short messy undercut, violet-blue eyes, and an extremely grunge aesthetic
Chilled out with a morbid sense of humor
Smoky/Shadowy ghost abilities + the ability to possess others
Renting a place with Angelo "Korne"


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Pale with fairly square shoulders and a modest bust and hips. A tattoo of a skull and roses between her breasts and a tattoo of two ravens on her back
Thin with high cheekbones and a square jaw and small nose
Wide eyes with violet-blue irises
Short black hair kept in a messy undercut.
Heavy grunge aesthetic, she owns almost nothing that doesn't have some sort of hole intentionally ripped in it


Chill as a grave. Threnody has seen a lot and has had a lot of time stuck in Hell to come to terms with the more horrific aspects of the world. She is hard to ruffle, even when in a distinctly threatening or disconcerting situation.

Dark humor. Threnody's sense of humor leans heavily into the dark and the twisted. She can be a bit of an enabler in this regard, blinded by her own amusement to the discomfor that may be caused to others.

Irreverent therapist. Despite her occasional cluelessness to other people's feelings, when Threnody does realize what's going on in someone else's heart, she has no problem with telling them like it is. Her words can often be scathing, but are rarely dishonest, an usually come from a place of good intention.


Ability Format
Standard Traits

- Artificial Light Vulnerability
- Anchor (Benediction)
- Weakness (Salt)
- Weakness (Iron)

Core Advantage
One Flesh, One End - Like many other spirits, Threnody can possess a living person. If the person is willing to be possessed, then there is no ramification for either of them and they can both operate the shared body seamlessly, utilizing both of their sets of abilities as if they were a single individual.

If the host is unwilling, then both souls can battle for control over the body. Threnody can be forcibly ejected by a strong enough willpower, and cannot reenter a body that she has been ejected from. She also cannot possess anyone wearing or brandishing Catholic iconography.
Removed Disadvantage

Current Situation

Works at the Korne family's souvenir shop.
Lives in a rented house with Angelo Korne, looking for a third roommate.
Barely kinda getting by at the moment, but it's fine.


Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Threnody doesn't remember when she was born exactly. She does remember the 90s though, and she remembers waking up in Hell. Originally relegated to a slice of Hell called Debasement, she was eventually traded to a visiting prize fighter from the Pit. Once there, she found her true calling, working crowds during fights and falling in with a group of percussionists who provided backbeats for the ragers that permeated that layer of Hell.

Things were going alright with her for years. She won the favor of the demon that owned her soul by stealing the weapon of an angel that had foolishly come to start trouble, and moved up from being a mere slave to a bodyguard in her own right.

When Sazz Deceleus' crew returned to the Pit to liberate it once again from the Brilliance dynasty, Threnody found herself changing hands again by accident as the demon that had bought her got his head caved in by a guitar wielded like a hammer by a golden-haired fury. Now bound to this murderous goddess, Threnody wasted no time in offering her services to her in exchange for being let out of what had become a pretty exhausting existence for her.

But as time wore on, Threnody and Dahlia began arguing over a different situation that caused a rift in their relationship. It all kind of fell apart and now they are separated.

Additional Information

Art Credits
Custom design created for me by Adele_SCD on Twitter
Threnody St. Palacure

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