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Timothy Aegoran, formerly Sythnok

Masked by the Veil, Timothy appears as a tall human man with an intimidating visage.

NOTE: One of Timothy's powers is cosmetic shifting, meaning he makes himself look human to even other supernaturals unless he is allowing his true form to be seen. This doesn't mean Tim blatantly doing supernatural things wouldn't alarm a Sleeper however, just that he may appear human while doing so. Things like exhaustion may make him loose grip on the cosmetic shift however.

In truth Timothy is a 7’4 dog-like creature on two legs. He has tall pointy ears, fur, sharp teeth, claws, and scales on his arms/legs/tail.
Guarded and bruting, but he’s secretly socially awkward.
Hunting related skills and mild pyromancy.
Currently in contract with the demon Selene, living with her but also in a friendship.


Gallery Link
6'4 human form, 7'4 true form.
Pale skinned with a toned build, actively works out.
Long scar over his left eye. Has a little bit of facial hair on his lip and chin.
Dark brown/black
Long black hair, often worn tied back.
Formal attire, vests, or at the very least button up shirts with a tie.
- Whip marks across his back
- Can be clean shaven or have stubble


Loyal - Timothy is sworn to the bitter end to those he holds close. He loves his ‘pack’ more than anything, and would go to the ends of the earth for them.

Aggressive - He doesn’t like strangers and is quick to try and push them out if there’s any perceived threat. He manages to keep himself in check enough to normally not be considered rude but perhaps a bit unfriendly.

Vengeful - Gods above have mercy on those who have spited Timothy. There are some things he is unable to forgive, and will only accept blood as retribution for.

Additional Information
As guarded and stoic as Timothy is, he deeply desires to have connections and a sense of community. The harsh life he lead before arriving in our world has lead to him having many difficulties being vulnerable... but he's trying each day to get better. With Selene's help, Timothy is actively softening and showing the more cuddly side of him that has been buried for far too long.

- Timothy doesn't like walking canes. While he will not run away or melt down, the sight of them makes him uneasy and more likely to be aggressive towards those holding one.

- He is tempted to bark back at dogs when they bark at him.

- Do NOT call him 'Tim'. He hates it when anyone besides Selene does this.


Ability Format
Standard Traits

  • Death Sense - Timothy can sense when someone is about to die within fifty feet, as well as the undead or other beings related to death.
  • Enhanced Senses - His sense of smell and hearing are 100% above human normal.
  • Monster Form: Size Large - (200% additional Human Strength and Durability) Timothy transforms into a massive hellhound on four legs, roughly the size of a pickup truck being 6'4 at the shoulder.
  • Elemental Projectile - Shoots out bursts of red flames from his mouth.
  • Body Part Regeneration - Simply put, his body regenerates given he has proper rest.
  • Magic Sense - Timothy is acutely aware of supernatural happenings, similar to feral animals.
  • Cosmetic Shifting - Much like his mistress Selene, Timothy is able to physically change his appearance to the point of appearing human even to supernaturals.
  • Elemental Immunity - Timothy cannot be burned by fire.
  • Aversion - Holy grounds burn Timothy, and will repel him to the point of being unable to enter.
  • Imminent - Timothy can appear human, but animals are aware of what he is.
  • Restricted Diet - Timothy can only get nourishment from meat.
  • Under Orders - Timothy is contracted to Selene, and is unable to disobey her Absolute Commands. The mysterious tattoo on his shoulder is the evidence.
  • Weakness - Holy items will burn Timothy on contact, weakening him as well.
  • Life Bound - His master Selene’s life is his own, and must stay within 1-2 miles of her. Should she ever perish, he would die with her as well.
  • Unable to Lie - Timothy, by nature of being a Hellhound, is unable to speak a lie.
  • Lure - The smell of burning bones will attract Timothy to the source, he is compelled to roll in the bone ash.
Improved Regeneration - Timothy is able to lose function of two of his major organs (excluding his brain) and survive.
Nerfs and Flavor
- Timothy’s flames are a red color, and a skull-like facial covering may appear in his beast form.
- Timothy is far easier to anger in beast form: his rational thought becomes lowered, aggression heightened, and complex speech reduced to 3-5 word sentences.
- A hellhound is tied to their master in many ways beyond a duty, enabling them to sense the emotions and needs of their masters without words.

Current Situation

Resides in Selene’s house, has his own room and bathroom.
Doesn’t have much to his own name, but Selene provides whatever he needs. Although he hesitates to ask despite her enjoying spoiling him.


Date of Birth
Born around 1500~ in the summer
Place of Birth
The kingdom of Inferas in the Spirit Realm, ruled by the god Mortisus. This place is often confused with Hell among mortals.
The 'Hell' Timothy is from isn't its own dimension, it's simply 1 of a few kingdoms that exist in a sort of Spirit Realm similar to but not quite the same as Earth. Timothy’s birthplace is kind of mixed with human stories of the afterlife, resulting in them sharing a name among humans but not actually BEING the same place. The god who rules that place is named Mortisus who has control only over that one territory, but he is not THE Absolute and is just one of many other similar gods. Timothy has no way of traveling back and forth, as that ability was never his. In Timothy’s native language, the real name of his home is Inferas. While in some ways similar, it has different laws and functions than that of the Judeo-Christian Hell.

Timothy was born Sythnok, the runt of his litter in a notable hellhound lineage. His homeland is a harsh place, and so it was a terrible tradition that the smallest children of his blood be left to perish. No room for those unfit to survive.

He wasn’t left entirely alone however, for rather soon a Reaper employed by the Seven Princes soon found the young lad and took him. Timothy was enrolled into a military academy for young reapers and hounds, beginning his life-long journey of becoming a trained killer. Although he was born small Sythnok grew to be large and competitive, easily beating out those in his class by the time the last stretch of his education came.

He had issues with reading, but that lack of skill was glossed over given Sythnok was so physically gifted. His Reaper, Remerius, insisted on the young man learning piano and taking courses in cooking. Once graduated Sythnok was now fully employed by Remerius. Any hint of rebellion or individuality was further beat out of Sythnok with canes and whips, resulting in a man who desired little other than to obey.

Over the years Remerius grew mad and cruel with his powers, mowing through mortals needlessly while performing his reaper duties. What little light was left in Sythnok raged and struggled, eventually spilling out in the form of an argument. The following events are hardly spoken by Timothy, even to his mistress Selene. What is known is that Remerius was sent back to the underworld, allowing Timothy to roam free but untethered and slowly withering away.

Sythnok roamed the world, his spirit untethered. His kind was never meant to leave the underworlds and so without someone to tie his soul to he was doomed to eventually fade. This is when he met Selene, who he initially tried to fight. She easily struck him down, surprising him with her mercy. Her words that day remained burned into his head.

“You seem lost, do you need help?”

Despite attacking her, initially belittling the impressive demoness, she desired to help him. Selene and Timothy formed a contract that day, and he has since been at her side. That was about 200 years ago but it seems like nothing to Timothy. Selene has given him a home, a friend, and a new name: Timothy. As far as the hound is concerned, life is better than it's ever been and the demon responsible lays at the center of his world.

Timothy is always hovering somewhere nearby, ready to defend or aid his mistress at any given time. Under her care his more sociable and sensitive side have slowly begun to emerge again.

Additional Information

Art Credits
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Anything Else
Timothy is formally trained in hand-to-hand combat and hunting. He tracks people and things with ease.

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